What’s really going on in Wisconsin

It’s a good video:

Here’s the real point:  If you want to work for government (which can be a very honorable or practical or neutral thing to do), you are forced to pay union dues.  You know, when you pay those dues that they will be used to fund the Democrats.  This is true whether or not you, personally, want to fund the Democrats.

Once elected, the Democrats shower benefits on the public sector unions, since that ensures that the unions will then shower money right back on the Democrats.  What’s important to remember is that these elected Democrats are your employees, just as the public sector workers are.  Nevertheless, you, the tax payer, have been cut out of the loop.  Instead, there’s an endlessly cycling mutually beneficial relationship going on between unions and benefits, that you’re paying for.  I think it’s called taxation without representation.  (Hmm….  Where have I heard that expression before?)

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  • Caped Crusader

    Has all the features of a money laundering operation  !!!!!!!!!!

  • Danny Lemieux

    If I worked for a company and paid kick-backs to my boss so that he would give me a raise from shareholder funds, both the boss and I would be corrupt and prosecutable for embezzlement, right?

  • MacG

    Those in the unions who disagree with their union are getting screwed twice since they fund the reciprocal gift card giving between the Dems and Unions.  They could takethe Chris Christie suggestion and work elsewhere but where?  Seems for the most part their choice has been made for them.  Perhaps an internal voice of dissent is good.

    Hey at about 0:59 into this there is a brief stomping clip.  This looks familiar to me. Anybody else recognize it?  I am thinking ot looks like that clip where the protester rushed a TEA Party guy’s car (Rand Paul maybe?), reached into and hit with a sign or something and she got pulled off and thrown to the ground.  Anybody?  I am interested in the context of that clip.

  • Mrs Whatsit

    There is no internal voice of dissent! Or, when there is one, it is silenced.  I’m a public employee in NY (where I work hard at a job that matters, so please don’t throw rocks at me) but I do not belong to the union.  By law, I pay dues anyway — and a large amount of them — which the union then uses for politics I could not disagree with more profoundly.  You should see the union materials they mail to my house — for instance, last week a magazine with a cover emblazoned “LIARS!” (or something to that effect) and a subhead about how the “hard right” was falsely blaming public employees for fiscal problems.  I couldn’t stand to open the thing — it went straight into the trash — but I paid for it twice, through my dues and through my taxes.
    Anyway, last year, the state contracts featured a 4% COL raise that had been negotiated back in 2007, before the crash.  By 2010, meanwhile the state budget was facing an intractable shortfall, as it will, I imagine, every year from now until forevermore, this being NY.  Gov. Paterson went to the union heads and asked them, reasonably enough, if they would come back to the bargaining table to discuss giving back some part of the raise, which was obviously wildly disproportionate to what was happening to the taxpayers who would have to fund it.  He said it was either that or layoffs.   When the Union leaders said “Tax the Evil Rich instead!”  the Gov. explained, quite patiently and sensibly, that NY taxes the rich a lot already and that all the rich had to do — and were already doing — to avoid that was to move away.
    The union leaders did not stop to think. (Can they think?)  Worse, they did not ask the membership. If they had, I know from conversations with quite a few colleagues that even some of the most passionate union-boosters were ready to deal — they have friends and family in the private sector, they know what’s going on.  But the leaders didn’t ask.  It took them about five minutes to give the Gov. a flat no.  Then, of course, later that year he did what he had said he would have to do and laid off hundreds of people — and the Union leaders filled the newspapers denouncing him.  It was all his fault, he was heartless, he was mean, he was in the pocket of the Evil Rich.
    And I’m still paying them — more and more, every week.  I wish I had some rights in this situation.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Mrs. W’s situation reminds me that the Left can claim all they want that their way isn’t totalitarian. They like to claim that government power, because it exists and people are using it, gives them license to craft their own personal utopia where the rulers rule on high and the slaves suffer at the bottom. In reality, and in all fair truth, the Left’s methods are nothing but totalitarian in nature. Their objective is to take all power and invest it in a few at the top, an oligarchy of self-appointed elites, while preventing those more numerous at the bottom of the pyramid from having a say. Liberty is a direct threat to totalitarian dictators. Get rid of one dictator, and another simply replaces him, because the power structure itself is designed to support dictatorship rather than individual liberty and duty.
    “Democracy” is the excuse the union rich use to control the majority of union members.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    If I worked for a company and paid kick-backs to my boss so that he would give me a raise from shareholder funds, both the boss and I would be corrupt and prosecutable for embezzlement, right?

    Unless you’re part of the Kennedy clan or a big Hollywood director. Then you can get away with murder and rape.

  • Mike Devx

    From a conservative philosophical position, let me see if I’ve got this straight:
    The unions have sold their souls to one political party, the Democrats.
    The unions and the Democrats are in collusion and are causing economic devastation to a State.
    My question at this point becomes, Why aren’t the taxpayers in that State in rebellion against the Democrats?  That’s the way the political situation ought to unfold.
    It may be that the taxpayers remain asleep.  They don’t realize what is being done to them.  But that simply makes a Republican governor’s maneuvers far more difficult.  He may be making his political strike too early.  You cannot thwart the will of your citizenry – as Obama has learned to his utter dismay!  Go too far, and there is inevitable blowback.
    If Governor Walker is right, then he is himself WAKING UP the citizens of his State.  That’s leadership!  If he’s wrong, he will lose.

  • suek
  • suek

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    This link below is noted within one of the articles, and it tells you a good bit more about why the screaming pig got stuck in the first place:

  • suek