Barack Obama defined

(With apologies to Winston Churchill.)

The current state of rumor and innuendo about a president who has no past other than that which he grudgingly doles out, creating a tabula rasa on which we can write our own impressions, leads me to this conclusion:  Barack Obama is a bisexual riddle wrapped in a Muslim mystery inside a bipolar, narcissistic enigma!

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    A matryoshka! I think you’ve uncovered a new way to market those Russian nesting dolls 😉

  • Michael Adams

    Sshh!  We aren’t supposed to talk about the first adjective. Yeah, I think most people know it, but it’s still a SECRET.
    [Yeah, I know, all caps means shouting.]

  • Michael Adams

    Oops. Sorry for doing two posts. Martel’s “Nancy Boy in Chief” is good, but Stacy McCain’s #Occupy Resolute Desk is is just fantastic.

  • 11B40


    Following the “What’s Black and White and Red all over?” theme, why no Marxism/Statism allusion?

  • Michael Adams

    Well, silly me!  I finally found the time to read the earlier posts and comments.
    My Beloved Spousal Unit was the first person I knew to notice that he looked like someone who had been sexually abused as a child/adolescent. After she said it, it was all clear enough, the stance, the vague sense of defensiveness in the posture. We always say that it is the one thing that makes us feel a little sorry for him. It’s just a shame that we must all deal with the consequences of his disturbed childhood and youth, whether the damage done was sexual or simple emotional neglect.(Definitely seems to be ample history of the latter.)

  • Libby

    Any chance you can fit “jerk” in there somewhere? His most recent failed “joke” with Sarkozy and then the open mic gaffe w/Sarkozy are recent reminders that he is just not a nice person.

  • Ymarsakar

    Obama’s a wannabe gang banger of a punk kid.

  • Mike Devx

    Ymar says: Obama’s a wannabe gang banger of a punk kid.

    Reminds me of his comment during the “disastrous” Gulf oil leak, which could have been mediated had Obama allowed Bobby Jindal to do what he wanted to do.  Remember, the rest of the oil plumes were efficiently managed, broken up, and dispersed and discarded by the natural effects of the gulf waters…

    But back to my point, it reminds me of what Obama said at the time in an interview with Matt Lauer:

    “I talk to the experts, so I know whose ass to kick.”

    Such gravitas and maturity is overwhelming.

    Which reminds me of the great satirical video on that ass-kickin comment.  I’m already nostalgic for this great video: