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I’m having a surprising amount of fun over at my new Facebook page, Conservative Travel.  If you haven’t yet checked it out, take a second to do so.  (And if you like it, please hit that “like” button.)

I continue to be receptive to your amazing Americana travel suggestions (places, activities, food, etc.), which you can leave as comments here, put as wall posts at Conservative Travel itself, or send to me in an email (bookwormroom*at*

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  • David Foster

    Also check out Bent’s Fort, an interesting frontier site in Colorado.

  • Ymarsakar
    Here’s something for the lawyer minded amongst us. A precise  of a legal case involving Business A vs Business B. RIght up your alley, Book ; )

  • zabrina

    If there are any conservative activists looking to combine travel with education and a good cause, try Jefferson’s home, Monticello in Virginia. I have heard from friends that the tour guides there love to subltly slam Jefferson as a hypocrit and a slave-owner to the tour groups. A little hidden camera action and sunlight-as-the-best-disinfectant is long overdue.

  • David Foster

    There are two WWII Liberty Ships that are in operational condition: the John Brown in Baltimore and the Jeremiah O’Brien in San Francisco. Both can be visited and also have occasional cruises with passengers.
    This class of vessel was built in large quantities using innovative production techniques and had a great deal to do with winning WWII. Owing to shortages of certain materials and production equipment, they were powered with what even then was a retro-technology, the reciprocating steam engine rather than with steam turbines.
    In Los Angeles is an example of another WWII cargo vessel, the Victory Ship. (These *were* turbine powered.) This example is named SS Lane Victory.

  • Earl

    So the “Conservative Traveler” is located in Palo Alto?  Who knew?  :-)
    LOVE the Japanese Tea Garden.  First date with wife of 41+ years was there — in her wallet today, she still keeps the fortune she got from the cookie she had with our tea!
    A cruise on the Jeremiah O’Brien is a TRIP!  I joined the association and took a friend who was a WWII vet and hadn’t been on one since he went overseas during the War…he teared up as we went aboard and it was wonderful!
    If you’re “back east”, try the Frazier Historical Arms Museum in Louisville, KY:
    In San Francisco, don’t miss the Pampanito:

  • JKB

    Now, i haven’t actually made it here but it is a couple of good along the drive stops.  What is better than the actual Middle America Geographic center of the contiguous United States (travel article Geographical Center of the United States)
    And not to far away, for the real geography geeks, is Meades Ranch, Kansas, the reference point for all land surveying in America from 1927 until the NAD83 and WGS84 datums were established starting in 1983.  “For the purpose of the NAD 27, the geoidal height at Meades Ranch was assumed to be zero so that the geoid (mean sea level) and the ellipsoid coincide at that point.”