The world would not be better off with Mohammed El-Baradei at Egypt’s helm

When I read news reports saying that Mohammed El-Baradei had shown up in Egypt as a potential “democratic” leader, I was confused.  Surely this couldn’t be the same El-Baradei who served for so long as the head of the IAEA?  I couldn’t find specifics within my own brain, and was too lazy to look around on the internet, but when I thought of that El-Baradei, I kept thinking of someone who lied about Iran’s nuclear program, and who was relentlessly hostile to America and Israel.

Sometimes my instincts are right on the money — he’s a bad dude, with a bad history.  Egypt will go from the Mubarak frying pan straight into the El-Baradei fire if the latter steps up to a leadership position.

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  • Oldflyer

    Breaking news Book.  Mubarak has appointed the Chief of Intelligence to the new post of VP.  Now considered to be the chosen successor.  Interesting on two counts; he is described as the most powerful intelligence chief in the mid-east-ahead of the chief of Mossad.  Second, he is 74 years old.
    I don’t know if he is involved with internal security; i.e. the secret police.  Hard to believe that he would be acceptable to the opposition; but I don’t know.
    Mubarak’s sons and their families have fled to London.


    El-Baradei actively tried to influence America politics to the detrement of the past administration.  No doubt the current administration will love him.  For a time. Treg

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  • Mike Devx

    Mohammed El-Baradei is a symptom, just as is Hezbollah.  Iran is the real problem – the others are manifestations of Iran’s nefarious, dare I say evil, aims.  Proxies. Puppets.  I wonder how closely the aims of the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran can be aligned.

    The stasis that froze the geopolitical situation during forty years of the Cold War is shattering.  And what do we have as President at this point in time?  An internationalist who cares not for America, who does not look out for our best interests.   As bad as that is for us, things are worse for Israel, for Obama is more virulently against Israel than ever Carter was.

    Fearful times are coming.  The times create the leader, often.  After two more years of the feckless, hapless Obama, who will emerge as the leader we NEED in 2012?  For by then, we will need him or her desperately.