European surrender

I noted when I was in London that the City was filled with obvious Muslims (by which I mean burqa-ed and hijab-ed women, and their male escorts).  London, though, still felt like a modern western city.  Not so other cities in Europe.  Andrew McCarthy explains why, and warns us that the Obama administration is trying to take us down the same ideological road that led to sharia-only enclaves dotting Europe.

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  • Mike Devx

    A nation that surrenders its sovereignty – whether on the border or on sharia-dominated enclaves of Muslims – is a nation no longer.  It is only pretending to be a nation.

    Let us hope by God that we are made of sterner stuff than Europeans, and that we will NOT let that happen here.

  • Charles Martel

    We should politely challenge every apologist for Islam we run into, whether online, in the newspapers, at public meetings or in personal encounters. Let “moderate” Muslims explain how they intend to abrogate the teachings of the Qu’ran to a sufficient extent to mollify kafirs like us who have actually read the damned thing. Make them repudiate their Jew-hating, woman-despising, call for global supremacy in the name of a capricious, bloodthirsty horror of a diety. Get ’em to sign it and a notary to seal it. Then beg the local media to publish it. :)

  • Ymarsakar

    Islam is the perfect example of why you shouldn’t believe what people say. Instead learn to look at what people do.