161 years ago, the U.S. Navy outlawed flogging

Do you remember Johnny Carson’s droll “I did not know that”?  I do.  And that’s precisely what popped into my head when JKB sent me a link to a post discussing the fact that 161 years ago, the U.S. Navy outlawed flogging.  It’s a wonderful little story, especially because it combines three things I find interesting:  our Navy, Judaism (yes, Judaism), and plain ol’ fun trivia.

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  • http://thescherzophrenic.tumblr.com Jewel

    Did you mean Johnny Carson?

    • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

      Yes, I did. I did this post on my iPad and got autocorrected.

  • oceanguy

    It’s hard to believe it was 6 years ago, but the Naval Academy opened the Uriah P Levy Center and Jewish Chapel six years ago tomorrow.