The problem with public sector collective bargaining

The core problem, which this video illustrates, is that the government forces public sector employees to pay dues to public sector unions, that then use those dues to buy elections, to place into power politicians who raise taxes to pay ever higher government salaries and pensions.  This has nothing to do with fairness, and everything to do with an inherently corrupt system that sees Democratic politicians and union leaders use other people’s money to maintain their power bases:

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  • jj

    That is indeed precisely the problem – the unions are nothing more than money-laundering operations for the democrats.  Even a putz like FDR knew they would be, and forbade federal workers from unionizing.  It took the Uber-putz, JFK, trying desperately to curry favor with an entire population of Americans who despised his father (good going, Joe – you managed to piss off an entire population of people – not bad for one lifetime!) and therefore might despise and not vote for him, to ignore the one flash of wisdom FDR had.
    It’s nothing but a money-laundering scheme, and it needs to stop.

  • Ymarsakar

    Z says public sector unions are democratic and American.
    Are you saying there are people here who disagree with the Zs?