Information about Rick Perry

The MSM is already going after Rick Perry, so I thought you’d like an alternative source of information about the man.  Back in July, Pesky Truth put together a detailed analysis of all the non-religious accusations being thrown against Perry.  It is well worth reading.  Armed with all the information, you can draw your own conclusions. (The religious accusations are, of course, that he’s . . . er . . . religious.)

I continue to believe that Perry will be our next president.  I’m giving that a greater than 50% chance.  I also think there’s a substantial chance that, unless they have an irreparable break during the primaries, Bachmann will be his Vice Presidential candidate.

Perry isn’t perfect.  Nobody is.  But he’s got enough going for him on the conservative side of the roster, including the intangible of charisma, that I think he’s a real “contenda.”

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  1. Kirk Strong says

    From your mouth to the ears of the voters, Book.  I, too, like Rick Perry, and I hope he wins.  He certainly has a good chance.
    I fear this is going to be a very ugly campaign.  Obama can’t run on his record, so he’s going to have to run on the faults of his opponent.  Thanks for the link to Pesky Truth.  We’re going to need more of this kind of solid, factual information in the days to come.


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