Write up your shopping list for Wednesday, which is buy Israeli Day

Out in the wide world, every day is hate and boycott Israel.  Among the sane people, Wednesday, March 30 is buy Israeli Day, when we make an effort to purchase Israeli products.  If nothing else, get some Passover matzoh or some Ahava skin care products.  Trader Joe’s is also always a good stop for Israeli products.

More here.

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    This link is better. I know what I’ll be doing on Wednesday. Thanks.


  • http://OgBlog.net Earl

    I already have a Wednesday appointment to have the lumbar support in my Outback fixed…I’ll head directly to Trader Joe’s afterward, and ask them for a list of their Israeli products!
    Seriously, I’ll go out there and see what I can find to buy.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll get introduced to something new and wonderful.

  • Tonestaple

    “Stand with us Northwest” sent out a list of Israeli products and the local stores that carry them.  Most of the items listed were wine, so if I gotta, well, I gotta.

  • Alix

    One of the Israeli products at Trader Joe’s is feta cheese.  It is really good!

  • binadaat

    trader joes sells these little frozen cubes of herbs like parsley and coriander. I can’t find them here in Israel but my parents love them. they live near sacramento.
    and if you buy pharmaceuticals, you’ll also be supporting me! because my husband prints the boxes and inserts for Teva!
    Does Intel count??

  • http://OgBlog.net Earl

    So, I made the trip to TJ’s….a store I really like.
    I asked the lady serving the samples if she knew it was Buy Israeli Day, and she hadn’t a clue.  But she DID know that the matzos in the end-cap display behind me were sourced in Israel.  I asked her what else and she didn’t know.
    So, I went to the customer service desk, told them it was Buy Israeli Day (news to them, too), and asked what else they had besides the matzos….  The young man said he was quite sure they had Israeli couscous….but he thought that was all.  The reason he even knew, he said, was because a year or two ago, when the ship full of activists was attacked by the commandos, there was a call to boycott Trader Joe’s, and he told everyone that it made no sense, since TJ’s only carried TWO items from Israel.
    I was really tempted to ask him how come there wasn’t more, or explain the facts of life to him concerning “activists” versus “terrorists”, etc. but I suppressed the urge.  None of this is his responsibility, after all…and I figured that the witness I was providing by asking about Israeli products on “Buy Israel Day” would be spoiled if I came across as a grumpy old guy!  Maybe I was just unprepared and a little bit chicken.
    The matzos are wonderful…I’ve got a recipe for the couscous so I’ll be using that a bit later.