A choir of staggering awfulness

As I watched this video, which is truly toe-curling, I kept asking myself “why?”  Was this a retirement home joke, with the seniors gleefully anticipating a viral video?  Did an evil choir director sadistically take advantage of a vulnerable population?  Can a group of performers actually be this atrocious without deliberately aiming for that level of incompetence?

You decide:

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    And best of all they’re available for weddings, private parties and bar mitzvahs.
    Me thinks the choir director was going for You Tube fame at the expense of the seniors.

  • http://tastyinfidelicacies.blogspot.com Jewel

    old white folks can’t rap.

  • http://tastyinfidelicacies.blogspot.com Jewel

    And they shouldn’t.

  • Gringo

    What Jewel said. Double.
    Rap/hip hop has never struck my fancy. It all sounds like
    BA BA BA.
    BA BA.
    BA  BA BA.
    to me.
    Tune? Lyrics? Just Ba Ba Ba.. to me.
    They just got a lousy song to sing/enunciate.
    It also shows the silliness of elder people trying to be “with it.” Or perhaps better said, the silliness  of someone trying to get elder people to be “with it.”

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  • MacG

    What you don’t know is tha tthe last choir director was older than the choir and the new guy is trying to fullfill the church board mandate to make the services “relavent” to the young crowd but go buying any guitars and drums…Just looked up the “lyrics” for Ridin Dirty.  Seriously?  These aren’t my mother’s senior citizens.  Gotz 2 b a joke.

  • MacG

    Wish I could edit my own posts..” but go buying any guitars and drums…”  Shoulda read  but DON’t go buying any guitars and drums…

  • http://ruminationsroom.wordpress.com Don Quixote

    My wife and I both reacted that we had heard worse, unfortunately.  I agree it is a bad idea, quality wise, for old white folks to try to do current hit music, but, gee, let the old folks have fun if they want.  And I’ll bet you they were having fun.  And are probably at that point in life where they don’t very much care what you or I think.  I say more power to them.