Stay classy, Obama campaign!

I get Obama campaign emails because I signed up for them.  It’s always interesting to see what the opposition is doing.  That’s why I got to enjoy this “classy” email from Obama’s 2012 campaign:

Friend —

Everyone’s got that special conservative in their life.

Maybe it’s your dad, who forwards you every chain email about the President’s birth certificate, or your neighbor, who just put up a Mitt Romney sign.

Dealing with these folks can be … frustrating.

This holiday season, we’re giving you a chance to have a little bit of fun at their expense. Let a Republican in your life know they inspired you to make a donation to the Obama campaign — chip in $3 or more today.

When you give to the campaign, simply enter your Republican friend’s email address and they’ll get a note letting them know that they motivated you to donate — which will surely make their day.

Not only that, but when you donate today, you’ll be entered to win a chance to have dinner with the President and First Lady. Just picture how good it’ll feel to let your honoree know about those dinner plans.

The other side is busy scrambling for the Iowa caucuses and a long string of primaries, trying to find a nominee. Meanwhile, we’ve got our candidate — and we’re already doing the work to get ready for November.

Give your conservative friends the gift of knowing they’ve inspired you to donate. After all, actions speak louder than words.

Please donate $3 or more today:



Julianna Smoot
Deputy Campaign Manager
Obama for America

P.S. — Really want to fire up your GOP friends? Buy them a gift from the 2012 store. I recommend the birther mugs — they get the message across pretty well.

I happen to think this is a great idea.  Not, of course, the part about donating money to the Obama campaign, but the part about Republicans ending up on the Obama email list.  Why?  Because emails such as this one give us a great insight into the mind of the liberal, and it’s not a pretty picture:  Obama’s campaign is smug, vindictive, sarcastic, immature and condescending.  In other words, it’s Obama himself writ large.

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  1. Libby says

    Really, a “birther” mug? Did I miss it when the Bush 2004 campaign sold “hanging chad” mugs to antagonize those Dems who believed he didn’t rightly win Florida in 2000? Oh, that’s right – Bush would never allow this because he knew that doing so was beneath the presidency.
    It’s Obama that has no class.

  2. bizcor says

    Just when you thought nothing would surprise you. Rush calls him as man child. I guess he really is. By the way I heard a fun idea for an Obama reelection bumer sticker. “Cut me some slack, this is my first job”

  3. Tonestaple says

    A neighbor puts up a Romney sign and that’s frustrating?  These people go way past immature to psychologically disturbed and in dire need of professional help.  I don’t know if there’s a name for this sort of thing (I don’t think it’s really narcissism) but they take everything personally.  Absolutely everything.  It certainly explains why they’re so cranky all the time.

  4. SADIE says

    These people go way past immature to psychologically disturbed….
    If you didn’t know, you’d think we were reading the front page of the Islamabad Daily News.


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