“Diversity gives us the appearance of variety, unity gives us strength.”

My friend Navy One made the statement that is my post title.  The statement appears in a post he wrote about Anwar al-Awlaki, a subject I probably should have covered, but didn’t.  Now, of course, having read Navy One’s post, which is better than anything I could have written on the subject, I feel that my only obligation is to tell you to go there.

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  • jj

    Still not completely to grips with the idea of why the appearance of variety is important.  (Or the “appearance” of much of anything else, for that matter.  I tend to favor realities.  I don’t want the army to appear to be strong, I want it ready, willing, and able to kick every ass on the planet, if needs must.)

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Diversity is like having tan lines.

  • Charles Martel

    Diversity is a code word. Originally it applied to race beningly, which was fine with me. The ideal of an egalitarian society where skin color is notable, but not crucial, is a fine one.

    But that got hijacked by the racist left. Skin color now trumps everything else, especially character, diligence and  intelligence, so “diversity” simply means “We practice racial politics.”

    The other area where diversity is a code word is sex. The left has alkways been fascinated with caca and wee wee, and loves the idea that you can insert Tab A into any other Tab A or Slot B on the planet and be subsidized for the removal of any nasty diseases or fetuses that result. “Diversity” is a blessing when your own fetish or form of sexuality is accepted. All the better to sanitize and rationalize what might have been considered weird—or even depraved—predilections in an earlier age.    

  • Zhombre

    I have found that diversity in the arts means differences in skin pigmentation, ethnicity,  genitalia and sexual preference but have absolutely no application to political or social views, which must conform to the liberal-left orthodoxy.  To assert Michael Moore is a buffoon or that Sarah Palin might not be one is to speak heresy.  

  • Spartacus

    Oh, may God richly bless and prosper Navy One, squid though he may be!  There simply aren’t enough people fighting back against this mindless drivel that “diversity makes us stronger.”  It’s supposed to be “E pluribus unum,” not “E pluribus pluribus” or “E pluribus contentio.”
    Tolerance should be the natural default for all differences that are inconsequential, but we need to have the darn sense to raise a red flag when we have a stadium full of folks rooting for the wrong soccer team, and especially when Ibrahim Al Jihadi decides that service in the US military and taqiyya work wonderfully well together.
    Unfortunately, in all branches of the service, the higher ranks get a bit more political.  There are some truly amazing folks walking around with stars on thars (thar shoulders and thar collars, that is), but there is also an increased Septic Tank Effect:  the big chunks rise to the top (especially when Dems are in office).  So you have the Caseys, and the Mullens, and I recall seeing a news item a number of months ago about the superintendent of that Squid School on the Severn emphasizing something like “diversity is our number one mission.”  (Silly me, I thought it was naval warfare.  Hope that’s at least number two.)  So, Navy One may have a bunch fresh-faced young ensigns to straighten out.
    I do hereby nominate Navy One for higher rank, whatever that may be.

  • NavyOne

    I am Spartacus! Wait, I am not Spartacus, you are Spartacus. I am NavyOne, a Navy LT. And thank you for your kind comments. 

    As for the Navy, try this on for size: before 9/11 a friend of mine was on a ship and one of the Sailors changed his name to Abu Jihad. No joke. No one thought much of it and his shipmates even called him Boojie.

    Then 9/11 and then several years later and it turns out dear old Boojie is talking to Al Qaeda.   http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/3374

    I pride myself on the fact that even pre-9/11 the hair on the back of my neck (whatever stubs I have) would have stood on edge if someone changed their name from Paul Hall to Abu Jihad.   

  • 11B40


    Back in the ’60s and ’70s, one of the hippy-dippy “credos” was “make love, not war”. Today’s progressives, realizing the unsale-ability of that concept, have updated it to “make love, or make nice war”. Nothing explains what’s going on with our military forces these days better than “hollowing-out”. 

    From the suspension of the military draft for men, to the substantial and increasing percentages of females, to the most recent success of making the military safe for homosex, to collateral-damage-ophobia, to rules of engagement, to video supervision of military missions, to may I shoot or do you need to take a meeting, our military is having its sap drained and redirected to “nice” activities that result in no or very few dead bad guys.

    I am particularly dismayed by our general and flag officers who seem to be so willing to sacrifice not only their personal honor but also their charges on these misguided political altars.  Talk about stars in their eyes.

  • Spartacus

    Crikey, NavyOne, I hadn’t even heard about that one.  The world has gone so completely crackers that it’s no longer safe to engage in the most outllandish parody or even casual sarcasm without the risk of being pre-empted by reality.