Don’t assume Israel is planning a preemptive defensive action *UPDATED*

The media is abuzz with speculation that Israel is about to bomb Iran.  Yid with Lid says hold your horses.  Since when have people ever actually known what Israel is about to do?  If there’s one country that’s good at keeping its cards close to its chest, it’s Israel.

Somehow this seemed apropos:

Or view the video here.

UPDATE:  The invariably astute Barry Rubin agrees — don’t make assumptions about Israel’s future plans.

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  • Charles Martel

    Israel is certainly mindful that even the rumor of it attacking Iran is giving Nancy Boy of the United States and other assorted Pantywaists of the Western World the vapors—enough so that there’s a determined new energy in our sanctions-seeking diplomats as they slither and crawl to the United Nations. And the Brits are publicly discussing whether they should take a role in such an attack (or at least prepare for its consequences).
    It’s good when the Israelis remind the world that at least one country takes Iran seriously. 

  • Mike Devx

    It’s a tangled web, isn’t it?

    Less than a year ago, plenty were pontificating that various State entities, including the USA and Saudi Arabia, were refusing to act on Israel, thus trying to force Israel to take care of the problem themselves.

    Some now suggest that Israel keeps indicating preparations for attack so that, when they truly do prepare to attack, no one will take the warnings seriously, and they will still be able to achieve tactical surprise.

    JoshuaPundit had an interesting take:

    If intelligence analysts are correct – and on Iran, their record is, ahem, dubious – then only about one year remains before it becomes “nearly impossible” to take down their nuclear capabilities.

    Obama has alienated nearly everyone and can expect little “bounce” from an attack on Iran.  His base won’t support him, in particular.  Something Obama must know: With an attack on Iran, oil and gas prices would skyrocket.  Huge gas prices in November 2012 would doom his re-election hopes.  So any attack involving the USA will either come early in 2012, or not before the elections – or not at all.  Ah, the joys of a feckless and disastrous administration, focused on reelection to the detriment of every long-term interest of the USA.

    Given Obama’s record of indecisiveness and waffling, his complete and total incapability of making an actual important decision, it is impossible that he would order an attack early in 2012.  His gonads (and his spine or lack of it) are simply not up to the task.  The idea that Europe would go it alone leaves me rolling helplessly on the floor with laughter.