This is why you hold on to the body for a few days *UPDATED*

Here’s why I think the Obama-bots disposed of bin Laden’s body so quickly:  because they were so paralyzed by multiculturalism, all they could think of was the Islamic imperative to bury the body within 24 hours.  That’s it.  I don’t think they thought beyond PC.

Here’s the problem:  My husband got his hair cut today.  The hairdresser is quite an ordinary lady, by which I mean she’s not very politically aware.  Politics and current events are “out there” somewhere.  Her life is children, work, bills, etc.  She told him that bin Laden is not dead.  Instead, the complete absence of either a body or death photos is because the SEALs kidnapped bin Laden and are keeping him prisoner somewhere.  And so conspiracy theories are born.

Had the administration held onto the body so that major media outlets (including al Jazeera and the BBC, neither of which is a friend to America) could have sent representatives to confirm bin Laden’s death, conspiracies would have died a’ borning.  Then, with witnesses at their shoulders, the administration types could have interred bin Laden’s body, somewhat belatedly, but in accordance with Islamic law — not out of respect to the man, but out of respect to the religion. (Although if I was among the billions of decent human beings who also happen to be Muslims, I would be offended to have my faith stamped on his body.  Better by far to treat the body with respect, because we’re not pagans or barbarians, but to get rid of it quietly.)

Truly, the administration could not have made a more dreadful hash of things.

UPDATE:  Andrew Bostom reveals how mean-spirited the proper Muslim burial ceremony is with respect to Christians and Jews.  Is there any other religion that feels the need, as part of its last rites, to denigrate other religions and races?

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  • Charles Martel

    I have a theory. I think a global warming hoaxer got to Obama and told him that because of massive poisoning of fish stocks in the Indian Ocean by U.S. carbon dioxide emissions, it was imperative to throw the remaining fish a bone, so to speak.

    Given that our president is a poorly educated man (57 states, “corpse,” Austrian language, profit to earnings ratio, etc.), it would have been easy for the greenie to bamboozle him.


    Suddenly, I have the urge to sing,  I am gonna wash that man right out of my hair – and send him on his way.

    Personally, I don’t give a flying ….. if he’s currently fish food or will be spending his summer vacation in intensive interrogation until he’s dog food and dead. What really ticks me off is that the dhimmis felt it necessary to say that he got an Islamic burial in one piece. It would have seemed more fitting to send a piece of him gift wrapped to everyone who clamored for his ‘holy’ burial.
    I wonder what your husband’s barber thinks about the president’s brainwe haven’t seen that either.

  • Ymarsakar

    It’s like Obama prioritizes his own political propaganda campaign over the benefits of the hard work the US military and intelligence community have done over the past decade.

    What kind of person would do that?


    What kind of person would do that?
    People Who Are Too Big for Their Britches
    Anyone Who Talks the Talk but Can’t Walk the Walk
    Morons Talking Out Of The Wrong End
    Long-Winded Gasbags

  • Murray Lawrence

    This is Not a matter of PC, although it might look that way. Like Obama’s now outed birth certificate, the Islamized burial of bin Laden off an American ship of war does exactly what he wants it to do, which is to keep the pot roiling. Remember: Obama cut his teeth as a “community organizer,” whose real-world meaning is community agitator, which the left produces by the thousands, as we have seen among union leaders in Wisconsin, in SEIU’s targeting of corporate executives at their very homes, and other eruptions of controlled mob behavior around the nation. Alinsky’s rules for radicals, like Lenin’s, are all about agitation. In the old Communist lexicon, a “professional revolutionary” was an agitator par excellence, and his instruments of propaganda were called Agitprop. Look at the country. In two and a half years Obama has managed to set it against itself, and the conflicts only intensify and promise to get worse. This is precisely what Communist leaders from Marx through Lenin and Stalin called for time and again. I can almost quote them by heart. It’s called “sharpening the contradictions of bourgeois-capitalist society.” Hence, any actions that might better serve our immediate interests or ameliorate conditions over the long term are to be smeared and stopped in their tracks. Class envy, class warfare, attacks on traditional values, and the polarizing of races and religious and ethnic groups are all deliberately pushed in order to “sharpen the contradictions.” Look how quickly years of patient, methodical work to find bin Laden, followed by one, swift act of miitary genius and bravery, has become mired in debate, argument, innuendo, and the opening of yet another conflict on the political front. No, this is not PC, or, if it is, it is only because PC itself is a weapon of mass agitation, whose one true aim, as the left itself admits, is the transformation of America to a socialist state; and it was Alinsky who drew the map of how to get there without the need for an old-Left violent revolution.