• Charles Martel

    My wife happened to turn me on to this video a few days ago. Stunning!
    It also reassures me that there are still young men and women who, when they walk from Point A to Point B, can incise deep grooves in the ground thanks to their bodacious cojones
    Somebody pointed out that now that there are few terra incognitas left where brave young people can test their courage and endurance, extreme sports has become their crucible. Thank goodness for jagged peaks, vertical cliffs, high waterfalls and other sirens that call out to the Balled Ones.

  • jj

    I’ll go with crazy.  I’m too old for the mountain rescue scene these days, but it was always one of life’s little joys when the alarm went off at two in the morning because some jerk got himself stuck on a ledge somewhere.  When it was 36 degrees out.  And drizzling ice water.  These were a few of our favorite things.