Pieces of meat

First, check out this post at Brutally Honest.

Then, come back and talk to me.  Here are my thoughts:

Wow!  Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.  It’s true that, before ashes turn to ashes and dust to dust, dead mammals — all dead mammals — can be classified as meat.  What’s clear, though, is that this guy has erased from his mind the living being that preceded it, whether it’s a monkey or a dog or a pig, all of which should be accorded the respect due a living example of their species, or a human, a “species” to which he seems to feel no affiliation whatsoever.  It’s hard to tell if the guy is a pure psychopath, or if his career decision to surround himself by death has caused him to create a carapace so thick he’s permanently immured his own humanity.

I’m inclining towards psychopath myself.  My Dad fought his way through five years of WWII in North Africa and Southern Europe.  My Mom lived in a concentration camp.  Our family friends walked out of Auschwitz and Bergen Belsen.  My blog friends fought in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan — and none, none, reduced humanity to meat.

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  • http://zachriel.blogspot.com/2005/07/liberal-v-conservative.html Zachriel

    They’re made out of meat.

    “So… what does the thinking?”
    “You’re not understanding, are you? The brain does the thinking. The meat.”
    “Thinking meat! You’re asking me to believe in thinking meat!”
    “Yes, thinking meat! Conscious meat! Loving meat. Dreaming meat. The meat is the whole deal! Are you getting the picture?”

  • Charles Martel

    There’s a huge element of braggadocio in this fellow’s strutting, sociopathic preening. Can you imagine how his wife and children (assuming anybody would mate with him) must feel everytime he looks at them?

    This indifference to “meat” is a form of hypermasculinism. The radical feminist movement, in its eternal quest to be manly men with vaginas, also succumbs to this psychosis. Instead of “I can lick any man in the house!” we hear “I can kill any small defenseless thing in the lab/hospital/dorm!”

  • Danny Lemieux

    Sociopath, psychopath, paranoid schizophrenic, victim…we find all kinds of excuses to avoid recognizing the existence of “evil”.

  • suek

    Charles, I disagree with you.
    Physically, we can adapt to anything.  It has to be a conscious moral decision to not accept certain things.  If you remove that conscious moral decision, then there are no limits.  Just look at the history of mankind…those marvelous socially advanced Mayans – and their sacrifices of humans, tearing the beating hearts out their sacrifices to offer to their gods.  Of course, they weren’t humans to them either – they were just “meat” as well.  Watch cats with a mouse or a bird.  Watch a lioness take down a zebra, and she and her cubs start devouring it before it’s completely dead.
    Socially we have developed and trained our children to have those conscious moral inhibitions.  Unfortunately, they can probably be removed just as easily within a couple of generations – if they are “properly” raised.  Somewhere along the line, this guy has decided he is not one of “us”.  We define that as “abnormal”…

  • Alix

    I’d like to hear more on the history of your father and mother!

  • Charles Martel

    suek, I’m not quite sure what you disagree with. I probably should have said “His indifference to ‘meat.'” It goes without saying that the man is evil, depraved, abnormal and any other disapproving description decent people would attach to somebody like him.

    I only meant that evil this great still chooses what tributary to run down. In this guy’s case, you can see the “Look at me, look at how unflinching and bold I am!” version of evil.

  • suek

    Maybe you’re right Charles.  I got the feeling that you think he’s abnormal in the sense of being mentally diseased in some way.
    I look on it as a “There but for the grace of God…” thing.

  • suek

    >>In this guy’s case, you can see the “Look at me, look at how unflinching and bold I am!” version of evil.>>
    Yeah…there is that.  What a shame.  Bet he could have had a great future with Saddam…

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    This indifference to “meat” is a form of hypermasculinism.

    He’s talking about not being scared of dead biological material. I suppose he has a point. However, if I scooped out his left eye, liquidated it so that it spilled out over his cheeks, and shoved the goey stuff into his nose, would he then be as san froid about that happening to him while he is conscious, as he is about dissecting live or dead specimens? I mean, what do you think the result is, most of the time here.
    See, there’s a difference here. And he’s not at the point where he can talk about knowing it.

  • Charles Martel

    “He’s talking about not being scared of dead biological material.”

    But he’s also talking about seeing living things as meat before he even kills them. I applaud people who don’t get a case if the icks when they have to dissect a cadaver or a frog, but this guy sees only meat whether the flesh in question is alive or not.

  • ArfinGreebly

    A man individuated from humanity.  He knows himself to be separate from — and often above — humanity.  He is a self-selected group of one, though occasionally he will find kindred spirits (an ironic term here, given his certainty there is no soul) with whom to form a pack of sorts.
    One of the attributes of the sociopath is that he is well aware of the mores and ethos of the society he plunders to his advantage.  He knows that the rules of his “host” society can be used to protect himself (I have rights, you know) while disarming his prey.
    Whereas sanity can be said to involve contemplation of optimum survival — especially of one’s own species and society — it is clear that a frame of mind wherein members of one’s own species are simply objects does not qualify as sanity.
    The joke, of course, is that in labeling a man “evil” we almost of necessity must presume him insane, and our system of justice will not permit us to destroy the insane, for they cannot appreciate the nature of their evil and the punishment following therefrom.  Moreover, the “science” that declares him insane also holds as an article of faith that it is not possible to cure him.
    That being the case, it would seem only appropriate and just that we, as a society, when confronted with someone who has sefl-selected himself removed from humanity, allow him the logical conclusion of that position:  treat him, indeed, as we would any non-human that poses such a danger to society and its members.
    My personal preference would be the protocol employed for rabid dogs.  No, we don’t hate them, but neither can we permit them to walk among us; the hazard is too great.  So we put them out of their misery and ours.
    For the sake of humanity.
    ~~ Arfin

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    I’m going to start speaking about something I know a moderate amount about, violence, in reference to this.
    My judgment says that while there are many people who see death or take part in the transmutation between life and death, the Leftist evil doer is the one that glorifies violence and death. A death cult you could say.
    Other individuals, conservative or not, like our Staff sergeant Dave of the NG (though he seems to have had a rather colorful time spent in other special military specializations), Chuck Ziegenfuss, the rest of the US Marine Corps, and the various other military branches, MOSes, and services do not glorify violence or death.
    A certain amount of de-sensitivity is required to train a person to use violence for obtaining a goal. Go too far though, and you end up permanently damaged, without a human soul. Those who have had certain experiences, like Dave, can tell you more about how that goes. (interrogation is a form of emotional violence. Done to the subject, as well as to yourself)
    Two guesses what happens to Leftist advocates of violence (verbal or physical).
    In the H2H training I’ve learned under, the instructors always made us focus on the human body as nothing but targets to access and destroy. What a regular person might see as a “thug with a gun pointed at a victim”, I was trained to see “a bunch of targets I could destroy and a gun that is going to be mine in about 3 moves”. A group of 3 or 5 “Asian youths” looks like a serious problem coming up for untrained individuals. A group of 3 or 5 to me, spells “target rich environment”. They got us surrounded, now they can’t run away.
    You would think that this would make the person thus trained become enamored of violence and believe in it as a supremely useful tool, right? Except, it doesn’t happen. And the reason why it doesn’t happen is very simple. Mortality. The instructors that did so well a job of passing on the knowledge of how to dismantle human bodies, also passed on a simple little piece of wisdom. Your own body is just as easily dismantled as anyone else’s. (You too, are mortal)
    It’s one thing to glorify the death of weaklings. It’s one thing to glorify the deaths of those poorer than you. But you can’t glorify your own death so easily. Possible, but not easily.
    Part of the reason why the Left are perpetually angry, hateful, and violent is because they are cowards. They love death so much, yet they don’t want to die. They are so self-destructive when it comes to their spiritual, mental, and physical health, yet they don’t want to die. Even they start to figure out that this is not the path of the righteous sooner or later. But once they sold their soul to evil, they ain’t getting a return back on it any time this century, so they continue on their path of evil.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Art makes a good point. People start becoming evil when they believe they are superior to their victims. The biologist cutting up the specimens automatically knows himself to be superior. It only becomes a problem when they think the same thing can’t happen to them. That they are “immune” to something they do so often to other life forms. Then they start thinking of themselves as … Perfect. Invincible. Gods even.
    Doesn’t that remind you of the Left’s obsession with perfecting human nature? What more evidence of perfection do most people need, than to feel the superiority of taking the life of others who can’t stop you?

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Martel, I would agree that the biologist in question is arrogant and believes himself superior to his victims. (Doesn’t that remind you of that guy who killed people and then chopped them up for his refrigerator so that he could snack on em) However, I would like to point out that regardless of how high status the biologist believes himself, his proclaimed expertise rests not within the realm of experiencing the difference between human life and human death. However he may proclaim otherwise, it is simply a false claim.
    Even coroners, the ones with the best amount of experience in dealing with dead bodies, have a modicum of modesty and respect for the dead, not to speak of them as such. But even if they spoke of the dead in a fashion reminiscence of Ghenghis Khan, they would still lack expertise in making people dead. Dissecting them while dead, yes. Making humans dead, not so much.
    The biologist in question, has no expertise on human life or human death. Regardless of what he claims. That means, I would term him a sociopath if it was true. But I doubt his claims are true. I sense, rather, that they are the result of pure bravado. He doesn’t want to be socially intimidated by pro-life individuals, so he fires back with his “own” fire support plan. A bluff you could say.
    If the biologist in question truly did have such a state of mind over human dead bodies and human life bodies (seeing them as nothing more than soon to be dissected pigs or rats or dogs), then yes, I would agree that he is now a sociopath. But, I don’t think that’s the case. Yet, at least.

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