Opposition to health care easing, so now what?

Back before Obama’s health plan passed, I said to BW that if it ever passes we’ll never get rid of it.  People will start to see it as an entitlement, and you know how hard entitlements are to get rid of.  Sure enough, opposition is rapidly easing.  So now what do we do?

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  • suek
  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Suek, it’s like a cult. They aren’t interested in producing thinkers, but cannon fodder.


    So now what do we do?
    I don’t think we got an answer, but it certainly created a lively Lincoln-Douglas debate on a myriad of topics. English, is spoken with so many different accents that I often have a problem with some British and Australian styles and so it goes … with American inflections as well.
    Bravo and a big round of applause to those that provided subtitles and subtexts.