In Barney Frank’s defense

Barney Frank is one of the least savory figures in government.  I disagree strongly with his politics and his ethics hover somewhere around the zero level.  Michelle Malkin details his habit of giving his friends nice gifts at taxpayer expense.  But here’s what I want to say in his defense, at least when it comes to his boyfriends:  he’s such a monumentally unlikeable person, arrogant and physically unattractive, how else is he going to entice someone into his bed?

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  1. abc says

    There are uglier men than Frank who manage to find women who love them.  And Rock Hudson was gay and objectively rather handsome.  So I think your logic fails.

  2. says

    Sadie, that’s in Portland Oregon, deshou. Guns are tools and if they should ever be used to do good, it can only be because good people used them with that intent in mind. But in communities where the humans are trash and need to be eradicated, having more guns will only do more harm, not more good. In such scenarios, you must eradicate the human trash and discipline their crazy animal behaviors once and for all.

    Before you start arming those people with guns.

    This is also true in California. Give Democrats a bunch of guns and that doesn’t turn them into spitfiring and fighting Southerners of the Bible Belt.

  3. Oldflyer says

    Gee Book, remind me not to hire you if I ever need a defense. attorney.
    I can just hear something like…”He is such a scumbag that no one will hire him, so it is understandable that he has to rob convenience stores to pay for his drug habit”.
    Just kidding–you know that.  Tell ABC that I was kidding.

  4. Libby says

    Ouch! Remind me not to get on your bad side, Book!
    Lucky Barney has escaped scandal for two reasons: his party affiliation and his sexual preference. Hey, if having his prior boyfriend run a brothel out of his house didn’t end his career, it’s little wonder he feared no repercussions from getting a subsequent boyfriend a job at Fannie Mae.

  5. Mike Devx says

    Danny: How do you think he get the name “Barn”ey, Charles?


    Charles:  Danny, I just saw your bad puns. Obviously you are a homophobe. SADIE is armed and on her way.

    (and then Sadie, and then Book, and then…)

    Don’t forget Teri Garr in Young Frankenstein.
    Teri:  Roll, roll! Roll, in the hay!

    and at the castle door:
    Young Dr F: What Knockers!
    Teri: Why, thank you!

    Somehow, substituting Teri in my mind with Barney F doesn’t quite result in the same images.
    Young Dr F: What a pendulum!
    Barney: Why, thank you!


  6. Mike Devx says

    I’m going to hell, I’m sure, for this Teri Garr/Barney Frank “Young Frankenstein” substitution:

    Teri:  Put… the candle… back!

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