Yes, there is an Obama doctrine

Ed Morrissey has put together a very useful post summarizing various liberal media attempts to understand the Obama doctrine.  Morrissey concludes at the end that, try as hard as one likes, “There really is no doctrine.”

Morrissey is correct that there is no doctrine if one is looking for a verbally articulated doctrine.  Obama says everything, and Obama says nothing, and Obama says it all as boringly as possible.

The mere fact that the greatest communicator since Abraham Lincoln (that’s sarcasm, by the way) is incapable of articulating a doctrine, though, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have one.  Indeed, if one buys for one minute into the whole greatest communicator shtick, it’s pretty clear that, as I said in my earlier post, that Obama intentionally obfuscates in his speeches because he doesn’t want people to know what the doctrine is.

Fortunately, because actions speak louder than words, we can arrive at the Obama Middle Eastern doctrine without any actual verbal help from Obama.  Here goes:

America can no longer selfishly engage in wars that directly affect (i.e., improve) her national interests.  To prevent her from doing so, she must always sublimate her sovereignty to the U.N.  A small number of U.N. players, most notably Europeans who are dependent on Libyan oil, have decided that Qaddafi must go.  Even though the number is smaller than the number that joined with Bush on Iraq, they’re the “in” crowd, so Obama must follow where they lead.  Hewing to the popular kid theory, these “cool” U.N. players matter more than the American Congress, which is made up of rubes and hicks, who lack that European savoir faire, even the useful idiots who hew to Obama’s political ideology.

A subset of this Obama doctrine is that, while America must never mine or drill her own energy resources, it is incumbent upon America to dig into her pockets to enable other countries to get to their energy resources, which America will then buy back at a premium.  This is American charity at its best.  If you want to feed a man for a day, buy him a fish.  If you want to feed him for a lifetime, teach him to fish, buy all his fishing equipment, stock the lake with trout, break all your fishing equipment, make it illegal to fish in your own lakes, and then buy that man’s fish back from him at the highest possible price.

And whatever else you do, make sure you kick Israel around . . . a lot.  That will make the cool kids (e.g., the Euro-trash and the Mullahs) happy.  It never pays to lose sight of your true constituency.

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  1. jj says

    I agree to a point.  You look at Obama’s inability to articulate a doctrine and assume it means he’s up to something, and his obfuscation is deliberate.  I look at him and see someone who can’t order a cheeseburger in simple declarative sentences, free of obfuscation and generalized inarticulateness.  This is, by-the-by, the hallmark of a life spent in a variety of ivory towers.  It may in fact  be a positive specialty and requirement of Harvard law school.
    You see Machiavelli; I see an idiot.  I guess time will tell which of us has the right view, but when I look at Obama, he’s a cockroach in a kitchen where the lights have been turned on.  He’s running, he doesn’t know where he’s going, he isn’t thinking about what comes next – he’s just running: trying to survive.  He doesn’t have a “doctrine,” he doesn’t have a “vision,” he doesn’t have a “plan” of any kind – except trying to survive the next few minutes.  In matters domestic – okay.  There’s an agenda.  (I don’t know whose it is, maybe Frank Marshall Davis’ and Van Jones’ – I doubt if it’s Junior’s, he’s not that bright.)  At least on the home front he’s sort of got a kind of vague and distant drumbeat to which to march.  But on the international stage?  Come on – you know better.

  2. Charles Martel says

    Obama has a certain feral intelligence, like Pelosi, but it is obvious that the guy is in way, way, way over his head. The problem is that the vast number of other intelligences that govern the nations of this planet understand that. Obama’s glibness, which the credulous mistake for brightness, is not what we need to conduct our foreign affairs. I seem to remember a German chancellor who had a gift for oratory, and his foreign policy was a mess.

  3. SFC Dave says

    JJ and Book,
    Unfortunately, you are both correct.  BW has it pegged that the CIC WANTS to be Machiavelli.  He is the smartest man in every room he enters.  JJ has it pegged that the CIC IS inept in forming and expressing himself without a platoon of speech writers. 
    It is the Ivory Tower Professor syndrome.  Each resident knows he is the greatest individual in the tower, but to express any solid opinion is to endanger his position.  One does not rise to the pinnacle by building a ladder of accomplishment.  One rises to the pinnacle on the bodies crumpled around the tower’s base – the bodies of those who would have climbed disdaining the hierarchy of support.  More importantly, the bodies of those who the hierarchy pulled off the tower and threw down, using the leverage of the masses who rely on the slow, steady pulse of bureaucracy and arcane advancement criteria (generally based on the passage of time instead of merit) to rise. 
    The current leadership is not made of climbers – it is the froth that rose to the top of the mix because it had no substance to weigh it down.  Substance means that there is something to which weighty objects, like responsibility, morals, and ethics might attach. 
    Even when wrong, one knew where Bush was.  The weight of his duty, however, was used to drag him down off the tower.
    The current administration knows it is a soap bubble – so fragile and needing ever more air to ensure that the other bubbles (Clinton, Reid, Pelosi) cannot slide upward along its arc, surpassing its position.

    Was that too symbolic?  I sure hope not.

    The wedding this weekend was nearly perfect – the bride was beautiful, the groom handsome, and the day full of joy.  My son (who remained for the Pine Box Derby) even did well – though his car was not fast – yea, it was one of the slowest – he won second place for design among 70+ cars in one of the most competitive packs in the nation.  It’s his second award for design – he won first in our smaller pack last year.  Next year we will try for speed.  I don’t know if it will work – he wants to build a hedgehog car.  Sigh.  He’s a visionary – he just doesn’t think about the speed. 

    SFC Dave
    “The only problem with waxing poetic is that pesky buildup on your writing skills.”

  4. says

    Obama is incompetent — but he’s bumbling in a very specific direction.  And remember that even incompetent people function.  We should only be grateful that his bumbling slows him down.

    I’m so glad, SFC Dave, that the wedding was a happy one.  I’m also impressed by your son’s design abilities.  That’s a rare and special gift, and one that I hope blooms as he grows.

  5. Spartacus says

    “Build a man a fire, and he will be warm for a day.
    Set a man on fire, and he will be warm for the rest of his life.”
    – Klingon Proverb
    (Klingons don’t fish.)

  6. says

    Spartacus – yes, ROFL, I had to read that twice – then burst out laughing!

    I think that Obama is reminding me more and more like the elementary school kid who wrote (plagerized?) a winning essay to become “Mayor for a Day.”  The kid wins, and it doesn’t matter what the kid says or does at this point – he is THE star.  So, the press just gets all warm and fuzzy, takes some great photos.  (If I understand correctly, Obama will be on Letterman again?) But, at the end of the day, the kid goes home and the adults take charge again.  Obama’s “day” has lasted too far long.

    However, there might be some good news. Today there were some protests from Black folks in Harlem outside the $30,000/plate fundraising dinner that Obama was attending.  Never mind that they sounded like idiots – “we did not elect Obama to bomb Africans!” For Black folks to publicly “dis” Obama says something is starting to give.

  7. says

    Obama is lazy, ambitious, evil, crude, without any humour or grace, and is a sickening narcissistic case verging on malignancy and sociopathy. He is already a megalomaniac. People who think Obama is smart because Obama can manipulate words is on the wrong track. That’s only one skill. Even dumb people can become good if they practice one skill for decades. That has nothing to do with one’s intellectual prowess or talent.

    In so far as Obama’s actions tend to be anti-American, it’s anti-American due to ideological laziness rather than vigorous work. Obama, unlike his Leftist cabinet, is too lazy to work up much effort to fight for the Left. All he likes doing is entertaining himself and talking. His cabinet is what is really deciding matters. What the Left said about Bush, that he was a puppet being pulled by a mastermind’s strings, is actually true for many of Obama’s activities, though not all. Obama’s just too lazy to lead. So people eventually figure out that they might as well do it their own way instead of asking Obama. And they also figure out that nudging Obama with rewards of golf playing and what not, is actually effective.

  8. says

    Btw, when Americans suffer and die, Obama gets a big fat smile on his face. So in that sense, he’s okay with it, he just doesn’t want the work of making it happen. So he raises taxes and nationalizes businesses so that the bureaucracy of government can make people suffer for him.

    That’s how he rolls, basically.

    He has not the virtue of ideological fervor, practical hard working ethics, or intellectual might. He does have the vice of laziness, procrastination, and a greed for the fruits of evil.


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