There’s something deeply wrong with the birth certificate narrative

Something doesn’t add up here:

Back in June 2008, the Obama campaign released a digitally scanned short form of his Hawaii birth certificate.  When people questioned the scanning, a few carefully chosen media types were invited to attest to the underlying long-form document’s authenticity, including staffers have now seen, touched, examined and photographed the original birth certificate. We conclude that it meets all of the requirements from the State Department for proving U.S. citizenship. Claims that the document lacks a raised seal or a signature are false. We have posted high-resolution photographs of the document as “supporting documents” to this article. Our conclusion: Obama was born in the U.S.A. just as he has always said.

FactCheck included pictures of a real document purporting to be a genuine long-form Hawaiian “Barack Hussein Obama” birth certificate.

Recently, the new Hawaii governor announced that he’s now going to make publicly available to all Americans, not just a few media partisans, the original long form birth certificate.  One problem:  He says that he can’t find the darn thing. Fortunately for Abercrombie’s abortive effort, the New York Times has reminded him of the same law Obama relied on in 2008 to keep his original birth certificate out of sight:  only the birth child himself can release a Hawaiian birth certificate.

Intrigued by Abercrombie’s claim that the birth certificate was missing, HillBuzz now advances a theory to account for the currently missing birth certificate:  HillBuzz claims that the reason the governor cannot get his hands on a “Barack Hussein Obama” birth certificate is because, after Sotero adopted Obama, Hawaiian law meant that his birth certificate was retroactively changed to read “Barry Sotero.”  Therefore, there is no “Barack Hussein Obama” birth certificate; there is only a “Barack/Barry Sotero” birth certificate.

All of which leads to a single question:  If there’s no “Barack Hussein Obama” birth certificate, because it’s actually a “Barack/Barry Sotero” birth certificate, what the heck was released back in June 2008? Either HillBuzz’s theory is wrong or something strange happened back in 2008 in the Hawaii Records Department.

As for me, I’m not a Birther.  I think the guy was born here.  To the extent he doesn’t “feel” like an American, it’s because his political orientation, not his place of birth, leave him hostile to ordinary American values.

I also think there’s something on the genuine Hawaiian birth certificate that Obama finds politically embarrassing.  More than that, he’s figured out that conservatives get more heat for asking him to prove his Constitutional qualifications than any heat he gets for refusing to prove those same qualifications.  He’s toying with us.  It’s not that he’s not a native born American; it’s that he’s a guy with a stupid secret who is using it to make the Right look even more stupid.

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  1. Charles Martel says

    I think the heat we should be applying to Obama should be about his college records. It’s pretty obvious that his transcripts would reveal a mediocre student pushed along by racist administrators who believed that a handsome half-black man was not really up to hard work or deep mentation, but should be pushed along anyway.

    We should simply say, “As is obvious by his refusal to reveal his college records, Obama is hiding a poor scholastic record.” When the leftosphere responds that The One is under no obligation to reveal his college records, we can say that neither were FDR, Ike, JFK, LBJ, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Kerry or Gore. Why is His Nibs different? The only answer can be is that his records would reveal him as the intellectual fraud that he is.

    Fifty-seven states, “corpseman” and the Austrian language, indeed.

  2. SADIE says

    I don’t think Barack Sr. is listed as the father. I believe the spot was left empty and he was a Dunham until he and daddy senior met when he was two/three years old. A lot of these questions could have been resolved, but Stanley Dunham’s passport information prior to 1965 has been ‘omitted’ from official records.
    As to the few carefully chosen media types who remain nameless. Factcheck should be subpoenaed to release their names. A grand jury can pick it up from there.

  3. Michael Adams says

    I think ol’ Hammer is on to something.  I just got an e-mail that said that nobody remembers him from Columbia, and he was not in the year book.  I neglected to have a photo taken several years that I was in college, but, if I was registered in the Fall semester, my name was in the book, without photo. Then there are the score of SS#s.  Something is going on here. The people who tried with no shame whatsoever to steal the Florida election in 2000 would have no reluctance to do something else that was shady.
    Things like this always remind me of Mark Studdock’s experience at the NICE, when he had to climb a ladder and touch three specified spots, then descend the ladder. It seemed so silly, but the silliness of it, coupled with the seriousness of the people making him go through this exercise, somehow  opened his eyes to just how evil they were. Stealing or attempting to steal a Presidential election is bad, but mostly just stupid.  Running a candidate with a shady path is, too, but in some manner that I can not explain, any more than Studdock could, it gives me the willies. It’s more than merely crooked politics. It is a glimpse behind the mask of pure evil.

  4. Spartacus says

    Sixty states, Martel.  He said he’d already been to 57, and had one left to go ( -> 58), and his staff wouldn’t let him go (Where does that buck stop?) to Alaska or Hawaii ( -> 60).  So you see, his brain does the “ones” digit just fine; it’s just his “tens” digit and beyond that misfire… which explains how he could, with a straight face, announce that he had asked his cabinet to come up with a total of $100 million in cuts in the total federal budget and completely miss the humor.  The Yanomamo Indians of South America had a very straightforward number system: “one,” “two,” and “more than two.”  (I am not making this up, BTW.)  Similarly, Barack’s mind does 0-9 just fine, and then “some big number.”  This (among other things) probably affected his academic performance.

  5. Charles Martel says

    It’s over. This posted in the Post-insomnia Open Thread:

    You’ve been very gracious in allowing this visitor to comment. Hopefully we learned a bit from each other. In particular, try to look at each of your positions skeptically. A willingness to support your claims will make you more careful when making them. Carefully consider why some assertions are disputed by others, and whether this is due to facts (which might be substantiated) or differences in values (where you may try to find common ground). Question authority, but don’t reject it without proper cause.
    We may drop in from time to time. Good luck to you all.

    RIP, Zach. We hardly knew all of you.

  6. says

    I have had personal experience with Hawaii bureaucracy, and I suspect sheer incompetence.  This is the state that wouldn’t allow my daughter to get her driver’s permit because they didn’t believe I was her mother, even with our IDs, including birth certificates! ;-)  Really, nothing would surprise me at this point.
    I’m not a birther, but like you, I remain curious about why the president doesn’t just release the thing.

  7. Mike Devx says

    Since it is a requirement under the Constitution that the President be a natural-born citizen of the United States, the Republicans should pass a law requiring each candidate for President to file their birth certificate when declaring candidacy?
    This law would apply to all 2012 candidates – including Barack Obama.  We would stop looking backward – which will not be productive – and begin looking forward.   I suspect the Democrats would find it *very* difficult politically to vote against the bill.
    Concerning Charles Martel’s [hammering the enemy since 732] comment on the college records, I agree wholeheartedly.  You want only a few commentators or politicians pushing the effort to get those records released (again, because it is looking backward, not forward, and politically you don’t want to spend a lot of time haggling over the past).
    The Republicans must spend most of their capital and energy on Obamacare and fiscal spending.  But they can certainly spend some time keeping the college records issue in the public eye.  On a low burner throughout the next two years, not the high burner, though.
    So far the House is managing the message and their efforts reasonably well, I think.
    John King, CNN had an interview with Paul Ryan that was not merely normally adversarial, but included a number of phrasings that were belittling and insulting.  Does anyone have a link of a corresponding recent interview with a high level ranking Democrat?  I very much want to compare and contrast the TONE of the questioning.  If King is as belittling to the Democrat, then I’ve got no issue.  If he isn’t…  well, more of the usual hypocrisy and liberal deceit within the mainstream media, acting as surrogates for one Party!  Putting lie to objectivity, desecrating their own profession yet again.


  8. Oldflyer says

    I would certainly cheer a law that requires a Presidential candidate to prove citizenship.  It should not even be controversial among rational people. Yeah, I know.
    By passing the law this year, Congress would silence the “birthers”, call Obama’s bluff (if that is what he is doing), and establish a common-sense requirement to satisfy the Constitution.

  9. Libby says

    Whether Obama was born in Hawaii or not is a red herring created by Axelrod. What most reasonable people want to know is why the long form birth certificate and other personal documentation, such as college transcripts, have not been made public. We’re used to seeing very detailed information about our presidents and presidential candidates (think of the hundreds of pages of military records Bush released – in response to intense media scrutiny). You don’t have to be a “birther” to see that he’s hiding something.

  10. Libby says

    There’s a lot of speculation about what Obama is hiding – the name or declared ethnicity of his father, his name (Obama vs. Soertero), etc. What I don’t understand is why a journalist didn’t/doesn’t just ask him to release his records. If he refused, ask him why. Of course, this would work only if the journalist didn’t allow him to shrug it off.

  11. suek says

    Actually, the BC doesn’ even matter … if indeed his father is Obama as claimed.  The requirement for “natural born” are specific and specifically exclude a person with dual citizenship.  Obama  – assuming he was indeed his father – was a British citizen, and by their laws, passed that citizenship to his son.  He was adopted by Sotero, and was a citizen of Indonesia – which we know because he attended school in Indonesia, and only citizens were permitted to attend school there.  That makes him a citizen of three nations.  He is _not_ natural born, by the qualifications specified by the Constitution as a requirement for the presidency.  In fact, there is a possibility that he isn’t a citizen at all, but that would just be whipped cream on top of the icing on the cake!
    Please remember that there’s a difference between being a citizen – as he _would_ be – and being a “natural born” citizen as required to be president.  They are _not_ the same thing.
    And of course, if it turned out that his parentage was other than stated that it might not be an issue at all – which I think is really funny. (assuming that the resistance to providing the info was embarrassment about socially unacceptable behavior)

  12. suek says

    Libby – he’s spent nearly a million dollars on lawyers in order to prevent his BC from having to be presented in courtrooms.  Why would he answer a journalist?

  13. Libby says

    Suek – I don’t think he would answer the question, but that’s no reason not to ask it. Think about all of the inappropriate questions the media have asked other politicians . Why can’t a journalist list what documentation other presidents and presidential candidates have provided and then ask why the American public cannot see the equivalent for him.
    I’d just like someone brave enough to put him on the spot: disclose the documents or explain why you won’t/have spent millions suppressing them. I want Obama on record on this, even if his response is a lame excuse or an outright lie. And how about a follow-up question like “What are you hiding?”

  14. says

    I would like to see more journalist pressure. That at least would clog up the works some.
    However, this is the Leftist media we are talking about. They will do no such thing. Even Fox News has to worry about their “connections” if they disrupt Obama’s game for too long.

  15. suek says

    I agree with Y…
    By the way…don’t forget that is run by the Annandale Foundation.  As I understand it, there are different “arms” of the organization, but Obama sat on the board of one of them.  Not necessarily dispositive, as they say, but not to be ignored, either.

  16. esurio says

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with either the birth certificate or the narrative. The conspiracy IS the birth certificate, it’s a manipulation tool. The narrative seems to be working exactly the way the Democrats intend. All we need to do is step back and take a look at reality.
    As the issue wanes from the news cycle the media/Democrats reinvigorates the issue with a new find or a new angle but only when it comes from a  Democrat /left-wing source; notice that the many lawsuits concerning the bc never make headline news.  With each rise in the news cycle Gibbs and the media are granted another opportunity for pithy quips about crazy right-wing birthers; a convenient way to marginalize your opponents.  It’s a reminder to Obama’s (enemies) opponents that they can easily be smeared as racists anytime. The bc issue has been a handy distraction during a slow news weeks; something to keep Americans from focusing on Obama’s agenda, healthcare, unemployment,  jobs, energy prices, taxes, terrorists,  etc.  The money spent in guarding the bc is probably a small price to pay when it provides endless opportunities of manipulation and distraction for Obama et al.

  17. suek says

    You could be right, but I don’t think so.  I hope that a couple of states at least will require that original birth certificates be submitted to their secretary of states before the name can be placed on the ballot.  That would shake some some people up, I think.  Just suppose, for example that three states required the submission of BCs, and Obama chooses not to do so.  Aside from the question of could he get elected by the numbers if he was not on the ballot in three states…what would the effects be nation wide?  Would other states then follow suit?

  18. esurio says

    I too am hoping the states tighten up the requirements and Arizona might be the first to do so. And I hope you are right and I’m wrong. But the longer the Democrats play this game the more it makes me believe its just that, a game. I don’t know whats more terrifying; an evil, malicious President who openly humiliates America and her laws (our current status) or having a usurper in the WH and the untold consequences that could have on the Republic.
    Yep, it’s always our money. Though, suek pointed out that he’s spent nearly a million dollars on lawyers. When this issue first appeared prior to the election I thought the money was a significant piece of the puzzle; but really it’s a great bargain if they are using this issue as a manipulation tool – especially since it’s our money.

  19. suek says

    In that we disagree.  There is clear indication that at the very least he holds dual citizenship, and that disqualifies him for “natural born” status.
    >>the longer the Democrats play this game the more it makes me believe its just that, a game.>>
    Unless his parentage is other than stated, it’s not a game.

  20. esurio says

    suek, I forgot about the dual citizenship status.
    I don’t think it’s a game, but they’ve revealed they get enjoyment from toying with the American citizens on this issue, so I do think it’s a game to them. Whatever they are doing it IS cruel.

  21. suek says

    Re: Pakistan passport question
    As far as I know, no.  Apparently, that’s what the employees might have been researching – or at least, might learn if they were just browsing.  They were fired, and I think one died suddenly (????).  And the owner of the company is now a bigwig in Obama’s administration.  I don’t remember what – he was appointed recently, and was the person who knew nothing about something big….
    Hmmm.  The arrest of the London terrorists???  Homeland security something?  Anyway, apparently he does have _some_ qualifications, but as usual, there could be questions raised, with answers unlikely to be answered.

  22. SADIE says

    Before the Net Neutrality Act kicks in full steam and web sites are scrubbed more thoroughly than an operating room (some have already been scrubbed). Two names: Walid Hamed and the Chandoo brothers.
    Zero traveled to Pakistan with Hamed. I recall an article some years ago (scrubbed) which was as vague as the answers many of us have raised. Anyway … he stayed with the Chandoo family (super wealthy family). Fast forward to fund raising for the 2008 election and Hasan Chandoo was a major bundler for him. Two books and no mention of the trip. Twenty years post 1981 visit to Pakistan and I have not read one article or interview with Chandoo, who lives in NY state and Hamed has his ‘travel buddy’ Walid Hamed … well, I seem to be firing blanks trying to find out where he is now.

  23. suek says

    I couldn’t find anything either – unless Walid has a facebook page, or is 22 years old and recently arrested.
    Of course, it seems to me that various muslims have no problem with unexplainable and unaccountable name changes.  Obviously they don’t have to go through the bureaucratic mazes we do when the elect to do something like a name change.

  24. Dr Ron Polland says

    There are a number of false statements made in this article. First of all, the “digitally-scanned short form of his birth certificate” is a forgery, and I have irrefutable proof that it was a Photoshop fake: Secondly, NOBODY was invited to see Obama’s alleged short-form birth certificate, aka the Certification of Live Birth or COLB. This, too, is a forgery. This phony photo session was set up by Brooks Jackson, Director of, who contacted Tommy Veitor to arrange a visit for Factcheck’s two, totally unqualified staffers, Jess Henig and Joe Miller, to the Obama Campaign headquarters to photograph the alleged short-form BC. What Henig actually photographed is also a forgery: a mock-up of a COLB which was made from the original forgery, laser-printed on transparent film, and then attached to a blank sheet of security paper that Hawaii uses. This video shows you how it was created: The Hawaii Health Department was complicit in this identity fraud along with the Obama Campaign,, and Of course, Abercrombie cannot find the long-form BC. Two years ago, I also concluded that there is no long-form, Certificate of Live Birth showing that Obama was born in Hawaii and in Kapi’olani Hospital – because Obama was not born in Hawaii. The statement by HillBuzz is not correct. “HillBuzz claims that the reason the governor cannot get his hands on a “Barack Hussein Obama” birth certificate is because, after Sotero adopted Obama, Hawaiian law meant that his birth certificate was retroactively changed to read “Barry Sotero.” Therefore, there is no “Barack Hussein Obama” birth certificate; there is only a “Barack/Barry Sotero” birth certificate.” When there is an adoption, Hawaii’s DOH does not retroactively change a person’s original birth certificate. They prepare a new, “original birth certificate” with the word, AMENDED, written on the new birth certificate. They then take the prior birth certificate and seal it in an envelope, which can only be opened by a court order. Barack Obama Sr. did not contest the adoption because (a) no such adoption proceedings took place, and (b) he is not the biological father or the adoptee. Therefore, the DOH cannot change Obama Jr.’s amended birth certificate back to the original father listed on Obama’s birth certificate, namely Obama Sr., because he was not the original father. If Obama’s birth record was amended, for any reason, then the short-form COLB would have a statement prominently displayed on it describing the amendment and when it took place. This statement appears on the bottom 1/3 of the COLB. The “something strange [that] happened back in 2008 in the Hawaii Records Department” is that they never released a COLB for Obama to anyone, and that they still refuse to authenticate what was posted online. Why? Because what is posted online is a forgery of a COLB image, made by and sent to who, in turn, sent copies to Markos Moulitsas Zúñiga, of the Daily Kos blog, and to Tommy Veitor of the Obama Campaign to be posted on, Obama’s bogus fact-checking ruse. Sorry to say but, there never was “a genuine Hawaiian birth certificate” created on August 4, 1961 that what Obama finds “politically embarrassing” is that he was not born in Hawaii, that his biological parents are not Stanley Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Sr’, that Madelyn and Stanley Dunham are not his grandparents, and that his true blood relatives have never been disclosed to the public. NO! Obama is NOT “toying with us,” he’s DEFRAUDING US! He is an imposter who never should have been allowed on the ballot. His election is totally illegal and not just because he wasn’t born here. He has committed high crimes and misdemeanors, including multiple RICO violations (racketeering), that would only makes him eligible for White Penitentiary, and not the White House. “It’s not that he’s not a native born American,” (double negative, but still false ); it’s that he’s a guy with a stupid secret who is using it to make the Right look even more stupid. No, he is making Bookworm and every other liberal look stupid who voted for this imposter and a criminal fraud that is not an American in any way, shape, or form. The ones who are the most stupid are those who still support him and who refuse to even consider that Obama is not the man he pretended to be in 2008. ALL OF THE ABOVE is what is “deeply wrong with the birth certificate narrative”

  25. Charles Martel says

    “Something there is about the paragraph break,” Bill Shakespeare is said to have uttered. Even if he didn’t, he should have. On to another topic that doesn’t really belong in this paragraph, but what the heck, I am fascinated to learn that Bookworm is a liberal. Also, the weather is surprisingly sunny and bright today. We had been expecting more gloom after two days of hard rain. My son is still trying to figure out why his car won’t start. I say alternator, he says alternahtur. If he keeps it up, we’ll just call the whole thing off. Speaking of off, my local grocery is on again-off again with the sale of Farmer John maple-flavored sausage links. Dang, I love those things. Anyway, I think Obama should replace Piers Morgan on that show on that cable station that nobody ever watches.

  26. SADIE says

    Charles Martel
    Lucky for me that I finished my cup of coffee and saved the computer screen and keyboard from a spit take.
    Glorious response ;  I so needed some hilarity today after running myself ragged trying to tie up loose ends before the next round of snow, followed by sleet and ice and finishing off the forecast with rain. Not sure that I mentioned it before – I broke my ankle about 4 years ago and ‘it’ does not walk on anything white other than my white carpeting.


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