Labor Day with Sarah Palin, by guest blogger Bizcor

Our own Bizcor had the opportunity to attend a Tea Party Express rally on Labor Day.  Here are his impressions:

On Labor Day I attended a Tea Party Rally for the very first time and I really only went because Sarah Palin was going to speak. I am an unabashed admirer.

As far as the Tea Party goes. I basically agree with what it stands for but don’t attend the rallies because I already “get it,” if you will. I work behind the scenes to help local, state, and national candidates with conservative values get elected. Judging from the comments I read in the Bookworm Room, I think most of you would agree with the folks that I work with. It is all unpaid volunteer work but it literally gives me a direct line to my representation. From dog catcher all the way up. Obama doesn’t take my calls but the next guy or gal might.

The “Tea Party Rally” was a very interesting gathering of people. I have long been an observer of people. It began in the spring and summer of 1970 when I lived in New York City. On my Sundays off. I would buy a cup of coffee and go sit on bench in Central Park and just watch people. It was always entertaining. There were hippies smoking pot, little kids vexing their parents, skaters, folks feeding the pigeons and of course the ever popular crazy people who would do some of the…. well…. craziest things. One can learn a lot from simple observation.

The “Tea Party” people gathered Monday were old, young, black, Hispanic, white, Asian, and Middle Eastern. They were well dressed, poorly dress, long haired, short haired, and no haired either by design or nature. There were motorcycle guys and gals with magnificent tattoos, there were business men and women, politicians, and small children. In short it was a true cross section of the American population. AND, AND, AND as diverse as the crowd was everyone was well behaved and polite, smiling and nodding as they moved about. It was easy to talk with the people there. They, like me, are absolutely fed up with what is going on in the country today and had gathered to listen to Sarah Palin and other featured speakers as well as each other.

(Photo from Bizcor's own collection)

It is always interesting for me to watch news coverage of an event I have attended. Not only do I observe people I also know how to estimate crowds. The local TV news reports said Sarah Palin spoke to several hundred people. My estimate was at least 1500 or more. There you go again underestimating the crowd because after all it is Sarah Palin and the Tea party so you wouldn’t want to give them any credit. I had a very good spot and heard every word Sarah said. From where I stood my deaf old ears could have heard her without the benefit of a microphone. The local TV news reports complained that all she did was complain about the media. Admittedly she did take some swings at the media. Can you blame her? I can’t recall anyone who has been maligned the way she has. Sarah, however, spoke of many things such as ending crony capitalism, that it exists on both sides of the isle, and it needs to stop right now. She reminded the audience that she had taken on big oil in Alaska and taken on her own party in an effort to end the crony capitalism and corruption. She explained we need a President who is willing to do the same thing in Washington. America needs someone with the courage to cut the out of control spending. She even poked fun at herself reminding us of the now famous “refutiate” mistake. She does however know that there are only 50 states.

Sarah Palin stood there on the stage and made people want to go out and participate in the process in a positive way. She did it with a smile on her face, a bright gleam in her eye, and conviction in her voice. She didn’t resort to name calling. She didn’t stumble during her speech, she was able to ad lib without an “umm” or an “ahh” and she was able to get back to her prepared remarks smoothly after the ad lib. Not bad for a dummy huh?

Sarah Palin has been the brunt of jokes portraying her as stupid. She is not. People have wished her dead, raped, beaten and more. Her family has been threatened. Media hacks have gone through her trash and e-mails looking for the slightest minutia. She has taken everything they have dished out and she keeps on going. Lesser people would have folded. I really believe it makes her stronger. I wonder how Barak Obama would have stood up to the same scrutiny. To my mind Sarah Palin has the same stuff as Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, and Abraham Lincoln. She is brave, courageous, bold, and unapologetic about who she is and where she stands which is why I admire Sarah Palin. That is also why I got up early, got to the event early, and picked out front row spot. I wanted to see her eyes while she spoke and you can see from the photo I included with this I could see her eyes. I wanted to hear her entire speech not just what the media wanted me to hear. I have yet to meet her in person but look forward to the day that I do. I think she is the real deal.

On the subject of “President Palin” I don’t know. Do I think she could do the job? Yes, I do. Her electability is the question. The media has so prejudiced the people of this country against her I don’t know how one would overcome it. It is not just the left who is afraid her. The elitists in the Republican Party aren’t too keen on the idea of Sarah in White House because she would start cleaning house and it wouldn’t matter which side of the “House” you sat in. It would seem to me that corruption is corruption in her mind. Could you imagine what Sarah Palin, Jim DeMint, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, and Allen West could do to turn the tide of this country for the better if they were working in concert? Finally, I think Sarah has taken too long to announce whether or not she is running.

As I said I admire Sarah Palin and I see her as a person of interest in this election cycle. Maybe she will be a candidate maybe she won’t. I don’t know her mind. Being in the trenches with all the other behind the scenes people my odds on favorite and it is early but…my odds on guess as to the nominee for the GOP? Rick Perry. Governor Perry unless he does something really stupid should beat Obama in 2012.

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  • bizcor

    Thanks Bookworm, I am honored that you found my article worthy of posting in your room.

  • Mike Devx

    This is a great expansion on your comment on a different thread, bizcor.  I especially appreciate your comments about the media and how Sarah Palin, too, is not backing down.  The media wish to *shape* the news, not report it.  And of course, being overwhelmingly liberal, that is the direction they wish to shape it.

    Poor Brian Williams, aghast and taken aback when the audience at the debate burst into applause at the mention of the death penalty…

    Poor Chuck Todd at NBC, who I think actually tries to be objective, who found himself saying: 

    NBC’s “pollsters are concerned” about the president’s [declining] approval rating.

    Why are they “concerned”, Chuck?  They’re supposed to be objective, not worried!

  • Lauren K.

    Sarah Palin, Jim DeMint, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, and Allen West – The conservative dream team!


    Sarah is the ombudsman. She is really the conscience of the same old same old and why she has not garnered support from the GOP.
    Of course her electability would be in question – she keeps asking the right ones!

  • Oldflyer

    Very nice article Bizcor, and I add my thanks to Bookworm for publishing it.
    I agree with your assessment about her ability to do the job, as well as your thoughts on her electability.  I wholeheartedly agree with your thoughts on the GOP establishment’s antipathy.  I have personally written a number of them off as meaningful commentators because of it.  I know they are having sleepless nights.
    It is a shame that the attitude toward her is so poisonous.  People who should agree with her simply won’t listen.  My own daughters roll their eyes whenever her name comes up.  Yet, both of them should be admirers because  of her principles and her courage.  If they were paying attention, they would understand that she exemplifies the way that they try to live their own lives as successful professionals with a nurturing nature.
    I am hoping for Secretary of Energy or Interior in the Romney/Rubio administration.  She is young, and has time to break through the wall; but, probably not in ’12.  Of course, by 2020 she would no doubt have to compete with Rubio if she decided to run. 

  • bizcor

    Two of our granchildren are having birthdays this month so I was looking for birthday cards for them. In “humor” rack were cards with derogatory Sarah Palin remarks. Things like “It could be worse you could be Sarah Palin”.


    Easily remedied with a post it note that says Nancy Pelousi or …. Whenever I see crapola like this I just get an incredible urge to to do some inventory adjustments and I generally just move them to the back of the big birthday cards where they can’t be seen.

  • Ymarsakar

    If people wish to walk the path of foolishness, I don’t see why I should get in their way. In the end, they will obey the voice of power.

  • Mike Devx

    I missed this Sarah Palin comment recently:


    Sarah Palin’s latest “in your face” to the Obama administration in defense of the tea party is guaranteed to infuriate the left and terrify the timid on our side. Sarah said, “If we were real domestic terrorists, shoot, Obama would want to pal around with us, wouldn’t he?”

    You go, girl!  Sarah Palin Rocks!


  • bizcor

    Mike Devx

    The woman does indeed “Rock”   

  • bizcor

    Today I met a man who had read this original Sarah Palin post and was telling someone else about it in my presence. As a result I promised to forward the link to my friend who had not seen it.

    The only reason I am posting a comment now is the OWS wannabes have settled into the same park in Manchester NH that I visited that Labor Day. They have vowed to not leave. We will see about that. It is fall in New Hampshire and so far we have been blessed with very nice “Indian Summer” weather but soon it will be very cold here and on Wall Street. I doubt the Occupiers will be willing to stay through the “wicked cold” New England, Northeast winter weather.

    I am pretty sure the reason people invented houses, oil, gas, and wood heat was to protect them from the elements and therefore they wouldn’t freeze to death in the winters here. Of course it was the government that invented these ways to survive the cold…or wait a minute no …these nasty Wall Street People… it was enterprising businesses that grew and prospered to keep us warm. Well doesn’t that just throw that out the window?

    I saw some of the pics of OWS this week. Are they sleeping in Coleman Tents and sleeping bags? Pshaw! Even the guy using a Coleman Cooler as sad as that was to see it was to see that cooler was produced by Coleman or their rival. The big bad business people.  The disconnect these people have is sad. They just do not get it. They are unfortunately stupid and are a product of our current educational system. 50 years ago when I was being taught we were told to work hard and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Having lived though the 50’s, 60’s all the way to today it is interesting to me that we are back to “We have to stick it to the man.” D’ je vous all over again?  We will, as our parents before us, keep the ship of state upright. We have the internet. No longer are we subjected to getting our news from the MSM.