I’ve been thinking about the hidden entrepreneural incentives growing in our economy.  With high education costs putting credentials out of reach for many (at least without crushing debt), men avoiding college, in general with recent presumption of guilt against them and the whole idea of a corporate, government or social security pension failing, the one way to get ahead is to have your own business.  As owner, college credentials fall by the wayside, your job is less likely to disappear at 50 yrs old, and you build wealth that can ensure your retirement.  This type of making your way is how immigrants and others not privileged with easy access to the “job market” have traditionally provided for their families.  

    So, am I off base with the idea that the changes could lead to a more small business economy, vice the cubicle drone/factory floor of the past?

    Do you think we’ll see more people try to start their own businesses?  The “entrepreneur” seems to be a far more comfortable fit with many Gen-X and Ys, possibly Millennials  as well.

    How might this change the politics and the acceptance of the strangling regulatory state? 


    The more things change – the more the stay the same.
    TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) — The Libyan rebels’ interim government says it will not deport the man convicted of the 1988 Lockerbie bombing.
    WAUSAU (WAOW) — Labor Day parade organizers confirm that no Republicans will be allowed to participate in this year’s Labor Day Parade.
    (INN) — The demonstrators who gathered for protests outside the Israeli Embassy in Cairo on Friday not only called for the cancellation of Egypt’s peace agreement with Israel and for the expulsion of the Israeli Ambassador, but also called for the destruction of the Jews.


    How might this change the politics and the acceptance of the strangling regulatory state?
    Even an entrepreneur with a food truck is faced with permits, where she/he can park a truck, what hours they can stay open all of it played against town ordinances, state regs and throw in for good measure a union or two, who they can hire to prepare food, sell it, where to buy it.
    The “authorities” close down lemonade stands for attempting less. Unless/until the shackles of over regulation are curtailed and kicked to the curb and the choke hold is outlawed, I don’t see how it can happen.

  • Michael Adams

    Oh, JKB, that trend was well underway twenty five years ago. We have friends who would probably be classified Religious Right, and there is a good deal of stuff in the colleges and universities that they find inimical, if not downright hostile, and, frankly, expected things to be worse by now than they are. They began establishing businesses when their kids were in the cradle, to have a place for them to go.  As the kids grew, and home schooling meant that at least one parent, and often two, could work less than full time in the “cubicle or factory floor” jobs, the kids worked part time with the parents, did lessons on lunch breaks, or in the minivan on the way to a job site. Now the kids are grown, in college or the Navy, or in the family firms, ranging from office cleaning to  various computer endeavours. The kids, such an education they’ve had! They were reading classics in what the rest of the country called middle school, , studying languages, ancient and modern, playing at least one instrument, writing and speaking, always lucidly, sometimes eloquently, looking you in the eye, shaking hands firmly. 
    These folks were, of course, not very friendly to Marxism when their trend began.  They are not moving back toward state slavery.

  • Charles Martel

    Here is another tiny corner to this discussion: My 26-year-old rock drummer son, Sam, has been working in this county’s leading music store for five years. In that time he has earned the trust and respect of the semi-lunatic boss/owner and established solid working relationships with many established musicians who’ve come to trust him for advice and even on-scene concert help setting up instruments.

    As a result, Sam has developed a business on the side as an advisor, installer, lesson-giver. He is slowly getting a self-administered MBA in how to grow, nurture and market a business—his own. He has a great way with people, using humor, patience and his own hard-won knowledge to bring people along. He recently connected with an Israeli family whose 13-year-old son wants to do a drum solo at his upcoming bar mitzvah. The kid didn’t know a drumstick from a clothespin. My son gave him his first lesson a couple of weeks ago, and by the end of the session had him doing a basic drum beat that brought joy to his face and astonishment to his parents’. Result: a two-lesson-per-week contract and enthusiastic word of mouth throughout a neighborhood populated by affluent wannabe rock musicians.

    Sam was a medicore high school student, and given the abysmal state of “higher” education these days, I am thankful that he left college after one very indifferent year. He says that when he runs into high school chums who have graduated from college, he is often left shaking his head at how the really “smart” ones want to work for non-profits, while the dumber ones like him want to run their own businesses.

  • Mike Devx

    Charles M,

    Let us know how Sam’s struggles with California’s strangling regulatory bureaucracy go.  I’m surprised he hasn’t already been cited for a lack of permits: for paying hundreds of thousands of “permission” dollars in permits to be allowed by the gubmint to write and sign those contracts – eg, run his business.  What certifications – via programs invented, run, and administered by the gubmint – does he have that *prove* that he is qualified to do what he is doing?

    Perhaps they simply haven’t gotten around to strangling the drumming market with a tsunami of regulatory burden yet.


  • Mike Devx

    dang.  I meant to write not “hundreds of thousands”, but “hundreds OR thousands”.


    Perhaps they simply haven’t gotten around to strangling the drumming market.. NO, they’re too busy with the strumming market.
    Earlier this week the federal government executed its second major raid of Gibson Guitars in just two years. Armed agents of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service stopped production at the company’s manufacturing facilities on Wednesday, confiscating ….

  • Charles Martel

    Mike D, my son is a strong believer in cash and carry. He knows that the federal government is overwhelmed by its current obligations, so he’s attempting to relieve its burdens by engagng in extremely informal transactions that eschew paperwork. If the feds can’t pick up a paper trail, that means one less exhausting administrative burden for them to have to deal with. =SNIFF= My boy, the compassionate patriot!

  • Michael Adams

    I was steered toward Jane Jacobs’s Systems of Survival by friends in my old Knee Jerk Liberal Church, because I had come up with a similar but far less elegant theory, in which there were jobs for “Mandarins” and “Merchants”.  The Mandarins, in my understanding, got into their line of work by an education that rendered them sufficiently genteel. I have read that the civil service exams in ancient China tested one’s knowledge of calligraphy and poetry, which had nothing to do with surveying or allotting irrigation water, but, nevertheless, such knowledge was what one needed to get those cushy jobs.
    In most places, throughout the history of the world, Mandarins/government officials/ Guardians/Warriors have held higher status.  In 1776, we founded a Republic of Merchants. European Mandarins despised us, as they despise Merchants in their own countries. 
    The struggle that faces us today is to restore the supremacy of the Merchant Class. It is neither accident nor perfidy that has put most of the media in the camp of the Mandarins, but, rather, that writing fiction and making movies are mostly Mandarin/Guardian activity. Likewise, in the world view disseminated by the media, people who work without needing money, because some Mandarin has already amassed it for them, never mind how, hold higher status. They are graduated from Mandarin colleges, certified in their gentility, and work in “non-profits” doing good things, as measured by Mandarin values. Many of these organizations do not produce much that anyone would find useful, but maintaining the power and the status of the Mandarins.
    Sam is not a warrior, but his work is a part of the battle for Merchant supremacy.  My son is, too, and he just got a new job, with an annual salary about half again his father’s, and he is only twenty six.  Huzzah!

  • Michael Adams

    Hammer, bless Sam for his diligent patriotism.  Long may he wave!
    My penultimate line should read “my son’s is, too.”

  • Charles Martel

    Nicely put, Michael Adams. Long live the bourgeoisie!

  • Mike Devx

    Charles M writes:
    > that means one less exhausting administrative burden for them to have to deal with. =SNIFF= My boy, the compassionate patriot!

    That warms my heart!  Fight em where they’re weakest!  Fight by YOUR rules, not theirs!

    I just finished reading Mark Steyn’s ‘After America’.  The first 100 pages (Prologue, Chapters 1,2) are absolutely terrific if utterly depressing, and spot on accurate.  It’s hard to refute anything any says, and he’s in top entertainment form.  The middle part is not as strong, but he finishes in the final part (Epilogue) with another masterful flourish.

    He outlines in the epilogue all the ways in which we have to fight them if we are to save America.  It’s daunting.  But Ymar has always been right:  This is a fight to the death, of one system against another.  If the wrong system wins, the America we have always known will disappear.  It will head down the drain, and though we will see Europe’s decrepit nations disappear down the drain ahead of us, we won’t be able to stop ourselves either.  If the wrong system wins.


  • http://furtheradventuresofindigored.blogspot.com/ Indigo Red

    I live in an apt community with a mix of ages, financial status, and physical abilities. This past year we’ve seen a growing number entrepreneurial kids knocking on doors to walk dogs, clean cat boxes, carry out trash, and do light housework. One young lady with a driver’s license arranges for groups of elderly to get the supermarket and drugstore.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    I discovered what the Left was up to via research years ago. Other people are just now discovering the same things, because they didn’t believe the Left was all that dangerous. They thought the Left, like the Democrat party, was just another political party and you go along to get along, because that’s how “Democracy works” supposedly.

    Well, that’s like the general of a new war saying there is no way they can attack them at this range, only to find out that the enemy uses hidden snipers with rifled guns and do not obey conventional doctrine on field tactics. It’s not what you think will hurt you. It’s what the enemy thinks it can do to hurt you that you need to be worried about.

     Well, for those that believed the claims about the Left were extremist, what more do they need now? Do they really need a gallon of milk to cost 50 dollars before they realize that, maybe, the Left isn’t just another political party and that hyperinflation is in fact the fastest way to transfer wealth from you to the political classes? If you don’t know about this, realize that more millionaires were made during the Great Depression than any other time in American history. Think about that for a second. It doesn’t need a conspiracy. It’s just people who know how to make money, make money, even in depressions. And they make more money, because all of your money has been de-valued and transfered to them. And guess who in DC knows how to get this done real fast…

  • michal

    A great article about Hype and fear media  in PJ Media.com
    Comments section is worth reading.
    these quotes are very funny!
    Here’s an example of known killers. Suggested topics to lose sleep over. Please note that Global Warming, DDT and the Population Explosion are NOT in the list. Quote: Overuse of almost anything – for example, alcohol and drugs. Guns, autos, ladders…Coal-mining, police work, and fire fighting. War, homicide, suicide, forced starvation, and other deaths caused by human predators.
    quoted from:  Julian Simon’s Bad Environmental and Resource Scares


  • Mike Devx

    A damning article on the CERN global warming study.
    I want to wait before considering this conclusive – can it really be that STRONG a case against man-made global warming?

    But the information on how the global warming crowd has succeeding in shutting down science – and cowing CERN, even to this day! – is enraging.  The destruction of science itself!  By so-called scientists!

    AS I’ve been saying for a while:  LIBERALS!  You have a LOT to answer for!
    And it now includes their attempts to destroy science itself via political repression.  When did we become the Soviet Union?