Headlines, headlines, headlines

The headline in my morning papers made me think of an idea for a post.  The headline, from the Fremont, California Argus read:

“Debt crisis seen as fault of GOP’s tea party faction.”  Subheading:  “Movement’s resolute stance laying siege to Republican unity.”

Why don’t all you readers who still read papers find your favorite headline and share it with the rest of us?  Tell us what it says and what paper it is from.  It doesn’t have to be about the debt crisis, though it certainly can be.  But, if we all do it, we should get a pretty good picture of what the MSM, print version, is up to at this critical moment.

Thanks and I look forward to your responses.


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  1. SADIE says

  2. Old Buckeye says

    From Chattanooga, TN, Times Free Press: “Debt Showdown: Preparing for the Worst–House OKs GOP plan; Senate rejects bill quickly.” Accompanying the article are pics of places where the effects will be felt and a blurb about each: Washington, Wall Street, Tennessee Valley Authority, Chickamauga and Chattanooga national parks, etc. I give the Times Free Press credit for trying to present both sides, although their editorial cartoonist is decidedly leftist in ALL his cartoons. When I read the letters to the editor, it is usually evenly split, and on Sundays, they actually have “left” and  “right” (Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams among others) sides in a 2-page spread of editorials.

  3. Libby says

    Here’s a shortcut – the Newseum in DC has a permanent exhibit where they post the front pages of newspapers from around the world (updated every day) and they’ve made it available online, too: http://www.newseum.org/todaysfrontpages/default.asp
    I’d list what the Rocky Mountain News has on it’s front page, but it merged with the liberal Denver Post a few years ago and it’s not worth the cost of a subscription.

  4. SADIE says

    Old Buckeye
    You’re very welcome. Enjoy. There are dozens of search engines on the net. Servers, like Yahoo, AOL, Comcast have limitations – too many.
    The trick to get around it is to find the right search engine  In the upper right hand corner, where we all type in whatever we’re looking for; I typed financial search engine and got this:
    I only pulled one, there’s more out there. You’re going to be a very busy man for awhile. Just think of all the topics to choose from.

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