Janitors and shofars, too :)

  • Mike Devx

    I saw this today, courtesy of Ace Of Spades:

    For the first time since he took the oath of office, President Barack Obama’s job-performance disapproval number among Jewish voters is higher than his approval, the American Jewish Committee’s (AJC’s) Annual Survey of American Jewish Opinion showed Monday.
    According to the poll, Jewish approval of the president’s performance declined to 45 percent, with 48 percent disapproving and 7 percent undecided. Last year, 51 percent approved of Obama’s job performance and 44 percent disapproved.

    So for two straight years his approval among Jewish voters has precipitously dropped.  Now he is below 50%.

    I’m *sure* it is because all those Jews have suddenly become … RACISTS!

    This is very encouraging.  Yet another Obama support base has become disillusioned and disgusted.  The young (18-30) are also at 45%.  Hispanics are at 45%.  The only support base remaining with Obama is Blacks.  But, hey, THAT is not racist!  Nah, couldn’t be.  Despite the fact that his policies have disproportionately hurt Blacks and especially Black young people.