Two tax day protests

San Francisco has the geographic virtue of being a small city.  Zombie was therefore able to zip around and photograph Sally Zelikovsky’s true grass roots protest (complete with attendees bringing imaginative, home-made signs), and then to contrast it with a carefully astroturfed pro-big government protest.  The contrasts are striking.  I urge you not only to read Zombie’s post but to email it to as many people as possible.  Why?  Because it appears that one of the people a reporter interviewed was an infiltrator.

Also, while I’m sending you to other places, read John Hawkin’s interview with Andrew Breitbart.  Breitbart gives me hope.

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  • Ymarsakar

    What the Left accuses you of doing, was only ever true of themselves. Remember that whenever they get on their high horse and start preaching.

  • Tonestaple

    I had such an interesting time at the dog park this afternoon.  My dog decided she wanted to walk around the park with a couple of pits so I was chatting with the pits’ owner.  She was a school teacher and had just recently moved here from the south.  She’s unemployed, as am I which explains what we were doing at the dog park in the middle of the day, but she was doing a temp job for some union group.  So we got to talking about illegal immigration and I finally said, “You know what it would take since Mexico is so effed up.  You won’t like it,” I said, “but we should take over the country for 50 years like we did the Phillipines, fix it, and then give it back.”  She actually thought that made a certain amount of sense.  So we’re talking some more and she starts in about how corporations need to pay more in taxes.  That gave me an opening for my patented “Corporations don’t actually pay taxes” speech which she had a little trouble with, but then I pointed out that if we confiscated all the wealth of the richest people in the country, it would only pay to run the government for (I couldn’t remember the number I’ve seen so I guessed) nine months and she was absolutely shocked.  There was also some discussion of Paul Ryan’s budget plan and on and on.  I hope she remembers the title of Economics in One Lesson.

    I’ve said many times that we can’t ever finally solve the abortion issue with laws but will have to persuade one person at a time.  I’m starting to think that’s the way it is with economics too:  we’re just going to have to talk to one lefty at a time and be the tortoise, not the hare.

  • Danny Lemieux

    That’s the way to do it, Tonestaple: one person at at time. Good for you.

  • Michael Adams

    The abortion matter is already being resolved that way. Kids today, those thirty and under,  learn a bit of biology in school, and they do not have the constant barrage of propaganda that “Abortion is Liberation,” so, they  are rather overwhelmingly pro-life. I was amused at the shocked response of the mothers in my former church, the Knee Jerk Liberal one. OTOH, they consoled one another that it was a phase and the kids would surely grow out of it.