Sadies asks “What would you do?”

An Iranian woman who was blinded by a suitor who threw acid on her face has pardoned her attacker at the last minute, sparing him from being blinded by acid as retribution.
Sadie here:
The attack occurred in 2004 after she rejected his marriage proposal.
Bahrami had demanded qisas, or “eye for an eye”-style justice, allowed under Shariah law. A 2008 Iranian court order agreed with her, ruling she would be allowed to pour the corrosive chemical in Mohavedi’s eyes as retribution.
Three years later, Bharami changed her mind. Why? Would you? Why?
DQ here:  I’d like to think I’d do as she did and let my God measure out justice, but who knows what they would do until faced with such a situation?
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  1. says

    It’s kind of obvious that the family of the suitor brought pressure on her family. She would have been “honor killed” if she had gone through with it and damaged the face and reputation of a powerful clan/family. And her family would never have allowed it. Women are property. There’s no need to damage one’s social standing in the eyes of Allah or the Islamic world for that, right?

  2. says

    The forgiveness may be real. I’m not saying it is fake.

    Still, the official story may not be the real story. Did she really demand an eye for an eye because she believed in forgiveness/pardon and never intended to carry it out? Did she really do that as a bluff and as a way to torment him for a couple of years without blinding him at the end?

    Or did something else, during that time, intercede and make her opinion what it was?


  3. stanley says

    Where are the feminists? This is a chance for American feminists to redeem themselves after voting “present” in the Clinton/Lewinsky affair. Only this time there is real risk here as they stand the risk of a fatwah by standing by their muslim sisters. Where are they? Any feminists on this board? 

  4. SADIE says

    The article whether or not all the details are included is of no importance. The issue is: she said, “NO”.
    No to the marriage proposal. He said, by his contemptible actions, “no” is the wrong answer.  Iran, has used the tragic story to ‘showcase’ Sharia law. “See, here’s justice, look here…the aggrieved gets to call the shots and meter out justice and being such a good and pious muslim, she forgave the sob.”
    Never mind that the sob would have been deemed innocent if had just killed her. She survived and the women of Islam are still on life -support.

  5. SADIE says

    The new feminists wear ‘pink’ throw glitter at politicians, scream on street corners and support flotillas to Gaza. They obviously have little time to concern themselves with women shrouded in black – you now, busy busy agenda. I am sure it’s on their “to do” list.

  6. jj says

    The American feminists have rendered themselves so irrelevant there’s no reason to pay them any attention at all – unless you’re in need of a laugh.  At best they’re a disgrace.
    I am hopeful, though distantly at best, that a day may come when Islamic women will rise up en masse and say “that’s enough.”  There is no reason at all for a woman to subscribe to any part of the misogynistic wet dreams and routinized brutality of this ongoing nonsense.  Maybe they’ll smarten up.  I won’t be holding my breath – but maybe.

  7. says

    They’ll smarten up about the same time union workers smarten up about their job deals. They’ll smarten up about the same time blacks figure out that voting 97% for Democrats might not be such a good idea. They’ll smarten up when women realism that feminism, of the anti Sarah Palin kind, is actually bad for women.

    Now, if that all happens, pigs may also be flying due to genetic mutation. 

  8. Libby says

    I’d like to believe she did this without pressure, but the whole thing was televised. I imagine it would be more than his family after her if she went through with it.Pure propaganda.
    Oh, and I’m sure that feminist were concerned about this, but they just happened to have a scheduling conflict – maybe a Slut Walk or a “Vag*na Monologes” performance they needed to attend. Next time there’s a woman is position to exact eye-for-an-eye justice they’ll be all over it.

  9. stanley says

    Since women comprise 50% of the population they represent a tremendous opportunity to control the knuckle-dragging males that dominane radical Islam. An honest feminism can do much to temper a lot of the testosterone driving us to war and extinction. Sarcasm is but a mild rebuke.

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