Dem’s lose in New York — Open Thread

Apparently the passions that burned in voters’ breasts in 2010 have yet to burn themselves out in 2011.  In a very Jewish district (Jews!  The Democrat stalwarts!) Republican Bob Turner took over Anthony Weiner’s seat (although I hope he disinfects it well before he sits down on it).

This election bodes well for 2012, to which I say Thank God!  Strong though she is, I don’t think that America can handle too much more Progressive governance.

Your opinions, reactions, comments, jokes, whatever, on this election and the big one in 2012 are welcome here.

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  • Charles Martel

    This is one of those delicious pull-out-the-popcorn moments, like when Mike Devx or Danny Lemieux would get hungry and decide to feast on Zach. Good times, good times.

    How can the left possibly spin this embarrassment? Oh, wait: the Joos. The orthodox Joos. Yep, that’s the ticket!

  • Mike Devx

    As to the other special election, in Nevada-2:

    Nevada’s 2nd Congressional District special election […] With 44 percent of precincts reporting, the AP has called the race for Amodei, who leads Marshall 57 percent to 37 percent.  Headed into Tuesday, Amodei was widely expected to win. All but his final margin of victory was in doubt after two weeks of early voting in which all signs pointed to a big Republican surge.

    So what we have here is a GOP surge in two completely disparate special election races with totally different dynamics.   Poor Debbie Wasserman, having to spin this evening’s results.

    I’m especially pleased with the New York victory.  It turned into a referendum on Obama’s policy toward Israel, which should be described as “hatred”.  Could Turner have won without this?  It’s doubtful.  Obama will have to spend a lot of time handling the fact that his hatred of Israel has left him with tons of noxious, stinking slime all over his face, which he will have difficulty wiping away.  THE CHICKENS… ARE COMING HOME… TO ROOST!

    TO ROOST!  TO ROOST!  I couldn’t be happier!

  • Mike Devx

    This comment is about the GOP primary, not the special elections, but this *is* an open thread, so…

    There is some blogging out there claiming that the price for Pawlenty endorsing Romney is that Romney’s campaign had to take on Pawlenty’s campaign debt.  No debt assumption, no endorsement.  Kinda takes the luster off the endorsement (what luster?).  Kinda makes it smell like three-day-old fish.  Maybe this is just a parallel to the old saying, “Laws are like sausages — it is best not to see them being made.”  Perhaps internal campaign politics is like that, too…

    But I’m always reminded of how the Romney operatives in 2008 who moved into the McCain campaign got the knives out and tried to assassinate Sarah Palin politically… their own VP nominee.  I can never get that betrayal out of my head…  It’s a big part of why I simply cannot find a way to support Romney in the primary, no matter what, though I would of course vote for him against Obama if I have to.

    On the other hand, Perry has received the endorsements of governors Jindal (LA) and Sandoval (NV), with not a hint of quid pro quo payment of any sort for the endorsements.  The timing of Romney’s Pawlenty endorsement… why now?  It sort of seems to me it would have been more effective later in the race.  With these two endorsements for Perry, you can get a hint of the political Perry Python Machine beginning its squeeze.  I was on the sidelines just watching what his campaign was able to do to Kay Bailey Hutchison in the TX governor GOP primary, and I’m still amazed that, by the end, he beat her so easily.  I’m beginning to sense that same kind of thunder just over the horizon here.  Storm warnings for Romney, which wouldn’t bother me in the least.

  • Michael Adams

    I’ve said before now, Rick Perry is not my first, or second, choice for Republican candidate, much less for President.True enough, the Gardasil flap is an example of why that’s so, suggesting, as it does, that his first thought, nay, not thought, but mere impulse, was to push Gardasil on innocent Texas school girls. That is a “nanny knows best” approach to governing, of which we’ve had way too much for the past eighty years.
    Nevertheless, Perry’s barely concealed anger at the suggestion that he’d made the decision in response to a five thousand dollar campaign contribution was right on target. Even the former Governor who was the representative of the Travis County Lesbian Society, (Not their real name)who infested state government for years after she left office with incompetent cronies, did not take bribes.Generally speaking, being Governor of Texas is considered such a great  honor, that to accept a bribe of any amount, would be a very poor trade.  We are talking, here, about governing TEXAS, not some less consequential place. I realize that this sounds a little weird.  Probably, you’d have to be Texan to understand it, but, there it is.
    Keeping in mind the instruction not to make multiple comments on the same post, I’ll jump now to Romney.  Devx, I despise him, too.  Probably not  even Governor Good Hair, especially since his fingers were burned on the Gardasil stove, would be as likely as Romney to rush government in where angels fear to tread. 
    Finally, no time to look them up, much less to copy in the most significant passages, but there are several Psalms to celebrate the Republican victory in New York. Over to you, Sadie.

  • Mike Devx

    Today is one of those days where you just shuck rationality off to the side, and let Obama Derangement Syndrome take over with glee.  Put on your party hat, turn up the music, go to the middle of your living room, and do whatever your CrazyDance is!  Just for a day!

    The two special elections had one factor in common: The economy.  The Democrats – especially those in the White House – think Obama’s Jobs Plan can somehow triangulate the Repubs into a nasty corner.  Yet the polls are showing the public wasn’t moved at all by Obama’s Big Stinkin Plan.

    Obama seems to be a LOT like Jimmy Carter: The American public still likes him even with the baggage of extreme hostility towards Israel.  Obama’s hostility is even worse than Carter’s.  And even though they like him, the public is increasingly tuning him out, deciding he’s just incompetent.  Is Obama more incompetent than Carter?  Well, it takes a LOT of incompetence to be more incompetent than Carter!  But to this point, Obama is giving Carter a serious run for the money on this prize.

    Obama’s just got so many problems (of his own making) that I could almost sympathize with the poor guy.  Except I’m too busy starting up my CrazyDance today to sympathize.  It’s a long way til the 2012 election, but for one day at least, I’m going to celebrate, because it looks like it’s “Stick A Fork In this Turkey” Time for Obama, it’s over!   Maybe the Democrats will even do us a favor and keep their blinders on; maybe they’ll give us another “It’s A Recovery Summer!” campaign in 2012, because THAT worked so well for them in 2010.

    Just for today, I’m going to imagine that the American voters will see through the Democrat MediScare campaign and reject that one too.  We could be headed for a historic repudiation in 2012.  CrazyDance time!


  • gpc31

    From 2009, regarding the prospect of midterm elections:

    The president himself, when that was brought up in one group, said, ‘Well, the big difference here and in ’94 was you’ve got me.’ We’re going to see how much difference that makes now.”

  • Charles Martel

    [Martel high fives Mike Devx as he gets his 8th-century Frankish CrazyDance on.]

  • jj

    The Turner one in NY is interesting.  I would hope that other rpublican candidates are paying attention – but the evidence would seem to indicate not.
    The day after Obama’s major zero speech on jobs, there’s our boy Boehner saying he wants to “work with” El Exigente, to get these problems solved.  “Work with.”
    Bob Turner, on the other hand, left absolutely no doubt that he has zero interest in working with democrats, he’s going to Washington to damn well defeat them – them and every piece of Obama nonsense he gets near.  You don’t “work with” them – you damn well beat their ears in!  Turner ran on, among other things: closing down the EPA, closing down the Dept. of Agriculture, and dramatically scale back – in advance of closing – the Department of Education.  Not much “work with” or compromise there.  Turner is unabashedly pro-life, and unabashedly opposed to every word of Obama-care.  He’s unabashedly for the defense of marriage act.
    The point is: here’s Boehner telling us all (on the advice of consultants, no doubt, have to bring in those independents) that he wants to work with Obama.  Here’s Turner, in a district wherein democrats outnumber republicans 3-1, saying the hell with that crap, you beat them, not work with them – and Turner damn near pulls off a minor landslide.  (Well, actually he did pull of a minor one, he almost got a major one.)
    You think Boehner and the republican mainstream will learn?  You think they’ll tell the consultants, “f***-off, Bob Turner showed us how to get the independents, and it ain’t by wanting to ‘work with’ these country-destroying bastards referred to as democrats.”
    That’s the message of Turner.  Think it’ll penetrate?

  • Bookworm

    I don’t know about Boehner, jj.  Obama’s goal is to present himself as the man with a plan, and the Republicans as the ones who would rather let America die than work with him.  I think Boehner’s is going to make conciliatory noises for some months to come, but has no intention of letting anything happen.  At least that’s my hope.  Doing so blocks Obama’s “do-nothing Republicans” narrative, while leaving a dreadful economy anchored to Obama as the election rolls in.  (Of course, Obama’s plan would make the economy even worse, but Boehner, one hopes, isn’t going to let any of that go forward.)




    Read these comments…and try not to look too silly smiling all day.

    Something is terribly wrong. Either the republicans are cheating or we have completely lost the information war. Money is power and the media have been destroyed by it.

    What’s wrong is Obama is walking us into the fan blades again ….

     What was in Hebrew Press?

     I hope everyone here that wanted Weiner to step down is satisfied.

    I don’t think many people realize the consequences for their choices until it is too late.

     What the hell is wrong with people? How anyone can vote for the  Party of thieves and liars is beyond me.

    read the yahoo comments. Truly some sad, deranged fools.

    They’re a bunch of paid trolls. Yahoo’s comments section has been a stinking cesspool for years. I wish the sane people would just stop commenting there, and let the sociopaths drown in their own filth.

    That explains a lot. No wonder so many fake accounts look obvious on there. Can’t these people get a real job?

    They were played like a cheap fiddle by a teabagger. That’s what happens every time any religion is added to the mix.

    If Americans are dumb enough to vote these people back into congress and the presidency. They deserve everything they get. High unemployment, low wages, no rights at work,

    Beth Fouhy, the AP writer is obviously a FOX supporter.

    Democrat Underground comments

  • Charles Martel

    In celebration of this happy outcome I am dedicating this day to walking upright for as long as I can in imitation of my Democratic moral and mental superiors.

  • Gringo

    Mike Devx
     Is Obama more incompetent than Carter?  Well, it takes a LOT of incompetence to be more incompetent than Carter!  But to this point, Obama is giving Carter a serious run for the money on this prize.
    I voted for Carter in 1976, and voted third party in 1980. While Carter was incompetent in many areas, there were some good things he did. Airline deregulation is one. The Camp David agreement is another. While his fecklessness in foreign policy was a factor in the Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan, Carter did respond in the right way, by commencing aid to the Afghan resistance and by increasing the military budget.
    Regarding Obama’s accomplishments, I am reminded of the line attributed to President Eisenhower when he was asked about the accomplishments of Richard Nixon, his Vice President. “Give the weekend to think about it, and I’ll get back to you on Monday,” was how Eisenhower supposedly replied.
    Obama isn’t giving Carter a run for the money in the incompetence sweepstakes; he has already lapped Carter  in a mile race ( four  quarter miles) with less than three  quarter mile laps already run.
    Carter did have executive experience as a Navy officer and a term as Governor of Georgia, a resume which beats community organizing any day.
    The easy way for the Pubs to trump Obama is to come up with a jobs plan that is very heavy on doing away with regulations. As I see it, the increased regulations of the current administration coupled with uncertainty about what more regulations are on the way are what is holding up hiring. At least, that is what many CEOs have said to  various media outlets.

  • Mike Devx

    Gringo says: While Carter was incompetent in many areas, there were some good things he did. Airline deregulation is one. The Camp David agreement is another. […]

    Gringo, I will respectfully agree that you can list a number of Carter achievements.  Yet I would note that you could list a number of Obama achievements as well:
    – He got Osama Bin Laden.  (It occurred on his watch)
    – He has not closed Gitmo.
    – He has continued the anti-terrorism policies of the Bush Administration, and there has not been a major terrorist attack within the USA during his presidency (so far).
    – His most recent budget does NOT include vast increases in spending compared to the prior year 

    But when you step back and look at the larger picture, his political instincts have been just awful – and I think the same is true of Carter, and that’s what makes them both so stunningly incompetent.  They both manage to alienate their base AND their opponents’ base at the same time.  Thus their base is dispirited and their opponents’ energized.   Carter’s economic policies crashed and burned across the board, same as Obama’s.  Nothing he tried worked; the things he could have tried that could have worked (conservative economics) were anathema to him. 

    Perhaps I should give Carter a slight break on Iran:  Hindsight is 20-20 after all, and Carter surely could not have expected events to unfold as they have.  It is perhaps unfair  to entirely blame him for exactly how horrifying and completely disastrous that decision has turned out. 
    I’m convinced Carter is a vicious anti-Semite.  Yet he did accomplish the Camp David Accords, that’s true.  He managed to get Egypt’s El Sadat on board.  Somehow!  And El Sadat was assassinated as a result.   Yet overall in foreign policy Carter was viewed as weak and America as weak.   So again, looking at the overall picture, Carter was as disastrous politically in foreign policy as he was on domestic policy.

    I was still in high school as the Carter years ended.  I remember the stories in the media of him “hiding in the Rose Garden”, of essentially disappearing from politics as his term wound to an end.  Another huge political mistake.  Perhaps the thumping by Reagan wouldn’t have been so bad had the hostage rescue mission not crashed and burned?  But when your politics dispirits your base and energizes your opposition’s base, thumpings are what happen.

    In comparing Obama to Carter, we’re going to have to let the remaining year play out, and see if Obama can continue to completely screw it up politically the way I think Carter did.   


    Gee Mike, I sure hope you heard about Carter and the  “killer rabbit” story, too.
    An amusing recap.

  • Mike Devx

    Thank you Sadie, that is a HILARIOUS story!  My God, just imagining it has me laughing.

    And it does point out Carter’s terrible political instincts.  All he had to do was laugh this one off.  I mean, just stand there, describe the story and laugh about it. “Can you believe it, I’m just there in my boat fishing, and a rabbit – or MAYBE it was a rodent – comes swimming toward me – directly at my boat! – hissing with teeth bared!  I guess you never know what nature is going to throw at you.”  

    Nuff said.  But no, when you’re as politically dumb as Carter was (and Obama is) somehow you manage to turn it into something that resonates for decades.


  • Charles Martel

    In honor of Barack Hussein’s desire to be loved, the greatest love lyrics of all time:

    One morning when I was out shopping
    Though you’ll find it hard to believe
    A little blue man came out of the crowd
    And timidly tugged at my sleeve.

    “I wuv you! I wuv you!” said the little blue man
    “I wuv you! I wuv you to bits.”
    “I wuv you!” He loved me said the little blue man
    And scared me right out of my wits.

    I hurried back to my apartment
    I rushed in and I closed the door
    But there on the desk stood the little blue man
    Who started to tell me once more

    “I wuv you! I wuv you!” said the little blue man
    “I wuv you! I wuv you to bits.”
    “I wuv you!” He loved me said the little blue man
    And scared me right out of my wits.

    For weeks after that I was haunted
    Though no one could seehim but me
    Right by my side was the little blue man
    Wherever I happened to be.

    One evening in wild desperation
    I rushed to a rooftop in town
    And over the side pushed the little blue man
    Who sang to me all the way down

    “I wuv you! I wuv you!” said the little blue man
    “I wuv you! I wuv you to bits.”
    “I wuv you!” He loved me said the little blue man
    And scared me right out of my wits.

    I whispered, “Thank goodness that’s over!”
    I smiled as I hurried outside
    But there on the street stood the little blue man
    Who said with a tear in his eye

    “I don’t wuv you anymore!”

  • Mike Devx

    Wow Charles, those are real lyrics from Petula Clark.  Am I the only one that finds that song Twilight-Zone eerie?  I mean, what if the song continued?

    So back home I went to my apartment
    And I laid myself down to sleep
    But I woke up at two when a shadow so blue
    Next to my bed whispered deep

    “I don’t wuv you anymore!”

    I ram to the kitchen and turned on the lights
    The flourescent lights, lightly hissing
    On the counter top stood that little blue man
    And in the knife rack there was one blade missing

    “I don’t wuv you anymore!”

  • Charles Martel

    Mike, you’re scaring—and Obama-izing—me.

  • Mike Devx

    He rushed at me with that knife in his hand
    (This was in Wisconsin, it’s true)
    I noticed on that blue little man’s shirt
    Was a patch that said SEIU

  • Danny Lemieux

    Mike Devx and Gringo – I disagree with the idea of Carter being the driver behind Camp David. It was Sadat who had committed himself to making a peace agreement with Israel. The 1973 Yom Kippur war was spun as a victory for Egypt because it gave Sadat the creds he needed to fly to Jerusalem and meet with Menachim Begin in  1977. Camp David came about because…they needed money to make it happen. Big money. And the U.S. was the only bank open for business so both men approached Jimmy Carter.

    Anwar Sadat and Menachim Begin had already met and hammered out their commitments to an agreement before Carter got involved. Although Carter facilitated the process, I think the true credit goes to Sadat first, Begin second.

    The victory in New York is indeed sweet. However, I wish that I could believe it was because people in that district woke up to the political reality that Democrat ideology is a total and complete failure. Instead, I suspect that it was more of a vote in opposition to Obama’s failure to execute on his ideology, rather than in opposition to the ideology itself. I hope that I am totally wrong on this. 

  • Ymarsakar

    The true credit goes to Sadat because the Muslims killed Sadat, not Carter. Thus they would be best placed to known who was to blame for that peace with Israel.

  • Ymarsakar

    There are two folk stories about killer rabbits. The Monthy Pylon Holy Grail series and the Bon Bon kill rabit series from a comic strip often featured in John Ringo’s early Addentata novels.

  • Mike Devx

    > Although Carter facilitated the process, I think the true credit goes to Sadat first, Begin second.

    I’m no fan of Carter’s, so an interpretation that has him simply going along for the ride fits my overall very poor impression of his capabilities as a politician and leader.  I’ll take it!

    > The victory in New York is indeed sweet. […] Instead, I suspect that it was more of a vote in opposition to Obama’s failure to execute on his ideology, rather than in opposition to the ideology itself. 

    I suspect that’s true for a *lot* of people who currently hold Obama in disapproval.  You don’t get the wild swings in the vote that we’ve seen in 2004-2010 if people were voting based on deep thought, and had devoted time to developing an economic idealogy.  They’re just voting on whether whatever you’re doing is working or not.   Obama’s relatively high disapproval on the Left doesn’t mean they agree with us at all!  In fact, they disapprove of him on the far Left because he’s not going far enough in their direction!  The best we can hope from them is that they remain dispirited and stay home in Nov. 2012, or perhaps vote for some third-party candidate that emerges from their ranks to challenge Obama.


  • jj

    Book – I would love it if Boehner were simply outplaying Obama here – but I doubt it.  There’s he is, making a speech at the Economic Club of Washington right now as I write, and by golly, we’re gonna ‘work with the president  to solve America’s problems.
    He is, at heart, another goddam RINO, and not of the least value to Constitutionally-inclined conservatives.  The main-stream republicans do not get the message, and I guess never will.  They just don’t, there’s a piece missing in the brain, or something, I don’t know what the hell it is.  Bob Turner ignored everything he was told by his consultants, and went out and just hammered Obama with a metaphorical two-by-four.  He took zero prisoners, he made not even a shred of a small piece of a concession to the idea that the democrats have anything useful to say.  He set out to BEAT them, not work with them.  He doesn’t want to work with Obama – he recognizes it’s not possible –  he wants Obama and everything he stands for gone.  (His speeches were all reported – they’re available, the lesson-plan’s in place!)
    The independents couldn’t wait to stampede to his support.
    And Boehner is clueless.  And I have to believe fairly stupid, too, he must have heard every word I’m saying from plenty of people around him who have access to his ear, and the proof has been provided.  He still doesn’t – or won’t – get it.  Cantor’s just as bad.  They’re morons, they have to go

  • Ymarsakar

    Cantor and Boehner feel much the same as people here feel when they read my comments. They think of it as off the top, and independent of whether they think it is true, they’re not ready to believe quite yet. They don’t want to believe. So they don’t. And their beliefs affect their actions.

    Cantor and Boehner simply do not want to believe there is zero compromise available with Democrats.

    They, like much of the American population, are not ready to believe in “over the top” stuff.