I was talking with a friend (he knows who he is) about the uniforms we wear.  The military imposes uniforms on its members, but most of us impose uniforms upon ourselves.

Because I’m quite petite (being both short and reasonably slender) and because I have matching small feet, it is extremely hard for me to find clothes.  Add to that the fact that I don’t like to shop and my husband doesn’t like for me to spend money and you end up with a very limited fashion repertoire:  My tops are long sleeved or short sleeved t-shirts, in whatever colors come in my size (no designs, just colors), and my bottoms are jeans and yoga pants.  On my feet, clogs, which are extremely comfortable; last forever; give me an extra two inches of height without the agony of heels; and slip on and off easily, as I’m a barefoot person.  Although I was a fashion plate in my 20s (when they still made petites for short people not medium ones, and when I thought I had money to burn), my style today is very utilitarian.

I’m waffling on here with a point in mind.  At Michelle Obama’s Mirror, there’s an entertaining photo essay about Michelle’s unique style.  I make no comments about her figure.  She’s a women in her late 40s with two children.  She’s fit and healthy.  That makes for a fine figure as far as I’m concerned.  Having a fine figure, though, is not the same as having good taste in clothes.  And really, Michelle has no excuse for her unflattering clothing choices.  She’s got fashion consultants, money (that she spends like water), and she’s tall enough for there to be available clothes out there.  The bottom line is that she simply has no taste — and she’s surrounded by a bunch of sycophants who routinely applaud her errors.

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  • Michael Adams

    Book, we are not short, we are vertically exploited.  Barry the O was supposed to share the wealth, and, dammit, if someone has more height than I do, he must have taken it from someone, no es? So, ever since O’Bozo got himself installed in the White House, I have been looking in my mailbox every day, for six inches of some SOB’ s height.  But, so far, not a damned centimeter!  What a ripoff! I am headed to
    Wall Street, next week, do demand ACTION!

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    I’d be right there with you, Michael, but for the fact that, being short, I hate crowds — can’t see over people’s heads, you know….


    As the old axiom goes, “If it wasn’t for bad taste, she’d have no taste at all.”

  • 11B40


    Having lived in Manhattan, one neighborhood south of the “Fashion (née Garment) District”, I can tell you unequivocally that First Lady of the United States of America Michelle Obama’s clothing problems are a direct and continuing result of the subtle but long-lived racism of the Zionist-dominated clothing industry. For generations, the members of that industry have bamboozled (President Obama’s favorite word of late) people of color, especially really big, really black, really female people by separating them from the sartorial integrity of Mother Africa and it denizens. Those efforts have resulted in the heads of people of color being filled with Euro-centric ideas of fashion sense while their hearts, located somewhat lower biologically, yearn for the freedom of which they have and continue to be deprived. So, what you see today is the Euro-African fashion melding that the Mediterranean Sea was specifically built to prevent. Live with it.

  • Charles Martel

    Mike, I may be able to help you. As Book will attest, I stand 6-foot 6, a commanding height that is reinforced by my 24-inch biceps, dimpled chin, and complete head of longish, flaxen-toned hair. On those occasions when Book and I have taken lunch together, she has been forced to remove one of her sturdy clogs and apply it to the heads of obtrusive females who pretend to slip while walking past our booth, “accidentally” landing on my lap or breaking their fall by landing their hands on my six-pack. The worst ones are the semi-strumpets from the Marin Modeling School for Emancipated Wantons on Probation. They cannot seem to understand my need to actually deliver a bite of food to my mouth without its delivery being intercepted by one of their perfumed body parts. 
    For that reason, I am willing to bypass Obama and make a direct contribution of 5 of my excess inches in height to your cause. I’m perfectly happy to walk around at the height of Steve Young, who was pretty decent quarterback. 
    Just e-mail Book and we can make the arrangements.


    Charles Martel, reveals himself  – he’s simply Fab(io). LOL


  • Michael Adams

    Y’all have proven once again that you are what my wife says you are, “Kids my own age to play with.”

  • Mike Devx

    I am 5’9”.  Completely average and usually ignored, that has produced in me a poverty of the spirit.  I am lacking the height that by all accounts i DESERVE!  It should be mine!  It should be mine!  I demand my own height adjustment increase as well.  AS Elizabeth Warren would say: “So, you’re tall.  Good for you!  But you wouldn’t be so tall if the rest of us weren’t so short.  So sacrifice ought to occur, indeed must occur.”

    I am the 99%.

    You, Charles M, are (ahem apparently) of the 1%.  Surely you can sacrifice enough for the rest of us.  There surely is enough height among you 1% to alleviate our pain and discomfort.  Spread the wealth!


  • jj

    I’m 6’3″ and, unlike Martel, I’m not giving anybody an inch.

  • Mike Devx

    I’m convinced Mrs. Obama could pull off elegant if she wanted too.  But she’d also have to work on posture and carrying herself correctly.  There are a couple of pictures – just a couple – in your link, Book, that convince me that she could do it.  If she wanted to.


  • jj

    Juxtaposing in my mind: elegant/ass that big… no.  Not a chance, Mike.
    And I’d bet my bottom dollar that “if she wanted to” appears nowhere in the equation – of course she wants to.  But it’s a foreign country, and she’s without a map. 

  • Mike Devx

    jj: And I’d bet my bottom dollar that “if she wanted to” appears nowhere in the equation – of course she wants to.
    Maybe I’m just too accommodating.  In most of those pictures, if that is her idea of “elegant”… yipes and crikes.  I was assuming that she was going more for “being authentic to herself” than “elegant”.

    Juxtaposing in my mind: elegant/ass that big… no.  Not a chance, Mike.
    Well, so she couldn’t be a candidate for svelte.  But with the proper slimming styles, and a strict rule that for all publicity photos, she’s to be photographed only from the front, maybe I could still be on to something?  What can I say – I’m the most stubborn person I know.

  • Marica

    Wow. Just wow. Where are her daughters? Daughters are the only people on Earth who will give honest opinions about mothers’ fashion choices. 


  • Danny Lemieux

    Actually, her abysmal manners, arrogance, brand label-whoring, price-tag conscious, ethnic-racial bigotry, sense of entitlement dismal treatment of employees and totally bad fashion taste as very typical of your everyday, run-of-the-mill Chicago princess. So, so…declassee! So, so….Liberal Democrat.

    JJ’s comment about her being in a foreign country (USA) without a map is spot-on! 

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Evil can be beautiful in terms of its mass slaughter efficiency or grand epic goals of slave domination. M bama however… is way too pathetic to qualify for such rarefied heights of excellence.

  • DL Sly

    Ms. Bookworm,
    As a friend of mine has always said, “I’m not short….I’m fun sized!”

    My Pop was a man of great stature, but little height (5’8″) which seemed to bother him not since my Mom was 6′ tall…..as a young teenager — in the late 1940’s.  He used to tell anyone who tried to belittle him (pun intended) that dynamite comes in small packages, but they unleash holy hell when you set ’em off.  One look at the *cannonballs* under the skin of his upper arm was all anyone needed to see the truth of his words.


    Marcia – didn’t ya know, the girls watch the Kardashians.

  • Marica

    Sadie– Ha! I am pleased to report that I had to go look up what Kardashians was. 

  • Libby

    What I don’t get is why Ms. O always wears cardigans that are 1, if not 2 sizes too small. She’s a tall, curvy woman, and wearing a teeny-tiny sweater that’s belted (probably to keep it in place) only emphasizes her size. Just look at pictures of her with the wives of other foreign leaders, such as Carla Bruni, as she towers over them in her colorful, belted attire.
    Oh, and I’m short, too – love “vertically exploited” and “fun-sized”.

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    I’ve always been fond of the expression “Pocket Venus.”  Small, but perfect is how I think of it.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Hrm… let me see here.

    So Fun Sized would be… like this?


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