Climategate Part II

For those of you interested in the fact that several thousand more East Anglia climate change emails are now available for public consumption, many of which indicate that the climate change proponents were aggressively pushing a theory in advance of actual data, here are four good links:

Watts Up With That

Yid With Lid

Power Line


It’s Thanksgiving 2009 all over again.  I remember walking the dog near my in-laws’ house on a cold, cold morning, listening on my iPod to a Rush show taped a couple of days before, in which Rush eviscerated the emails.  That was also the show that had Rush playing a wonderful clip that was perhaps a decade old, that had him on a talk show with Al Gore.  Gore was bloviating about global warming, and Rush said then that it was a scam to enrich certain individuals and to redistribute wealth from the West to other, favored nations.

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  • Charles Martel

    May lightning strike me for saying this, but there are times when I miss Zach and abc. Watching their heads explode as the whole global warming hoax collapsed around them would have been one of 2011’s highlights.

  • Michael Adams

    Chuck,i morde la lengua!

  • Earl

    An amusing part of this is that these are NOT new e-mails….so far, it appears that these were just held back, waiting for the best time for their release.
    It reminds me a bit of the ACORN films — drip, drip, drip……
    Furthermore, there are many pages in this release that are not readable because they are protected by a password… that the “warmists” have to fear that a “smart bomb” is waiting for them.  Do you think they’re being really careful of what they say at this point? 
    If they’re smart, they are!
    Pass the popcorn!

  • Mike Devx

    Book’s link to “Ace” is a good one.  Check it out!  

    Ace highlights the fact that these so-called “scientists” keep talking about whether this person or that person, or this evidence or that evidence, is good “for the cause”.  They are hardly disinterested scientists probing for real truth.  They are advocates and idealogues first.  They hide and obfuscate; they repress critics; they function in secrecy.  If they’re scientists, I’m Attila The Hun.

    In browsing the web, seeing what people are saying, there’s good noise about the question: Why did the email exposer, going by the name FOIA, release only a few emails as text, and hid the rest behind a very difficult encryption scheme?  I ran across this comment as to one possible reason:

    Maybe the passphrase is so complex to be uncrackable; is that possible? Surely after having sat on this material for two years FOIA would have made a decision how he is going to play this, and it just makes no sense to put most of the material behind a crackable passphrase.
    But supposing he then sent the passphrase to Phil Jones and M Mann with a threat; Resign now, get the hell out, otherwise this passphrase goes online to the general public. That is a strategy that might push FOIA’s enemies out without completely disgracing the “scientific community”
    Just another way of looking at what might motivate FOIA.

    FOIA did a splendid job the last time around, and as this commenter points out, he or she’s had two years to sit on this set of emails and think about the best approach.  The entire email set the last time was free text.  This time he or she’s encrypted most of them.  Why?  FOIA must have a reason.

    In addition to the threat/blackmail approach the commenter above supposes, it could also be:

    1. FOIA wants maximum impact, but most of the emails are uninteresting and non-controversial.  Releasing them all would hide the incriminating and damning emails in a huge pile of nothingness.  So over the two years he culled the meaningful ones out.  But kept the rest in an encrypted zip to stimulate interest.

    2. FOIA saw how Breitbart played the long game with ACORN and let the ACORN reps deceive and thus incriminate themselves repeatedly, then released another tidbit of info showing the opponents, yet again, to be blatant liars.  So FOIA is playing that strategy too.

    3. FOIA wants to release the information a little bit at a time, to keep media interest high throughout this week, and then next week as well as that new Global Warming Conference opens.  The initial release is timed for maximum impact against those charlatans and the political enablers who want to rape our taxpayer wallets.  To dribble the information out over two weeks keeps interest high, and perhaps FOIA has decided that is the best way to ensure that this new Conference will also go down to a crashing failure.

    Let’s hope he’s crafted a good strategy!  I would LOVE to see these bastards take it on the chin again!

  • Ymarsakar

    They paid for propaganda change. They got propaganda change.

  • Spiff

    So when does the alphabet soup climate gestapo come to tell us how wrong we are?

  • Ymarsakar

    Death from a thousand cuts. Chinese water torture and water boarding. All the interesting martial art ideas, can be found in the East.