• Charles Martel

    TSA is a hidden blessing. The agency is so arrogant and inept that it will never voluntarily change its tactics, so will continue pssing off tens of thousands of people every day with its high-handedness. Those people vote, and come 2012 it’s going to be very easy to lay responsibility for TSA’s out-of-control actions on NBOTUS.

    The volume of outrageous images and actions (bowing to dictators, dissing Netanyahu, waering mommy jeans, forcing the Dalai Lama to walk past garbage to exit the White House, Stutterer-in-Chief without TOTUS) are a treasure house of exploitable images.

    Martel kicks his leg up a la Helen Madden, licensed joyologist (Molly Shannon’s SNL character): “I love it, I love it!”


    We must demand that all boarding passes be placed:
    a) in our underwear, including Depends
    b) in or near the crotch of small children
    c) hidden where the sun don’t shine
    This will insure a thorough search, pat down and intrusive over all feely touchy professional interaction with the TSA.
    Is anyone sure that the ‘S’ is not meant to be an ampersand ‘&’ ?

  • Libby

    Napolitano will be claiming the system worked in 4…3…2…1…

  • Gringo

    Israel profiles passengers. Israel also has highly trained agents doing the profiling.
    The USA does not profile passengers. As far as I can tell, TSA personnel have the training level of postal clerks. A substantial proportion of TSA personnel couldn’t spell C.A.T. if you spotted them the C and the A, with corresponding levels of intelligence and judgment.
    This level of competence among TSA agents means that they find false positives, such as a 95 year old woman, and let false negatives go by, such as the Nigerian in the article.
    As the annoyance level of the populace subjected to an incompetent TSA rises, support for profiling will increase, regardless of the politically incorrect nature of profiling.


    Three out of six from California. Six out of six are Democrats.  All in all a congressional boatload of  bat guava.

    WASHINGTON, DC:  On Friday, June 24, six members of Congress wrote to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, asking her to “do everything in your power” to help “ensure the safety of all American citizens on board The Audacity of Hope.”
    The letter, which was initiated by Representative Dennis Kucinich, notes The Audacity of Hope’s willingness to open its cargo to “international inspection” and their commitment to “nonviolence and the tenets of international law.

The letter was signed by Representatives Dennis Kucinich [OH-10], William Lacy Clay [MO-1], Sam Farr [CA-17], Bob Filner [CA-51], Eleanor Holmes Norton [DC], and Barbara Lee [CA-9].


  • Gringo

    Dennis Kuccinich, who is either a patsy for Assad or a shill for Assad. Assaid who has plenty of blood on his hands. Kuchincyh is willing to go to Syria in support of the “reformer” Assad.
    Yet he wants to make sure no Americans get killed on the flotilla.
    Kucihich and Barbara Lee were among the Congress-critters who participated in Code=Pink sponsored events.

  • suek

    >>As far as I can tell, TSA personnel have the training level of postal clerks.>>
    That’s insulting to postal clerks…

  • Gringo

    <i>That’s insulting to postal clerks…</i>
    I am not about to get into a PUNNISHING argument with you.


    Couscous Kinsinich and Barbara ‘Stagger’ Lee also receive a paycheck and perks from the taxpayers.
    I don’t like funding fools.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    The mistake is that government is incompetent. It can’t fix problems because it is the one making the problems up as they go along.