Fire across the Middle East

Assuming that this is the 1848 of the Middle East, with Tunisia having lit the spark that causes revolution throughout Muslim countries, do you believe that (a) the revolutions will result in greater freedom in the Middle East or (b) the revolutions will advance the rise of even more radical, oppressive Islam controlling countries in that region?

I incline towards (b).

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  • Owen

    jj: I assume that you are among those who hold to the belief that there are many Muslims who do not in fact believe in their holy book.  (In which case, they are by definition not Muslims.)   I further assume you are among those who believe that the problem is only with a small percentage of “radical” Muslims. 

    Why assume? I pointed you to the arguments — if you’d read them, no assumptions are necessary. It’s silly (not to say lazy) to make assumptions about what someone thinks when you can just go read what they think.

  • Ymarsakar

    Don’t mind JJ. He sometimes lets his biases distort his perspective.
    While all of us have biases, it’s always a choice how much leeway it is given.

  • Owen

    Ymarsakar: Indeed. Like my passions, my biases are my own but my opinions are my profession; I try to allow comingling only when useful.

    BTW: I ran across this: Useful to keep in mind when reading news stories on the current situation.