Herman Cain: Things aren’t always as they seem

It’s an old story:  A man and a woman meet at work and they hit it off.  They’re both married, although not to each other.  One lunch turns into two, two into three, and eventually they’ve got a pattern.  For years, they get together two or three times a week as regularly as clockwork, share daily emails, and call each other frequently.  Each makes the other happy because, in many ways, they are kindred spirits.  During their get togethers, they do not worry about their respective spouses.  Pretty sordid, huh?

Except it’s not.  I’ve described my decade-long friendship with my fellow blogger, Don Quixote.  Because we are each deeply committed to our own marriages, our relationship never veers from the enjoyably and respectably platonic.  Indeed, one of my favorite lunch companions is Mrs. Don Quixote, who joins us whenever she’s not at work.  She is a most delightful person, and I’m as pleased to count her among my friends as I am Don Quixote himself.  Don Quixote and I are just best friends, in much the same way two woman or two men share a purely non-sexual friendship.  I know I feel blessed to have this friendship, and I’m pretty sure he does too.

Fortunately, our family and friends know us well, which means that they know our values well, so I don’t believe there’s ever been the breath of suspicion hovering about our friendship.  But were either he or I to enter the public world and face the scrutiny of those who don’t know us, the evidence would be damning:  regular assignations, phone calls, emails.  It’s all there.  Our honest, righteous protestations of innocence would certainly fall on innumerable deaf ears.

As I write these words, I’m aware of very limited solid evidence to support Ginger White’s claim that she had a 13 year long affair with Herman Cain.  She’s pointed to phone calls.  He’s admitted them, but claims that they are innocent.  I also know that Ginger White doesn’t strike me as an exceptionally savory person.  One could take her spotted history to mean that she’d have no compunction about having an affair with a married man, or one could take it to mean that she has a somewhat strained relationship with the truth.  I don’t know.

And that’s the point:  the only two who know based upon the slender evidence available are Ginger White and Herman Cain.  One of them is lying.  I, however, am loath to convict a person based upon what could be, as Cain says, evidence only of friendship.  I happen to know a couple of older men, men in Cain’s age group and socio-economic stratum, who have gone out of their way for younger women, helping them financially or with work.  Both these men adore their wives and there never was evidence (or accusation) of any impropriety.  Both of them, however, clearly enjoyed the role of avuncular helper to an attractive, slightly younger, woman.  It was good for their egos, although it didn’t involve anything sordid.

I haven’t been impressed with the way in which Cain has handled these sexually based allegations — although, if one assumes these attacks are indeed smears (and, absent better evidence, I do), it’s virtually impossible to rebut them in an impressive way.  In the “he said/she said” battle that plays out over the liberal media, the conservative black man is always wrong.

Incidentally, I don’t have a dog in this fight.  Although I briefly considered Cain as a candidate, he simply doesn’t float my boat.  I like some of his ideas, I like his charm, I like his commitment to America, but he’s not the candidate for me.  The one thing I’m not going to do, though, is turn my back on the man because of unsubstantiated allegations that I know, for a fact, can be subject to other, entirely innocent, interpretations.

(Photo of Herman Cain by Gage Skidmore)

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  • Bill C

    Dear Bookworm,
    I do have a problem with Herman Cain and the way he has handled the accusations against him.  You are right to say that there is not enough evidence to say for sure that there is fire behind the smoke.  My problem is that Herman Cain has done nothing to answer legitimate questions pertaining to the two sexual harassment claims against him and now this relationship. 
    As we know from the Clinton ordeal, the way to prove a man has been inappropriate with a woman is to show a pattern of behavior.  I still don’t know what evidence was in the two SH claims.  To answer the charge that it is none of my business I will just say that Herman Cain is running for president and those claims inform us of his character.  Besides, we are conservatives and we don’t put up with this.  It is Herman Cain’s job to show that he has nothing to hide.  I am not asking him to prove his innocence.  He should be willing to answer questions without reservation.  You might remember that John McCain was accused of sexual impropriety in 2008.  To his credit he held a press conference and answered every question until the reporters were through.  That is how to handle this kind of charge.  Complete openness.  Herman Cain’s response seems to be I have done nothing wrong now go away.
    With regards to Ms. Ginger White, she and Cain seem to be friends so why can’t he answer some questions about the extent of their friendship.  How long has he known her?  Does his wife know her?  Does his wife know that he lent Ms. White money?  Has Mr. Cain every met Ms. White out of their home city and, if so, how often? 
    Cain might be innocent but he has handled these charges horribly.  Just like Rick Perry rightly suffered from his debate performances Cain is suffering because of his campaign’s inability to put down these allegations in a timely manner.  Perry and Cain both failed at communications 101.  For that I have no sympathy. 

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    I agree with you, Bill C.  Without knowing what actually happened between Cain and these women, I know he hasn’t handled the accusations well.  This indicates, if nothing else does, that he’s not ready for prime time — and that’s regardless of whether these are smears or true accusations.  Bill Clinton was much more aggressive in his denials, although the Monica Lewinsky scandal did reveal that he’d been lying through his teeth all along. 

    Since I’m not on the Cain bandwagon, I don’t feel too much energy (YET) about his inept denials.  I just hate to see someone pilloried on such slender facts.

  • bizcor
  • jj

    How does one handle such an accusation “well?”  What would constitute an “impressive” way to handle such accusations?
    I have, for reasons the origin of which I don’t actually know, ended up with a mob of female friends, going back to when I was quite young.  My answer to a “legitimate” question – I don’t actually know what would constitute a “legitimate” question in such a matter – would probably tend toward the distinctly unfriendly.  I guess I’ve just been lucky to have been mostly surrounded by adults – and to be married to one.
    Granted, I’m not running for president, but at the same time we’re not planning to elect an archangel, we’re just looking to find some thoughtful and strong leadership.  And, as every adult in the room must have noticed, not everyone capable of leadership is a peach.  I would go so far as to suggest that most of those capable of leadership on the top level are in fact usually not peaches.  Nor do I buy into the idea that such things are indicative of behavior in other areas, and therefore fall into the domain of the public’s mythical “right to know.”  No, they aren’t; and no, they don’t.  It’s entirely possible to be a philandering whatever-noun-you-like; greatly dislike small children; kick dogs; shoot deer; hate Christmas and Walt Disney; drink to excess when off duty – and still be exactly the thinker and leader the country needs in the extremity in which we find ourselves.
    For my money it’s not Herman Cain, either.  But I don’t give any part of a rat’s anatomy about how many skirts he’s lifted, or what he’s been doing with Little Vanilla for the last thirteen years – if anything.  (And I’m not holding my breath to find out the “if anything” part, either.  Because I do not care.)  He doesn’t get my vote because of what he has in common with most Americans: which is that he couldn’t find Syria on a map if you held a gun to his head.  I see that as as a disqualification, not his sex life.
    And I find it hilarious – it’s a sour sort of hilarity, of course – that anyone cares, or that the media concentrates on it.  Who have far too many Americans – again, supporting my theory we’re a nation of morons – elevated to the status of “beloved elder statesman?”  Why, that life-long sack of shit, little Billy Clinton, from Arkan’s-ass.  I don’t object to him jumping around, either, it’s not relevant to anything meaningful.  And, truth be told, if I’d gotten drunk enough to legally chain myself to a torture rack like Hillary I doubt I’d be on the straight and narrow, either.  There’s plenty else about him to dislike sufficiently to despise him.
    The whole thing is too witless to engage my attention further.

  • Charles Martel

    “And, truth be told, if I’d gotten drunk enough to legally chain myself to a torture rack like Hillary I doubt I’d be on the straight and narrow, either.
    Book, please add that riff to the list of 2011 Nominees for “Best of Bookworm Room.”
    Thank you.

  • Michael Adams

    The picture in my mind has finally come into focus.  I have known lots of Herman Cains, so have you all, I’ll bet.  They are the really smart , rather hard-charging guys, and occasional women, too, who think that their success in one field can be universalized. The rigors of the primary have shown that, at least in this case, it can not. This ought not to surprise us. As I said, we have known them. The sexual pecadillos are being brought up or alleged, because the Democrats are racists, and Black male sexuality is a particular obsession of theirs.
    OTOH, not knowing where Syria is, or why Iran ought not to have the atom bomb, these gaps matter, and we ought to be grateful that our primary system shakes out these sorts of flaws. Is there also something wrong with Gingrich, that we do not yet know? What about Mitt  Romney?  I am glad the we Republicans are quite unlikely to subject America to an unexamined loser like, # Occupy Resolute Desk.   
    It is a pretty big irony, isn’t it, that Sarah was painted with the brush of ignorance, even to the point of editing TV footage to elide the quite intelligent things that she did say, and yet the President of the fifty seven states (sic) gets so many free passes, he could open up a bus line.

  • http://bookish-deb.blogspot.com debbiemac55

    I believe that this alleged affair with Ms. White would have taken place during the period  when Cain was being treated for stage four liver cancer. Of course she did say it was on-again, off-again. Maybe that was the “off” period.

    Local Atlanta talk show hosts who do know Cain, while not adamantly stating he is innocent, are saying that this behavior does not fit the man they’ve know for 20 years. Cain has been in the public eye in Atlanta for many years. He’s run for office before. Why are these allegations just now coming out? Have there been any people who support this latest woman’s claims? Is she alleging no one knew but the two of them? That seems unlikely. Where have the previous three women gone? Did someone lure Ms. White out of seclusion with this story because the previous attempts failed?

    Also: these claims took place during his stint with the National Restaurant Association. He’s worked for Coke, Burger King and Westinghouse (I believe). Nothing from those years. I find that curious.

    I can’t attest to Cain’s innocence, but these claims are sounding weird to me.  And they are sounding more and more like the truth is being twisted for the purpose of character assassination. I’d really love to see someone get to the bottom of these accusations, whether he helps or harms Cain. 

    The bad thing is that this keeps good men and women from wanting to run for office. Who would want to be subjected to, or have their families subjected to this kind of cruel scrutiny? And being innocent is no guarantee that they won’t be. Somewhere there’s a person you smiled at or helped out financially or gave a hug or a peck on the cheek, and voila, you are a sexual predator.

    For the record: agree with posts that Cain is unprepared in many ways. That’s still no excuse for what hea nd his family have been subjected to.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Let me add to your sentence, debbiemac55: “Also: these claims took place during his stint with the National Restaurant Association in Chicago”.

    You are right on about the timing, of course.

    This is the classic Alinsky smear tactic perfected in Chicago by the Obama, Axelrod crew. Alinsky’s tactic was to hit one’s opponent with so many smears from so many different angles that the opponent cannot respond adequately to all of them. Obama’s handlers used this tactic to eliminate all of Obama’s opponents as he moved up the electoral ladder in Illinois.

    This is not a new, tactic of course. Read William Shirer’s discourse on how the Bolsheviks and Nazis refined this tactic in Weimar Germany (The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich). These are the tactics of true fascists.

    One question the independent media should be asking is what and how Ginger White is being supported financially to come out with these allegations, both today and in the future. In Illinois, there would be a nice government job with pension waiting for her. She wouldn’t even need to show up for work.  It’s the Chicago/Illinois way and it needs to be called out for what it is.

    For the record, I am in accord with the other posters here regarding Cain’s candidacy. He lost me on the foreign policy questions. However, the other issue that should be called out for what it is is how the racism-oozing Democrats immediately default to the worst racist stereotypes of  black men in order to destroy them. They are vile and they need to told that.


    Not a word or rumor of Cain and other women when he ran in the primaries in Georgia.  I am not a math major, but even I can add one and one. AND when one story covers up or dilutes another one ….
    From Fellowship of Minds

    “The fallout from Penn State has universities and colleges across the nation checking their records for indications of child abuse and other sex scandals. The Citadel is now embroiled in a scandal involving child sexual abuse by a summer camp counselor. Past gay-oriented sex parties at Duke and the University of North Carolina involving then Duke basketball and football player Reggie Love reportedly cost him his job as President Obama’s ‘body man.’ De facto White House chief of staff Pete Rouse, upon hearing of potential problems regarding Love at Duke and UNC and on the heels of the scandal at Penn State, forced Love to leave the White House staff immediately, even over the objections of Obama.”
    Yesterday evening when I began a draft of this post, I had seen on Wikipedia’s entry on Reggie Love a reference to him “overcoming” an un-named “scandal” when he was at Duke University to secure a job in Obama’s Senate office. This morning, however, that reference has disappeared from Wikipedia.

  • http://bookish-deb.blogspot.com debbiemac55

    Thanks, Danny. You are right of course. Sadie: Exactly. Why now? 

  • suek

    >>I believe that this alleged affair with Ms. White would have taken place during the period when Cain was being treated for stage four liver cancer. >>

    Never been in treatment for cancer, have you!

    I have been. And mine was no wheres near stage four. In other words, I don’t believe that’s a reasonable statement.

    I’ve come to view this as two isuses: blackmail and the racial component. Blackmail is completely repellent to me. I’ve always said that if my husband were to be accused of some terrible act by someone who wouldn’t reveal it “if only” he would do or not do something, I’d vote for going public immediately with the name of the blackmailer. Yes, unpleasantness would follow. And I’d probably have to make a decision about our future relationship. But…until the situation of blackmail was dealt with, I’d be firmly on my husband’s side.

    Then there’s the racial issue. I think the Dems are absolutely terrified of anything that might break their grip on the black voter block. I think they _had_ to destroy Cain. He’s a black conservative – regardless of whether he’s in a position to be an effective president. They simply could not have a black man rise to a position of candidacy in a presidential race. Black against black? possibly split the vote? Intolerable. Unacceptable. _MUST_ be destroyed…in a way that makes Conservatives reject him…and that way is to make him unacceptable to Conservatives…and as they’ve shown repeatedly by their actions against other Republicans who they wanted to get rid of, sexual misbehavior is the key. Make it stick and the GOP will dump the person – which, of course, would then be blamed on the inherent racism of the GOP.


    We’re in a bind. Or at least, I am. I think he doesn’t have what it needs to be President – although, maybe with a strong back up man as VP he could do it. On the other hand, I don’t want the Dems to succeed once again in giving the black community the tool of “racial bias” to use against us.

    In other words, I think I’m coming to the point of saying “so what” to _any_ accusations – proven true or not – of sexual misbehavior by candidates or elected officials in the GOP. And I don’t like that either – because I find that unacceptable as well.

    I guess my answer is going to be “so what” in public, and deal with any proven reality in private later.

  • suek


    you raise two questions in my mind, once again.

    First the connection between pedophilia/pederasty and homosexuality. There seems to be a link, but I don’t know what or why. I’ve wondered if there is also a link between homosexuality and sexual molestation of that individual during the pubescent and pre-pubescent years.

    Second, ever since I lived in Germany, and AFN had a dental health program daily which was broadcast by a “Dr. Phil Molar”, I’ve been fascinated by the connection between names and occupations. I assumed initially that “Dr. Phil Molar” was a name assumed for a daily radio program. Except that then I had an appointment at the Dental Clinic, and lo and behold, there on one of the doors of the clinic was “Maj (I think) Phil Molar, DDS”. Now…with a name like Phil Molar, how could you be anything _but_ a dentist! Since then, I’ve just made a mental note of how many times a person’s name seems to have some connection to their occupation, and wondered about it. Surnames initially were often the result of a person’s occupation – could there have been a reversal, so that names influence a person’s choice? Or is there an hereditary/family connection that influences the choice?

    I suspect I’ll just continue to note and wonder!

  • Danny Lemieux

    Suek: “Second, ever since I lived in Germany, and AFN had a dental health program daily which was broadcast by a “Dr. Phil Molar”, I’ve been fascinated by the connection between names and occupations.”

    Hmmm. Maybe that would explain the name “Obummer”. 

  • bizcor

    “Maybe that would explain the name “Obummer”.” I am sure that’s the case. I had a vet who was named Dr. Doolittle. wasn’t there some speculation a whiloe back that Love was Obummer’s boy toy?

  • Danny Lemieux

    That’s the word in Chicago’s (very gay) “Boystown” neighborhood, apparently. I have an impression that Obama isn’t very much liked there. 


    “I have an impression that Obama isn’t very much liked there. “
    As opposed to here and a 100 other blogs where he’s just adored 😉

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Suek, I’m a believer and practitioner of hard politics, so to speak. So if you ask me, someone in your position has a few options available. You can still eject Cain, but as a result, you better win the nomination and the war against the Left, with the first step the Presidency. Because if you don’t, you can’t justify “sacrificing” people on the way, for a fruitless goal. People can be gotten rid of or terminated only on the justification that they are in the way or useless or an active threat. The justification that “I can do it better than them, so they should make way for me” doesn’t apply when you yourself fail in the process and gets wiped out by the Leftist enemy. This, however, often tends to get used perpetually, irregardless of how many “failures” the people in the RNC have had.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Danny: must be that echo chamber once ABC and those other peeps left us. Oh woe is us.

  • bizcor

    “I have an impression that Obama isn’t very much liked there. “

    As opposed to here and a 100 other blogs where he’s just adored

    Sadie I would truley love to have lunch with you. You make me laugh out loud here. In person I would probably be rolling on the floor. 

  • Danny Lemieux

    Ymarsaker, I suspect that ABC is China, investing in organ donor start-up companies and other hi-tech operations. Apparently, the pickings are very good. The Chinese just have the most AWESOME recycling programs. See:


    Once you’ve seen China, there just no looking behind ya!  

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