A compendium of Obama’s narcissism

Victor Davis Hanson has put together an alphabetized list of Obama’s targets, everything from the American people generally, to black people, to grandmothers, to, of course, George Bush.  He notes correctly that this list transcends ideology or even political enemies.  In Obama’s world, few things or people measure up, and he’s not shy about telling us.  Hanson errs only insofar as he says that the laundry list cannot be attributed to Obama’s narcissism.  Au contraire, Messr. Hanson.  The laundry list is, in fact, Exhibit A in Obama’s narcissism.

Narcissists are extraordinarily well-defended people.  A child who lacks ordinary love and support (and certainly that’s true for Obama’s bizarre upbringing) compensates by being his own support system.  That’s a healthy response.  A certainly type of narcissist takes it one step further.  In order to bolster that internal support system, and constantly fill the void within him, he needs to denigrate those around him.  Only in that way can he repeatedly prove to himself the wonders of himself.  (Clinton, incidentally, was the opposite type of narcissist who needs the love of others to prove his wonderfulness; hence his obsessive womanizing.)

The pattern in Obama’s mind is simple:  The proof of my greatness is the fact that everything and everyone around me is of lesser quality than I am.  End of story.  In order to stabilize his inner demons, a Clinton will betray you, but an Obama will destroy you.  Given the choice, I’d prefer a charming rogue (i.e., Clinton) to a malevolent destroyer (i.e., Obama).

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  • Charles Martel

    Regarding which kind of narcissist you’d choose as the lesser of two evils, I feel your pain, Book.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Reminds me of those crazy tyrants that gather psychopaths around them as a result of natural inflow and attraction.

  • Mike Devx

    Here’s an interesting anecdote-based article concerning Herman Cain.  The author canvased five Cain supporters around the country about why they support him.  What was most interesting to me is when they compared him to Obama, and Obama-the-Narcissist-Failure theme is embedded in there big time.


    In general it seems to me that Perry and Cain are betting that the American people still want “Hope And Change”, but this time they’ll be willing to roll the dice on a conservative version of Hope And Change.  

    Romney’s plans are far less ambitious: I have forty-nine reforms: ten of them are significant, and the other thirty-nine I’ve thrown in because they’re good ideas too.  I’ve read through in detail more than half of Romney’s 150+ page plan.  It’s far better than the horrors Obama is visiting on us, and Romney’s plan – IF fully enacted – would help a great deal.  But if he got all 39 more insignificant things passed, and failed on the ten significant – and harder – proposals, it would do little to help.

    I’m using “ten” significant ideas as a nice round number.  The actual number of significant ideas – the ones that would have an impact – in Romney’s plan might be as low as six or as high as twelve, or choose your own number, depending on your own reading of all 49 elements.

    Shoot, I’ll bet even the Hunstsman plan, whatever it is, would be far superior to the horrors that Obama is visiting upon us.  But it’s too hard for me to take a look at Hunstsman to find out.  I’m not going THERE. :-)

    Still a Cain guy.  Those of us who have been watching him for months don’t mind the political inexperience and the resulting political gaffes.  And attacks from Karl Rove and the rest of the GOP establishment are actually points in his favor.  Keep it up!  We love it!  It actually gives me comfort that I’m on the right track.  Still monitoring the criticisms of 9-9-9 and the responses; I never thought it would be quite as simple as it was first presented, so none of what’s been said alarms me.  Compromise and adjustment, in the end, would always be necessary.  Perry has baked in a lot of the necessary adjustments into his plan already – any flatter tax system of these sorts is regressive and the exemptions to address that will have to be there in the end.


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