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    “Solyndra – the new shape of solar”

    Doesn’t make much sense until you learn that Solyndra had developed a new way of making solar chips at a lower price than other silicone solar chip manufacturers. Silicone was very expensive at the time and Solyndra came up with a tube design as opposed to the standard flat design. Tubes could collect light from the full angular range of the sun across the sky whereas flat chips had only a few hours of optimal light collection.

    Ultimately, Solyndra’s problem was the plummeting price of silicone making flat chips more cost effective. A U.S. made flat chip was selling for $6.00/ea. and Chinese made chips were priced at $3.00/ea. The Solyndra tubular design necessitated the design and R&D of new manufacturing equipment requiring a product price of $9.00/ea. Being 3X more expensive than the Chinese chips from the outset of production spelled doom for Solyndra, but that’s when our business inexperienced government stepped in to finance the revolutionary solar chips.

    Just as Betamax was better than VHS and anything was better than Microsoft, Solyndra chips were and are the better design, but too expensive to succeed. All of the data was available within the industry, the public, and was available to the Obama administration. Beyond political favoritism, there is no business reason for Solyndra to have received money from any investor, much less the US government.