Perry’s ad

What do you think of it?

I find the over-the-top music on the “Perry is wonderful” part a bit distracting but otherwise agree with those who think it’s an effective ad.

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  • Libby

    So….Michael Bay directed this one? I like the 1st part that hits O hard – the gloves are off!

  • excathedra

    Of all the things that I have detested about Barry Hussein O, the one that I found most jaw-dropping is that we have a President of the United States who does not like America. Like his fairly unspeakable wife, this affirmative-action baby presides over a nation which he sees as fundamentally inferior and flawed. Which is how all leftliberals see it.

    And it worries me very much that the American electorate put this empty-suit where he is.

  • excathedra

    PS. Whatever else one may think of Perry, he’s not going to be bowing down to the Saudi king or apologizing to the cosmopolitan bureaucrats of the EU.

  • Mike Devx

    Well, the debate tonight has 20 minutes to go.

    I’ve got only one huge impression from this one: What drug is Rick Perry on?  I’ve never seen a more incoherent, rambling, disjointed, halting performance by a candidate.  He’s got to be on something, maybe he’s ill?  What a disaster for him.

    Romney has been very strong. I don’t like him, but I’ll give him his due tonight.

  • Ymarsakar

    I don’t pay them any attention. Anybody that wants to get rid of the Left in America, gets my support and acclamation. Otherwise, no.