A Christmas appreciation *UPDATED*

‘Tis the season for the usual politically correct attacks on Christmas.  Ecumenical signs, disingenuously trimmed with Christmas holly and ornaments, urge a generic “Happy Holidays.”  Bank inspectors, perhaps seeking an easier task than examining a bank’s books, remove crosses.  Every December, Scrooge takes his steroids and is out in full force.

You’d think, of course, that I, a non-practicing Jew with a fairly loose sense of God, would be delighted by these rigorous efforts to protect innocent Americans from rampant Christmas celebrations.  But alas for the do-gooders on the Left, I’m not.

I adore Christmas.  Americans, unlike so many other religious practitioners, are extraordinarily generous with their religion.  They don’t forcibly drag nonbelievers to bow before their altars.  Instead, they graciously share the bounty of their own celebration.

I can listen to the music (and I do looove Christmas music), delight my eye with the lights, and generally bathe in the good cheer that permeates this season.  And all at no cost to me!  If I feel so inclined, Christians will welcome me into the fold, but they will not coerce or threaten me into their faith.  Instead, they’ll just make my December a wonderful time of year.

Atheists, instead of being obstreperous, should just relax and enjoy the fact that, as the days grow dark and cold, our fellow Americans welcome us to their holiday of lights.  On behalf of those ingrates, therefore, I say “thank you — and Merry Christmas!”

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UPDATE:  Nina Totenberg’s bizarre apology for attending a “Christmas” party is the perfect example of Scrooge on steroids.

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  • el gordo

    I´m not exactly a good Christian, but I´m for Christmas and let everybody know it. Don´t mean to depress you but in Britain the war on Christmas seems to be even worse:


    How can they be so far gone?

  • Danny Lemieux

    We have a very nice Jewish family across the street that puts up its Menorah at Hanukkah and soon after, a Christmas tree. The lady of the house insists on going to Midnight Mass at a local Catholic Church for the music. I tried to convince her that the music is better at our Episcopal church but I haven’t yet convinced her. ‘Tis the spirit of the season.

  • dicentra

    You would think that the secularization of Christmas, which many Christians abhor, would protect Christmas from the depredations of the anti-theists, but no. The fact that you can put up a tree and lights and buy presents and have the family over for dinner and all the rest without thinking for one second about the baby Jesus has made Christmas accessible to everyone for decades.
    Everyone used to do Christmas (even some secular Jews) whether they self-identified as Christian or not. Because come ON! The aesthetics of today’s Christmas are magnificent, and besides, it’s the adaptation of the old pagan winter solstice celebration, wherein the sun’s return to the northern hemisphere is encouraged.
    If you’re not into the religion thing, then at least be glad that in the darkest days of winter, we’re putting lights on the houses and pine boughs on the banisters and generally making everything festive. Think of the bleakness of January and February and tell me you want that for December, too.

  • kali

    About a month ago, I started attending church again (for the first time in twenty years, church-hopping for now), and I’ve found you have to be ninja-sneaky to avoid being welcomed, hugged, told all about the congregation and pastor, asked if there’s anything you want prayed for, bought coffee, and introduced to babies.
    Blasted Christianists . . .

  • Leah

    The left tried to secularize Christmas, and they failed, so now they must destroy the holiday.
    As a more religious Jew than Book, I too love this Holiday and being included, without fear that my neighbors will show up on Christmas day to kill me.

  • MacG


    Thanks for that.  Like being Republican I find myself here in the county being a Christian and while not shy am careful about what I say and when (this being the least churched county in the nation and all).

    At-any-rate I post these links of some lesser known music for a moment of quite in this bustling season:

    From Mary’s perspective

    From Joseph’s perspective

    From the follower’s perspective
    May this season be one of reflecting on our blessings that it may bring us some Joy to share.

    God Bless, Merry Christmas to All

  • MacG

    Looks like I mucked up the link to From Mary’s perspective



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