Ten years later, I remember 9/11

I wrote my big 9/11 post a few days ago and many of you are sharing your amazing and moving memories even as I write these words.  I’m not sure what else to add.  The day and its import are seared in my consciousness.  They never leave me.  I will never lose the pain and the anger I feel when I think about that day, and what that day did to our nation.  That’s not good for my soul, but there it is.  I’m still mad.  I still want to quash completely the ideology that encouraged a group of people to think it was a good idea to kill 3,000 of my American family, and to spend the next ten years trying to repeat that act.

“Never forget” is a stupid thing to tell me, because I find it impossible to stop remembering.

All the pretty lights in the world won’t bring it back.

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  • Mike Devx

    I register at a lot of sites, and get many informational emails as a result.  Occasionally I get one from the Texas Democrat Party, which usually go unopened. Not one that I received this morning.  After reading it, I wrote an email reply:

    I am writing in response to your email titled: In Remembrance On September 11th.

    The text of that email is as follows:

    Dear fellow American,

    As we observe the 10th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks, we remember the men, women and children who tragically lost their lives that day, and we unite in support of the family and friends who are still grieving the loss of a loved one.

    We stand together in appreciation of the brave souls who responded to the disaster, as their courage shined through the darkness of that tragic day. The light that emerged was the strength of community of Americans. We are an incredibly diverse people, but we are brought together by our shared values and trials, continually working for those ideals that unite us. I am proud to be an American every day, and today I am humbled to share that sentiment with my fellow Americans.



    I am disgusted.

    1. You wrote: we remember the men, women and children who tragically lost their lives that day

    They did not “lose their lives”.  They were murdered.  And you should specifically honor the victims, not a generic implicit “all of the men and women and children who lost their lives that day”, because that includes the jihadist murderers.

    2. You wrote: We stand together in appreciation of the brave souls who responded to the disaster

    This was neither a disaster nor a tragedy.  A disaster includes such things as floods, tornados, hurricanes.  An accidental explosion in an industrial facility.  A house fire.  A tragedy occurs when in that house fire three children die.  This was an attack upon America, an assault upon us all.

    3. You wrote: We are an incredibly diverse people, but we are brought together by our shared values and trials, continually working for those ideals that unite us.

    Many Muslims in America are fine people who support and work with the rest of us, and indeed wish to be united with us.  But not all.  There are the stories of people such as the Pakistani immigrant family who, as one commenter put it, “could not contain their glee as they watched the events of 9-11 unfold.”  I note that there was incredible diversity among the murdered of 9-11, and this evil family celebrated ALL of the deaths.  This family soon left to return to Pakistan.  Many other Muslims in that community stayed and I will especially note, none of them, not even the evil family, were subject to reprisals nor harassment of any sort – though I suspect the evil family and their store were shunned, which would be MOST appropriate.

    I am tired of the whitewashing and the attempt to impose a sort of national amnesia about the nature of the atrocity that was committed against us on 9-11 and on similar events.

    I will give you credit for one thing: At least you did not ask me to commemorate 9-11 by participating in a “Day Of Service” activity, such as volunteeering at a soup kitchen, creating a panel in a “Peace Quilt”, or some other such vomit-worthy abomination.

    Thank You,
    [contact info]


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  • JKB

    Gateway Pundit has a screen grab of Paul Krugman’s vile post today accusing Bush and Guliani of exploiting the tragedy.  I remember it differently.  I remember them being promoted by the press and other liberals.  I remember that the entire country turned their eyes to George W. Bush for hope and reassurance.  I remember the Left spewing militaristic rhetoric even more than the Right.  I remember the whole world holding its breath, waiting to see how America would react.  I remember being very afraid that we would strike out in anger.  Strike out with the most fearsome armed forces ever known to the world set loose to salve our rage.  I remember my relief and my respect for President Bush, who did not let us react but held his counsel until it we could act in a measured response.  Some might say that the taking of two terrorist havens was a large measure for our response but I say, not compared to damage the US military could do if released as the instrument of American rage.

    This I believe is why the Left hates Bush so much.  Not his policies, not his politics, not his family legacy.  They hate him because for a few weeks in 2001 they looked to him as their protector, as their leader.  This emotion, this feeling of needing someone to make it all right, is something for which they cannot forgive him.  They do not see that he was the leader, the man with the power, as the mature acknowledge authority when a crisis occurs.  They only see who they clung to when the uncertainty and fear made them feel small and insignificant.  They cannot abide President Bush is a physical reminder of how they felt and who they clung to in the crisis.

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  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    One thing I never heard mentioned often was that the architect for those two buildings saved many more lives that day. If the architect had designed the building differently with less fail safes, the skyscraper would have fallen over instead of collapsing in on itself. It was precisely because it was designed to collapse in on itself, that only the base suffered from the falling debris. If it had not been, the building would have tipped over and smashed the offices and buildings of people way away from the epicenter, as well as killing everyone inside.