Enacting a fundamental change to the tax code

Zombie begins to take seriously those who call for radical changes to our taxation system:  Why not let those who demand ever higher taxes, especially for themselves (Buffet, Trump, etc.), have the opportunity to do precisely that?  You should read Zombie’s entire post but, in the meantime, you can enjoy the revised Form 1040 that Zombie envisions (reprinted with permission):

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  • jj

    I get tired of Buffet – Jimmy makes better sense than Warren does.
    Warren complains that he’s only taxed 19%, or 17% – whatever the hell it is.  That’s because that’s the way his accountants set up his business, and – forgive me for being a cynical old bastard – but I’m going with the assumption that they set his company up to report that way because he told them to!  I doubt if they freelanced on such a fundamental decision as how to treat and report the goddam profits!  I really do doubt that!
    Second, there isn’t a rule anywhere in the tax code that forbids the hypocritical bastard from writing an extra check for a couple billion every year and sending it in.  He needs no additional forms – he’s free to do that right now.
    Jesus, these people bore me…

  • Zhombre

    Let’s just nationalize the Fortune 500 and converted their wealth to the Treasury, except for them a pittance to live on.  

  • http://furtheradventuresofindigored.blogspot.com/ Indigo Red

    In private conversations I’ve advocated for years favoring the voluntary tax allocation portion of Zombie’s plan. The voluntary tax rate portion adds the icing that was missing. I think my only change would be a low base tax rate (15-17%) that everyone pays with the voluntary tax rate on top of that and we’ll call it Base Rate Plus.

  • Gringo

    Powerful Democratic politicians and office holders have already shown their willingness to assume a higher tax burden, such as John Kerry’s paying the tax on his boat built in New Zealand, or on Geithner’s overpaying on his taxes and filing months before the deadline. :)
    A very common lib/prog/Democratic narrative about  wingnuts/Pubs is that we are HYPOCRITES. Yet we have examples of the two above. Consider the narrative against moneybags Kochs having the gall to involve themselves in politics, when Soros is worth $25 billion and funnels a fair proportion of that to the left. Hyporcrite? Moi?

  • Danny Lemieux


  • Blick

    I propose Taxation by Representation. If your Congressional represenative votes for highter taxes than the base line, that congressional district pays the higher tax. Otherwise a no vote stays at the base line. this way the voters have a direct say in their tax levy by electing a represenative that supports higher taxes or not.  In addition those citizens that want to pay higher taxes can move to a higher paying district.  This system allows the parties to vote as they wish and the citizens to vote with their feet.

  • suek

    >>Soros is worth $25 billion>>

    He can’t take it with him…

    Only the good die young – but when the day _does_ come…wonder what will happen to all those billions. Does he have multiple children? I know he has one son…but don’t know anything more. Does the one son have an equal propensity for scheming?

  • MacG

    I had a ‘new’ 1040 short form on my college dorm room:
    Line 1.  How much did you make  ________ .
    Line 2.  Send it in.