Niall Ferguson on Obama’s role in Egypt

I was remarkably silent on Egypt.  The situation was too fluid for me to grab a hold of.  I knew only that Obama’s policy would follow whoever seemed likely to win, since he will always hew to the strong man.  Now that it’s over, I was thinking of writing about the abysmal Obama performance (following, no clear ideological goal, confused and ever-changing messages), but I discovered that someone got there better and first.  You can read Niall Ferguson’s Newsweek article, or just watch the video as a reporter desperately tries to defend Obama, and Ferguson rips her apart:

Hat tip:  small dead animals

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  • suek

    “confused and ever-changing messages”
    Ah..but look at the bright side…
    Whatever the outcome is, O and his administration have said something to support it.  In fact, it the outcome changes to disaster in a year or so, they’ll have said something to predict that as well.
    Isn’t it nice for our leader to be right – no matter what!!

  • Charles Martel

    Wow, a Harvard guy rippin’ him one off the dolts at MSNBC and the Head Dolt in the White House.

    Sometimes it’s a pure pleasure to rise and meet the day.

  • jj

    I don’t know who the reporter is – I don’t actually know any of these clowns – but it’s obvious that years of liberal application of peroxide have melted whatever brains she ever had.  She is so clearly over her head with Ferguson – who is an actual scholar (and a terrific writer*) that it’s comic, but refreshingly so.  Ferguson is way too smart for these people – and, come to think of it, way too erudite for Newsweek – I’d bet they didn’t know what they were getting, either, but he’s such a big name they had to put him on the cover.
    And how can you not love the moment when the pinheaded guy gets a question in there – a real zinger!  “You think Hillary Clinton and Robert Gates are third-rate?” asked in a tone of incredulity.  Answer, basically: “Yeah.”  (I don’t know about the comparison to Brezinsky, never thought much of him, but then again he was working for Carter, who could have taken the best efforts of St. Augustine and turned them to crap.)
    *footnote – belongs more properly in the recent threads on reading I suppose, but if you haven’t, check out Ferguson’s The Pity of War, and the amazing: Empire- The Rise and Demise of the British World Order and the Lessons for Global Power.
    Ferguson’s a historian and an economist who may legitimately claim to be a genius – I don’t know who the orangutans trying to talk to him were, but it didn’t go well for them, did it?

  • Danny Lemieux

    I agree with all that has been said, but I do not think of Bob Gates as being third-rate. I think Gates is like the boy holding his finger in the dike, trying desperately to hold off the deluge.


    I don’t know who the reporter is – I don’t actually know any of these clowns – but it’s obvious that years of liberal application of peroxide have melted whatever brains she ever had.

    Let me help you out … that would  be Mika, daughter of Z, Brezinsky, which made the swipe all the more enjoyable for me.

  • Zhombre

    Five to one and Ferguson still reduces them all to dust. And Mika B. just about clucks like a distressed hen.  It only takes one informed and articulate individual to demonstrate the puniness of these talking heads in the media.

  • Ymarsakar

    What were some of the things our Favorite Leftist agent provocateurs told us about how Obama’s inexperience was a good thing?

  • Ymarsakar

    Sadie, ouch.
    Critical damage. That would be some critical damage indeed.

  • jj

    Probably explains Ferguson’s kind comment about her useless father.