Just Because Music: “If I were a rich man.”

I’m working a law suit that involves (I kid you not) millionaires and billionaires.  It’s a boring case, except for the dollar signs, and it’s keeping me away from blogging.  In this lawsuit’s honor, I give you “If I were a rich man.”

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  1. Charles Martel says

    If I were a rich man, I’d buy out Book’s entire first run of blogging essays and have a helicopter drop them on the coffee-drinking habituees of North Berkeley’s outdoor cafes.

  2. says

    Fiddler is a great play and a great story. And it relates to some other discussions on this blog. Tevye, a poor milkman, is a Godly man, a man of tradition, who has to adjust to modernity. His daughters want to get married for love, not just security; one daughter to a tailor, another to a reformer, and lastly, one to a … a Christian. The question is how much he can bend without breaking.

  3. Charles Martel says

    In light of Ymarsakar’s advice, I am changing my approach:

    One group of dropped CDs will be smeared with tofu paste, fooling credulous Berkeley liberals into eating them and then clogging area hospitals with cases of obstructed intestines. (Where they will learn that the facilities have been exempted under Obamacare and therefore have no reason to treat them since they are going to die anyway, and besides, who needs their votes since Congress can pass any law it wants?)

    The second group of dropped CDs will be bare nekkid, which will indicate to the closet conservatives (who are ever more perceptive than their dimwit liberal peers—how else do they stay so successfully hidden?) that the CDs are to be listened to, not eaten.

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