A letter from Egypt everyone should read

Brian E added this letter as a comment to an earlier post.  In it, his brother, a teacher at BEN- Baptists Equipping Nationals, relays a communication he received from someone in Egypt.  I think it is important enough for everyone to read that I’m making it a separate post.  Thanks, Brian.

My brother who travels to Egypt twice a year to teach at a Bible Seminary there sent me this e-mail last night. (He’s in the US right now).

Dear Family,

Following is the latest direct from Egypt.  I received this 5 minutes ago.  Please PRAY!

“Mobs have field the center in Cairo rioting and causing a lot of injury, one person was killed and many abut 403 people are injured.

Mobs are hired, given each a barbecue chicken meal, two bottles of water and $100.00 a day. (money either from the gulf states or Iran)

Obama statements are seen as the US is conspiring to topple the Egyptian government. The world Satan, is working for the state of Israel.

American statements are very bad, confusing, and hearting the people of Egypt, not helping them. the united states image have been marred badly
a spirit of deception is trying to engulf the country and the region

All the world media is reporting from the center of the city, they are not reporting that throughout the city cars are loaded with families fanning the streets crying in unity out ‘long live Egypt’

Egypt does not know which way to go

Amira my wife yesterday was crying out of fear, today she is crying for Egypt,

There are wiled beasts in the city trying to devours the country

Egypt now is being assaulted

No order, no political leader to lead total anarchy”

What is not said:  The evangelical Christians are the most at risk people in the Middle East.  These people have been without an income since the chaos began.  Many are fearful to leave their homes.  They need our prayer support!

Thank you for caring with us.

Chuck and Carol

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  • MacG

    What is not said:  The evangelical Christians are the most at risk people in the Middle East”

    Witness Iraq:


    Maybe it should be called the Religion of Pieces…

  • MacG

    From the Shah to Saddam and now probably Egypt we have a context why they were so brutal.  Those who wish to depose them were relentless and as their style of opposition was relentless so is thier governing style.  Who knew it would be worse for Christians than the Shah and Saddam?

    I used to hear a lot of chanting “No Blood for Oil”. The same people won’t let us drill here so aren’t they guilty of our blood spilled because the oil profits spill our blood?  How about  “No Oil for Blood”?  Let us drill here as we can do it cleaner than anybody on the planet and start to take the profits from those who would bite/cut off the hand that feeds. But I digress…

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  • Jose

    After the first war with Iraq, the Allies put a lot of effort into humanitarian operations to help the Kurds in the north.  I worked closely with the combat camera photographers who documented the operations there.
    One of them talked about seeing a small group off to one side of a camp, even more destitute than the rest.  He asked his guide and translator who they were.  He was told “Those are the Christians”.
    Nothing new for this part of the world.