James Taranto on Wisconsin

Taranto is always good.  Sometimes, though, he’s great.  That’s the case for his column today, which discusses (a) the difference between public and private sector unions and (b) the difference between Tea Party and union protests.  He’s not saying anything you haven’t heard before or figured out for yourself; it’s just that he says it so well.

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  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    One of the things the Left likes to do is accuse us of being anti-government. But then they try to justify their government jobs unions by saying that they need unions to collectively bargain against… the government.
    They like to claim that collective bargaining is “democracy”. So in a battle of democracy vs the government’s democratically elected representatives, whose democracy is being funded here?
    People keep saying Leftists are misguided or ignorant. They don’t know the evil they do. It’s more like they don’t want to know. Cause they can’t even understand this simple point on public sector unions.

  • suek

    Karl Denniger on Wisconsin.
    I understand that the Wisconsin legislature is moving on a number of items that have been “stuck” due to Dems…photo ID required to vote, for example.
    Michelle Malkin (and others) has come up with some great lines – she’s calling them “Fleebaggers”…among other names.  Alinsky pointed out the benefits of ridiculing your opponents – and Progressives have been using it for years.  It’s good to see the tables turned!

  • suek

    Off topic (warning to Zach.  Wouldn’t want him to get distracted by reading anything other than Taranto or Wisconsin!)
    If you go to the main page, there are a couple of other short articles – before and after this one – that are interesting.