• Charles Martel

    Once again the feckless Book sets bloody chum in front of the Lettermen.

    The spittle of rage that will soon fly from sputtering Harvard Man: “You stupid, stupid conservatives!”

    Clanks of robotic dismay from the Zachs: “Take this cite! Take that cite!”

    Oh, Book, the misery you’ve set in motion. [Martel readies his popcorn.]

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    If I can’t keep you entertained, oh might Martel, what good am I?

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    I have a scaffold that will cleanly and clearly execute all citations, Martel. Don’t make me use it.

  • Charles Martel

    Book, Ymar: LOL! All is well with the world.

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    I wasn’t the rebel child or the delinquent. That didn’t seem to start until I figured out the Left was something worth rebelling against. In a sort of reverse psychology maneuver the more they told me how evil their enemies were, the more motivated I became in crushing the Left’s evil.

  • http://zachriel.blogspot.com/2005/07/liberal-v-conservative.html Zachriel

    It would be really helpful if a transcript was provided when they publish such videos. 

    Roy W. Spencer
    : The assumption that everything humans do necessarily hurts the environment is a powerfully seductive belief for many westerners who harbor angst over the myriad and amazing ways humans have found to rearrange the raw materials of the Earth to suit our needs.

    Well, most people recognize there is a natural trade-off between human-activity and the natural environment. Most people are not filled with undue angst, though most people naturally regret some of the losses entailed. 

    “They paved paradise and put up a parkin’ lot.”

    Spencer conflates irrational and normal nostalgia with the rational and scientifically-supported reasons to be concerned about climate change.

    Roy W. Spencer: It is still lived by more than one billion people on the Earth today who have no electricity, no refrigeration, no clear water, …

    This is correct. And that means any solution to the climate change problem has to include providing a better way of life for people, including those currently excluded from the benefits of modern technology. 

    Roy W. Spencer: Energy!

    This is correct. The harnessing of energy is the key to technological advancement.

    Roy W. Spencer: And the primary sources of that energy today are carbon-based fossil fuels.

    This is correct. Fossil fuels will continue to be a primary source of energy for the near-term. 

    Roy W. Spencer: The atmosphere has been getting warmer.

    Please note. 

    Roy W. Spencer: In the case of climate change hysteria, the argument goes something like this. 

    The use of the word hysteria is meant to marginalize Spencer’s opponents. 

    Roy W. Spencer: We’ve been releasing more and more carbon dioxide and the atmosphere has been getting warmer and warmer. The answer must be that the two events are related. But, of course, correlation does not always mean causation.

    But climatologists do not rely upon correlation. They rely upon causative mechanisms. So we have a misrepresentation of the science. 

    Roy W. Spencer: Are there alternative explanations? Yes there are.

    Unfortunately, for Spencer and the climate, scientists have examined and discarded his proposed explanations, including natural climate variations. 

    Roy W. Spencer: While, it is true that modern science has ruled out the most obvious, direct influences on the climate system, like changes in sunlight intensity,

    Please note. 

    Roy W. Spencer: scientists have virtually ignored natural indirect sources of climate change generated by the climate system itself.

    Well, that’s simply incorrect. Though a complete model the climate system doesn’t exist, there is more than sufficient data to determine that the current warming is being forced by greenhouse gases. Spencer points to cloud cover, but recent satellite observations debunk that claim. He points to the last ten years, the warmest decade on record, as an indication that warming has leveled off, but this is the very mistake of equating correlation and causation. And he should know that year-to-year climate trends are swamped by natural variations. 

    Then he goes off the rails with tribal sacrifice and profiteers and Al Gore and his friends. Spencer is clearly demagoging here. 

    He then argues that because humans can’t simply stop using carbon sources of energy, that it is better to do nothing, a false dichotomy. 

    Finally, he shows his complete ignorance of how markets work by saying that supply and demand. But the tragedy of the commons means that free markets will accelerate climate damage. 

  • Charles Martel

    I know it’ a great parlor game trying to figure out Zach. Is he a bunch of plagiarizing college students? An idiot savant? An Asperger syndrome recluse? Bipolar, as indicated by his wildly fluctuating spelling and syntax? A German?

    I may have the solution: I think he’s a frustrated schoolmarm. His “responses” remind me of the notations my frumpy old English teachers used to jot in the corner of my essays. He asserts, but never can quite prove, his disputations with your statements. You are supposed to accept them all without question. It’s a carping, toneless, know-it-all drone that turns you off.

    So, from now on, when we are being lectured by Zach, maybe we should think of a 50ish woman, hair tied back in a severe bun, with bosoms that in a younger day could have earned her substantial recompense dancing on a pole, who spends vast amounts of time parsing videos to write refutations that she makes over and over again that nobody believes.

  • Danny Lemieux

    A spinster?


    Cue the Jaws theme ….

  • Allen

    I met him a number of years ago, interesting guy. I was at a meeting at Redstone looking at hazard scenarios of space launches. He was there, because his work was in the payloads. At any rate, there was quite the argument about quantifying the risk. Or, in NASA’s case trying to convince everyone there is no substantial risk.

    He asked me what I thought about it. I replied, “have you ever played roulette? the house eventually wins.” He took it quite well.

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    What doth been spun, Danny? Propaganda? Lies? Deception? Wealth redistribution from the poor to the elitist Leftist academics?

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    The more Z tells me certain people aren’t worth his time, the more I and the rest of us get interested in Z’s mortal enemies and didactic opponents.


    It would be really helpful if a transcript was provided when they publish such videos.
    No – Not really. Sometimes less is more – something to consider before posting.