It’s all about me, me, me (and the Watcher’s Council)

I’m sorry for the blog silence.  Not only am I finding headlines uninspiring (not uninteresting, just uninspiring), I really am having a fine time going through my old posts with the hope that I can assemble the best of them into an ebook.

When it comes to my writing, I’m happy with a lot of the old posts, so I know my ego is intact.  Nevertheless, honesty compels me to admit that the old posts (some going back as far as 2006) need a fair amount of editing.  Many are inappropriate for a book (too diffuse, too old, too filled with quotations from others), while others need to be tweaked to be tighter, more current, and more meaningful.

I also need to cut radically.  Even after culling my almost 7,000 posts (yes, you read that correctly) to find “possibles” for a book, I was left staring at a 300,000 word document.  Because the average book runs about 50,000 to 60,000 words, I’m trimming like mad.

I’m on the first pass now, getting rid of the obvious unpublishables, and seeing what I can do to tighten the possible publishables.  It’s time consuming but, for the first time in years, I’m engaged in work that I enjoy.  As I said, when it comes to my writing, there’s nothing wrong with my ego.

I do want to assure you, though, that I will continue to blog here.  The slight slackening off over the last couple of days really is tied to news specific ennui, and not to the fact that I’m spending my time on other things.  When the ennui passes, undoubtedly in a day or two, I will resume blogging with my usual pathological furor.

Meanwhile, if you’re lusting for things to read, let me recommend the Watcher’s Council submissions this week:

Council Submissions

Honorable Mentions

Non-Council Submissions

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  • Charles

    Hey Bookworm;

    Must your “book” be ONE book?  Why not try to trim down the number of postings to be include by only selecting those that fall into ONE category. Of course, they can overlap into other categories as well; but focus on ONE main category. A theme, if you will.

    I would also suggest that you try to select a category/theme that would have the broadest appeal; some suggestions might be:

    1 – A former liberal, now a conservative.  Postings that help to explain your political and philosophical “evolution.”  Trying to explain to conservatives why you now “see the light” or trying to explain to former co-thinkers how/why they should now agree with you.

    2 – A “closet” conservative in a Liberal community.  Especially those postings that show why you are “afraid” to come out.  Include those postings that show the hostility from those on the left to anyone who doesn’t “toe the liberal line.”

    3 – Postings that show how your family’s history has influenced your thinking.  okay, maybe this idea will be good for alter book.

    4 – Anyone of your favorite topics – again trying to keep to a central theme.

    5 – I’m sure that many of your readers and regular commenters can come up with many, many, many more ideas.  How about it guys? What do others think?

    And good luck Book!

  • Charles

    Gawd – I relly kan’t typpe – No 3 above should read “good for a later book.” Not an ‘alter” book, I wasn’t trying to say get religious with your family’s history!