• hoads

    I’m taking a new look at Newt. I’ve always liked his ability to elucidate conservatism (even with his occasional contradiction) and I can see already that the MSM is willing to fall on its sword for Obama so we really need a candidate that will not mince words for this election and Newt is the best we got.

    And, a high school friend of mine- life long Democrat who voted for Obama -shocked the hell out of me when she told me she and her husband have watched all the debates and ranked Newt as their first choice over Obama. That got my attention too:)

  • mrs toadhall

    I just don’t see how Gingrich could win the independent vote. Obama is running on the idea of obstructionist Republicans, and Gingrich is the face of Republican shutting down government.  Plus all the baggage he carries.  

  • http://OgBlog.net Earl

    I don’t believe that Jonathan Tobin is a conservative.
    Newt has LOTS of negatives….but of all the candidates, he is probably best suited to talking about them to the American people in a way that will minimize their drag on his candidacy.
    And when he engages our “Present-in-Chief” in debate, no one not ideologically sold to the left is going to say “Hey!  Let’s re-elect that man!”
    At least, so it seems to me.
    I think on substance, I’d rather have Perry (of those running — I much prefer Rubio or Ryan), but I can’t feel sure of Perry getting elected.  And we MUST have someone different in the White House in January of 2013.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Sure, Newt has baggage…but more than Obama. I think not. 

    We need someone who can articulate what America is and means to the world, as well as how we are going to get the economy back on our feet and why it matters.

    I have done a 180o on Newt and now support him over all the other candidates, all of whom have good ideas and insights to offer but none of whom can define the issues as well as Newt. Plus, Newt has already shown himself to be a master at working Congress to meet his objectives, even when the Republicans were in the minority. We need those skills. 

  • Simplemind

    (1800 indeed. Spinning in circles.)  Newt’s problem is Newt.   I have no fears about what anyone else will do to Newt, I fear what Newt will do to himself.  I would pay money to see Newt debate Obama or Biden. Seriously, put it on pay per view and I would buy it. I have no desire to see Rick Perry debate anyone. (I’m afraid he’d lose a debate to Pelosi)

    I could vote for Newt if he were the nominee. He’s competent. He’s an insider, which is not good, but not a deal breaker. An outsider who is incompetent is a deal breaker, we have that already.  I don’t see and outsider who is competent in all phases. Romney is unlikely to land any crippling blows during a debate. Newt will land numerous crippling blows, some of those blows may be to himself.

    I suspect that if the financial end beckons Romney will pull the bail out lever. No idea what Gingrich would do.  Gingrich is probably our Bill Clinton equivalent. Deft and glib, but got issues with impulse control.

  • Mike Devx

    There is anecdotal evidence of a Newt surge among independents and reagan-style democrats.  For some reason, they appear to be saying, I could vote for that guy.

    I’ve noticed that Newt has become a LOT more likable this time around.  You can be gruff and combative – especially with the media! – and still be quite likable.  He appears to be managing that.  He no longer comes across as an intellectual snob.  There’s a new Newt out there, definitely.

    Herman Cain appears to be severely damaged from the harassment accusations.  Support across significant segments *has* dropped significantly.  Simultaneously, Gingrich’s support has risen.  What’s surprising is that Perry’s support remains flatlined – he’s received nothing.  Perry is stuck at about 6-7% and not rising, not one drop.

    Is it surprising that Romney also has not gained anything? It appears that if you aren’t already behind Romney, NOTHING is going to convince you to switch to him.  The so-called inevitable candidate is stuck and cannot rise.

    It sure is getting interesting.  This campaign season we’re in the middle of… I have no idea where it’s going to go.

  • http://OgBlog.net Earl

    I don’t think Herman’s big problem is the (faux?) sexual harassment accusations – he held steady for days and weeks after they began.
    His larger problem is that he’s not prepared to deal with questions that a President MUST deal with.  To answer a question about Libya the way he did is a travesty. 
    I love Herman Cain….but he’s not ready, yet. 

  • Mike Devx

    Earl, I just didn’t think that many people are paying attention to the grinding details of policy responses, to cause that kind of a percentage drop.  I’m not paying attention to the mainstream broadcast media.  If they played his Libya video big time, I *suppose* it could cause that kind of a drop in support?  maybe…

    Yeah, the worst part of his Libya response to the columnists was that “I’ve got all these DETAILS swimming about in my head…”   He seemed lost.  I guess he’s been trying to bone up on foreign policy in a crash-course kind of way, and whatever approach he’s taking, it’s not working?

    For now, though, unless I hear the MSM played up the Libya thing big time over the networks, I suspect the hangover effect of the harassment allegations is finally taking its toll.  How dangerous for America, for a candidate to be sunk in such a manner without one jot of proof whatsoever!  This is an extraordinarily dangerous precedent for our future.