The most emailed New York Times article ever

A lot of people have pointed out that, if you check out the New York Times’ “most emailed articles” linked, and compare it to, say, the Wall Street Journal’s “most emailed articles” link, there’s a certain lack of seriousness in the former.  The Awl has noticed.

Hat tip:  Ricochet

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  • Charles Martel

    Oh. My. God. Is this a parody? Did some clever hacker break into the NYT city desk and slip this article into the Metro section?

    It has EVERYTHING!

    —A precocious teen whose last name is a clever amalgam of her rents’ last name

    —Vacations in such grace-bestowing hellholes as Uganda, Bangladesh and the Mississippi Delta.

    —Ibex farming partners, one of which is African American and the other who is an Argentinian rabbi. Three-fer!

    —Ibex farming!

    —A gratutious explanation for those poor people who don’t live in Manhattan about the nature of the Thruway, a great highway that connects the City to the Outside.

    —After eating a Deuteronomy-inspired meal, our precocious child practices her Mandarin! 

    —Her dog is related to (pbh) Obama! (Cuz her ‘rents are deeply involved, deeply caring Demo supporters)

    —She is doing a project on organic farming on the West Bank, which, as all NYT readers know, is the place where arrogant Nazi-like Joos spend 24/7 plotting ways to make Palestinians so miserable that they are forced to dress their boys up in dynamite sticks. Or something like that.

    —She is helping gentrify Canarsie with a revival of Yiddish comedy and theater. You know, Yiddish, that really cute Germanic dialect that atheists who call themselves Jews like to chuckle over and wear as a diversity icon?

    —Vegan brownies. Oh, Heaven! Does it get any better than eating a food designed by God Himself to be bad for you and cleaning it up with tasteless, souless ingredients?

  • suek

    “In China, children are being taught English in utero,”
    That would be _these_ Chinese?

    Yeah…I can see how well cared for those little Chinese children are.  One per family, of course.  Because we wouldn’t want to overpopulate the country.  I can sure tell that from seeing how well cared for the surroundings are…

  • jj

    Hmmm – not so sure about this.  I’d take a small bet that the reason this is the most emailed article in the paper’s history is precisely that she’s so beyond belief and over-the-top generally.  The massive emailing is a result of normal New Yorkers (there are actually lots of them) saying to their friends in the rest of the country: “See!  See what we’ve been telling you?  See what we have to put up with?  We don’t make these people up – they’re real!  They’re here!”

  • Charles Martel

    jj, just to keep my sanity, I’m going along with your take on this.

  • kali

    I take great joy in the thought that both my slacker kids could eat her vegan lunch.

  • Bookworm

    I was about halfway into that wonderful satire when, in my sleep deprived state, I suddenly thought to myself “Wait a minute!  Dogs don’t use iPads.  iPaws, maybe, but not iPads!”

  • Jewel

    Aaah, what can I add, but that Monsieur Martel just hammers it! Pardon my French.

  • suek

    Wait a minute…
    She’s a vegan, but she’s into developing Ibex farms – because the meat is more biblically correct/healthful?????

  • stanley

    #2- The pressure from environmentalists to shut down farming, mining and industry in the US due to pollution and other “green” concerns means all we are doing is exploiting those who cannot protect themselves. Shame on them is too mild an admonition- in fact admonition is too mild a term for these people educated beyond their intelligence.

  • TommyC

    It didn’t say she was vegan (after all, she eats ibex at the farm), it merely said she was making vegan brownies.  Of course, now that I think of it, aren’t all brownies vegan?  And now that I’m thinking about it, I’m having a sudden craving for brownies.  See you later.

  • Charles Martel


    “Martel hammers it?”

    Move over, Sadie. Company has arrived.

  • Gringo

    Of course, now that I think of it, aren’t all brownies vegan?
    Brownies are cooked with eggs. As Vegans eat only animal products, they would not eat eggs.

  • Gringo

    Brownies are cooked with eggs. As Vegans eat no animal products, they would not eat eggs.

  • Ymarsakar

    I thought eggs were an endangered species.

  • suek

    Depends on _whose_ eggs…   Eagles, yes – chickens…definitely no.  Although they may all get recalled – you never can tell.  How about that for a plot…   Sometimes I feel like we’re living in a version of “The Taming of the Shrew”…
    Which makes me think of Lefties again.  How do Lefties increase and multiply?  For the most part, they tend _not_ to go forth and be fruitful…they have to depend on indoctrination.  We need to focus on reclaiming our children from them – whether it means home schools, charter schools, rejecting the universities…whatever it takes.  Because without our children, they have no reserve forces.

  • Ymarsakar

    Suek, you are spot on about indoctrination.
    It’s a memetic cancer.