Addressing Paul Krugman’s failures

The increasing disconnect between reality and Paul Krugman’s New York Times opinion articles was one of the things that led me to examine conservativism more closely.  In addition to disliking Krugman’s ideas, I’ve come to dislike Krugman himself, as his anger, embittered, accusatory, demonizing style is the antithesis of reasoned thinking and argument.  Peter Foster seems to agree with me.

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  1. Charles Martel says

    Now you’re just being wicked, Book. This is going to send our chief frother-at-the-mouth into conniptions.

    Hunker down! A 1,500-word paragraphless prose rampage calling us all idiots is on its way!

  2. abc says

    “The increasing disconnect between reality and Paul Krugman’s New York Times opinion articles…”

    Please give examples.  Foster’s examples are actually incorrect, but maybe yours are different.

  3. Danny Lemieux says

    An example of an ABC syllogism: Krugman is right. Foster is wrong. Because Foster disagrees with Krugman and Krugman tells me what I want to hear.

  4. Gringo says

    Note that while abc claimed that Foster was incorrecct, he did not bother to show why. Without showing why Foster was incorrect, he requested examples of why Krugman was wrong. But we ignorant wingnuts needs to be shown why da Foster is wrong. We ain’t got da kognativ tools ta figger it out rselves.

  5. Charles Martel says

    Gringo, I’m sure that Krugman’s excuse was that the hosts had salted the audience with discontented Canadians.

    Even if it were a set-up—which I don’t think it was for an instant—look at the unbelievable arrogance of the man: He actually presumes that the Canadians in the audience will support their healthcare system because that’s the way socialism is supposed to work! And if Krugman supports socialism, then, by gum, it has to work! Besides, who doesn’t want freebies (even if they are veterinary-level)?

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