Can’t talk now — I’m busy thinking

The post title is a bit misleading.  I actually mean that I can’t blog now, as opposed to talk now, but it is true that I’m very, very busy with deep thoughts.  I’m working on a new project, having tons of fun, learning lots, and my mind is bubbling with ideas.  This afternoon, when the ferment settles a bit, I’ll start blogging again.

Also, I’m not blogging now because of that expression holding that, “if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all.”  Anything I would say right now would be precisely the same as something I’ve said before — no fresh facts, no fresh spin, no new insights.  You deserve better than stale blogging.  By this afternoon, I hope to have disposed of the ideas that are past their “sell by” date and have my mind restocked with new exciting new mental product.

Within days, or weeks, I also hope to augment my political and domestic posts with descriptions of me, once again exercising my Second Amendment rights.  We’ll see how NavyOne’s imaginative and generous idea plays out.

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  • Jose

    I recently took a cousin shooting.  She hadn’t fired a gun since her teens and then only a .22.  She’s a grandmother 5 times over now.  I set her up with my scoped .223 single shot and she had great time.  She also shot a .45 service pistol which was a favorite of our Grandfather.
    I hope you get a response soon.

  • Ymarsakar

    it seems it only took 2 years before I could see Book do it again.


  • bizcor

    Book I read your post from 2009 and was impressed with your marksmanship. (Markswomanship? Nah there are some things that just can’t be made politically correct.) Learning how to use a gun includes learning gun safety. At a very early age I learned you never point a gun at anything you don’t intend to shoot. I grew up in Maine and hunting was a way of life. We augmented our food supply with venison and game fowl. I shot my first deer at the ripe old age of 10. Back then it was legal to hunt with a parent at 10. Sixteen was the age one could legally hunt alone. So I was raised around guns and taught every gun is considered loaded even though we always unloaded our guns before we enter the house, always. The hall closet in my house growing up had no less than 10 guns at any given time. All types of guns rifles, shotguns and hand guns. They were considered tools just like a rake or a shovel. I inherited my great grandfather’s 16 gauge single shot Remington the day I was born. I still own it today and it still fires because of the TLC I have given it. This gun has never accidentally shot or killed anything. It has however provided dinner on many occasions and it may do so again in the future. (I didn’t just learn gun safety I learned how to hit the target too.) If you break into my house you will find yourself staring down the barrel of this fine weapon. Please do not doubt I will shoot and when I do you will not live to sue me. Dead men tell no tales. Now, I don’t mean to infer that I am a bad ass but I am about protecting me and mine. I don’t answer the door with the thing in my hand but it is kept where I can get to it without difficulty if I need to. It is cracked open ready for the shell that sits right next to it to be dropped in. There is a distinct sound a shot gun makes when you snap the barrel to the ready. It will cause the bravest person’s sphincter mussel to loosen. Thank God, so far, I have not needed to do this but I can and will should the need arise because I know how. New Hampshire is where I now live and the state motto is “Live Free or Die”. It works for me. A permit to carry a concealed weapon is just a matter of filling out a form and as long as you don’t have any violations other than traffic citations your permit is granted. I may, if I choose to, wear an unconcealed holstered pistol downtown and into the town hall without a permit. “They can have my gun when they pry it from my cold dead fingers.”
    That, my friends is the second amendment. I may have a gun to protect me from aggressors be they a burglar or from the an unfriendly government  foreign or domestic.

  • NavyOne

    @ bizcor: It will cause the bravest person’s sphincter mussel to loosen. . .

    Alright, now that is talent!

  • Jose

    BW, I recommend a visit to:
    The website contains a wealth of information for women interested in self defense, and guys can also find a lot of good info.  
    Kathy Jackson is also the editor of Concealed Carry magazine.