Herman Cain campaign ad

I’m a little concerned about Herman Cain’s manifest lack of foreign policy chops.  Nevertheless, it’s pretty clear that, for Americans committed to American exceptionalism, healthy and fair capitalism, fighting against Islamic terrorism, and strong borders, even the weakest Republican candidate is still going to be better than Barack Obama:

I continue to plan to cast my vote for Candidate ABO — Anyone But Obama.

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  • JKB

    That is a very good ad.  At a minimum, Cain is going to prevent the establishment Republicans from wimping out.  He’s going to force all the candidates to reveal their commitment to America over the DC decline.  

    And the sentiment is spreading.  Here is a very telling cartoon from Mike Lester.  A must see for this 4th of July weekend.

    RN-T.com – Mike Lester s cartoon 07 01 11

  • lakewriter

    First qualification for my  vote:  a spine.  (wish West would run)