1. Charles Martel says

    I can’t even watch this stuff all the way through anymore.

    What is there left to say about this dimwit party boy? That the Democrats pulled a Paris Hilton on us? That our self-deluding elites are dumber than doorknobs? That black Americans remain voluntarily on the plantation?

  2. Mike Devx says

    >What is there left to say about this dimwit party boy?
    That, come November 2012, he’ll have plenty of time to golf all the golf he wants to golf.  And reread his Alinsky.  And get together with Dhimmy Carter, and go overseas and bash America in compadre speeches to cheering crowds that are also hostile to America. 

    > That the Democrats pulled a Paris Hilton on us? That our self-deluding elites are dumber than doorknobs? That black Americans remain voluntarily on the plantation?
    1. Yes  2. Yes  3. Yes
    I’m becoming radicalized these days.  Imperturbably stern-eyed and unforgiving.  I’m not only understanding Ymar’s take-no-prisoners, kill-em-all rhetoric, I’m beginning to see wisdom there.  Take a sledgehammer to the government: Cut the personnel by 2/3, put them on the unemployment line without even a thought.  Just throw out 3/4 of the regulations: Repeal em without a thought and shove them out of the way.  We’ll replace the ones we HAVE to replace, and there won’t be many.  Quit trying to manage the problem; just take a chainsaw to it.  And start remorselessly carving.  Quickly.  We’ll save ourselves, and any pain will be short-lived.


  3. says

    Mart, you may be surprised to know that Harriet Tubman carried a pistol while running the Underground Railroad, moving slaves to the North for freedom, because she was making sure that any big lug black guy that started having second thoughts and wanting to “go back to the plantation” would have to go through her bullets first. Anyone that got captured would have broken the UnderGround Railroad of insurgent networking, because they knew the location, descriptions, or general likeness of the Underground Railroad safehouses.

    Blacks knew first off. Don’t trust other blacks when it comes to “choosing” liberty. That was back in the old school tho. 

  4. says

    Best thing Obama can do for us is to go golfing forever. Amen.

     The thing about government is that when you want to win a war with a government, you can’t do little hurts against it. It’s not going to admit defeat until you seriously damage its power base.

    This, like a real war, is really about human will. And if you try to cut 10% of government, well guess what, the other 90% + that 10% will combine together to kill ya. Good luck with that, when the government has… how much money to throw at you in terms of funding their war operations? You think a small country like Cuba has the military and financial reserves to have a war with a country with a GDP of 11 trillion USD? Huh?

    But if you kill 50% of government’s power, manpower, resources, and leaders, straight off disappear them off the face of the Earth, you will find that the rest of the 50% will sue for terms or even surrender unconditionally. The ultimate casualties would have been the same, except people see the light earlier and thus prevent further conflict. Their will to fight is broken if you kill 50% of them at once. But if you just kill 10%, they’re going to want to fight more. And then you kill another 10%, and they’ll be fighting more. And if you kill 50% by killing em off by 10%, they’ll still be fighting.

    Still fighting, probably means you already lost, because no small nation has the reserves to fight a 11 trillion GDP country if the country has 100% determination to survive.

     A US state is essentially a small nation vs the big Empire of DC.


  5. Charles Martel says

    Mike Devx’s “let’s kill it quick” strategy reminds me that the guys who were considered the best battlefield surgeons duing the Civil War were the ones who could saw through an injured man’s limb in seconds. No hesitations, no niceties, just quick, merciful amputation with a big morphine chaser.

  6. says

    Violence is work. It’s not sports with rules. People think they can fight a war with the Left by obeying artificial rules, will find out differently when their head is on a Leftist platter.


  7. Michael Adams says

    It’s funny, really, that the Main Slime Media insist that TEA parties have an undertone of violence, even overt threats, when they are just grandmothers in law chairs. OTOH, people speak very privately about Mussolini, lamp posts, balcony railings on PA Ave. 
    While we think, in our household, that an electoral loss would do the most good, we hear people talk, we surely do see a certain set of jaw. I realize that the genuine threats of violence have all come from the left end of the dial, and that, if they really wanted to do it, they could stage a coup, making elections moot. Still, I think that our country is not yet at the point that Devx and Ymarsakar have reached.  Well, I hope we are not.

  8. Mike Devx says

    Michael Adams,

    When I look at all the numbers, and the fact that we are now a Government country, not a Private Sector country, and all that that entails, I’ve come to the conclusion that it already is too late for a reasonable political solution to save the country.  More than half the people employed are employed by the government.  The money they receive – salaries plus benefits – compared to that received by those employed in the private sector is a grotesque inequity.  I’ll give you Mark Steyn’s numbers later if you wish.

    Add to that the fact that near half – or already more than half – of taxpayers in this country paid no taxes on sum last year.  Those people are the power base of the Government employees.  Together they form an unbeatable constituency for their System.  And the Obama power group wants to increase their power even more.  Everything they do is bent towards that.

    It is already too late.  Politically, there is no way to stop this “reasonably”.  Radical transformations are needed if there is to be any hope of avoiding the coming collapse.

    I could say much more.  But a good place to start is with the first three chapters of Mark Steyn’s “After America”.  (And he’s a far better and far more entertaining writer than I am!)  It’s a hundred pages, those first three chapters.  And they’re worth every second of your time spent reading them.


  9. Charles Martel says

    Michael Adams, the left could stage a coup the same way the old apparatchiks staged a coup in Moscow in August, 1991. Unlike the Russians, though, real America is armed to the teeth and pissed off. Let them try it. There will be thousands of dead bureaucrats, union bosses and gangbangers the morning after.

  10. says

    The Left gave up on taking power through revolution in the US a long time ago. Take case example Bill Ayers. He went into the politician raising business and helped launch Obama. Guess who Obama is now. Come on, guess. Guess what strategy the Left decided to use when their bombs and revolutions failed. Look at what Ayers has done after his “change” for the answer.

     It’s not something people should be thinking about. It’s a waste of time. It’s a straw man. And it distracts people from the real danger. 

  11. says

    The real danger being that the Left isn’t going to use violent revolution to get power. They already have power. People confuse themselves when they start thinking about coup de tats. It’s already happened or is in the process of happening. They just don’t see it.

  12. Michael Adams says

    When I read the words written here by people whose good sense, even cool heads, I respect, I am heartened. I do not want war.  No intelligent person does. That wise people are mentally ready is evidence to me that, should we come to that awful point, we shall fight wisely and well.  Pray hard.  Read Victor Davis Hanson again, and Sun Tzu. The Book of Jeremiah would not come amiss, either. Oil your rifle.  Find a place to plink at old beer cans. Pray some more.

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